Daily Blog #67: “Productive week begins; missing Bret, vlogging, and all the in between.”

Tuesday Morning

It is Tuesday Morning and Bret just left to go out of town for a few days for work.

I am going to miss him and I hate that. I hate missing people and feeling vulnerable.

But, I am also an incredibly practical person who knows she now has a few days to herself to really get productive and get some shit done.

I plan on writing, after I get the apartment back in order from my weekend of being lazy and also the hecticness of prepping for a last minute trip like we did last night and this morning.

So, my plans are basically to “G.Y.S.T” my ass off, and get the apartment to a nice, clean, peaceful state, and then get to work on writing.

I have no small amount of writing to do, and much of it involves scary stuff where being alone in your creepy, sometimes dark and always seems haunted, apartment, but alas, that is what I will be doing.

I know I will want to spend most of my weekend just chilling with Bret so I want to spend as much of my time as possible doing things like cleaning and writing so I can better enjoy things when he is home late Friday night and for the rest of the weekend be able to enjoy my efforts.

It is a small apartment, so I am hoping that a few hours today and maybe an hour or two each day until Saturday, should yield some major results. I may also do some projects, hence the large amount of time I am budgeting for.

What projects you ask?

Well, I need to clean off the counters again, and also our kitchen shelves, and I will probably tossing out anything that we don’t need.

I am always on the quest to have a cleaner, neater space, which means staying on top of messy areas and getting rid of anything you don’t need.

Optimize the space you have, for the stuff you want to keep.

I have two main target areas of attack for the kitchen, the counters and the shelving, with the left over project of cleaning out the fridge and washing any dishes from that as well.

All in all, I will probably be awake late getting all of that stuff done, but then I can really relax and enjoy some down time to write.

Other projects include a quick cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen, the later really being more about cleaning the floors after doing those projects. The bathroom isn’t too hard, but I also have some old products and such that i should toss out, so I will also try and clean it the way I am cleaning the kitchen.

Update on the new shower rod and curtain, while I am on the topic, I like them, both are working well, and it has me even more inspired to keep updating the bathroom. I have some light colored paint, I am considering painting all the brown wood pieces, and maybe at least the base boards, to get the first coat of that started.

Bret was getting out of the shower several months ago and slipped, tearing down the towel rack and also the toilet paper holder, so I may grab some screws and rescrew those in so they aren’t so unstable. I think doing that, and maybe a coat of light paint, may be just the ticket to  just make the bathroom a little cleaner.

We also need to buy some rugs or mats for in there, but we are on the no spend part of the week, so I won’t be doing that.

Besides, I would rather buy some more paint and a couple of peel and stick tiles, before buying some more soft goods for the bathroom.

In the bedroom, I may do a little bit of rearranging as well. I have talked about changes I need to make in that room, but lately it has been beating me back.

Maybe this is the week I will get some more work done on that room.

Much of the work in there is just being a little bit ruthless and tossing out stuff I don’t really  need or want. I have saved some items of clothing because “well what if i decide to sell them.” But frankly, that room isn’t working for us at all, so how can I sell anything?

I may toss some things, and gather anything clothing not good for selling into a trash bag to donate- We need the space badly and I am tired of that room beating us….

So, yes, I will be missing Bret. I actually like his company and enjoy being around him…Crazy I know, with the way some couples talk you would think no one likes being around each other any more, but I do.

Sadly, we have to be grownups and do what is needed, so I will be spending the week away from Bret, which means I am planning to do a bunch of stuff so I don’t spend all my time missing my partner.

Anyways, I have a lot of “on hold” time today, so I am going to return to my rereading and VERY LIGHT editing of the first 100,000 or so words of Flake City. I am trying to decide where to start another part of this story, and where to have the bleed through happen, but it is always a big question for me, because I like things to be very breadcrumb. You don’t see how its all intertwined until later, but if you like to look, you see it.

I am writing the kind of stuff i like to read, which is how I stay true to myself.

If  I never achieve commercial success, I will have at least created the art I want, for as long as possible.

And assuming nothing terrible, I should have that ability for a while, knock on wood.

Much of my healthy living choices, quitting cigarettes, eating healthier, working out, is all so I have time to write everything in my universe. I want to make sure I write it all down.

Don’t all writers?

Tuesday Afternoon

Today has had no shortage of weird. It also has not been short on stupidity, which is annoying.

I don’t know if it is something in the water or what.

It has been dumb central for me, all day. People being stupid, customers, clients, just so much dumb.

People out here lying, not even bothering to make the lie believable, here’s looking at you, Dallas PD.

Clients spending 6 hours to manage to tell me over the course of 16 emails and four phone conversations, to tell me a basic simple message. Inability to communicate is one thing but my goodness this is some next level stuff.

But, the day is nearly over, thank goodness. Today, when I get home, I am changing, smoking, blaring some music, or maybe some YouTube cleaning videos, because I am that person, apparently, and getting to work cleaning my apartment. I am honestly considering vlogging the whole thing.

I know I don’t have an active vlog channel, but in the same line of wanting to create the writing i want to read, I would also like to create the kind of video content I like to see.
I like cleaning videos, I like time lapses, I love watching people do laundry, make coffee, and just go about their day to day life.

Even if I never post the vlog footage I take, I can at least practice doing it, and always delete it later.

Or who knows, maybe I actually do have a vlog channel and I just keep it private?

I don’t, but I have thought about it, and honestly I may end up doing that. If nothing else, I think that any sort of “logging” is good for the soul, and it would also force me to learn some video editing skills, which is probably also a good thing. Learning new skills is good for you, good for your resume, and I’ve read, helps keep your ever growing brain in tip top shape.

All wins.

But, who knows. Feel free to ask me about it in a few weeks and see if I have pulled the trigger on that choice or not.
As it stands now, I am at work, finishing up for the day so I can head home and get this productive little evening of mine started.

Tuesday Night

Well, I got home, around 5:30, and vlogged for a little bit, then I dove into cleaning a little. 

Did a couple loads of dishes, swept the kitchen and living room, wet swifter the kitchen, rinsed out the tub and sprayed some cleaner, and cleaned out the toilet. Also I cleaned off my table/desk thing that doubles as my writing, blogging, vlogging, and makeup/skin care station.

Now I’m pretty wiped out and it’s 9:31. I’ve barely talked to Bret at all and my annoying boss is gonna have them working all night after having them work all day, I can feel it. Ugh. 

Other things I can feel is exhaustion and a need to do my face mask. I did a good amount of work but I have more to do- but I also want to reset my sleeping schedule so I’m going to put this down, and get myself sorted for the evening, come back and edit this to schedule for tomorrow. 

Wednesday Morning

I did not finish the blog or edit it last night, because I realized with Bret taking my laptop to Austin on the off chance he may have a second to work on his music during his 14 hour work days, which fucks me for the work I am actually able to do.

I use my laptop to air drop my photos and edit the blog. I have my other laptop, but I can’t air drop with that. Also can not air drop and store all the great vlogging I am doing so all of it may just be more deleted footage.


Anyways, all of these things annoyed me, and I also wanted to talk to Bret, so I opted for that and an early night.

The laptop thing annoyed me, and I told Bret about it, but he seemed to get where I was coming from, more so because he was the one hoping I would use air drop more instead of relying on whatever old school method I felt like at that point in time.

But, whatever, here it is, Wednesday and I should focus on the positives. Sure, I may not have my Macbook, but I do have my work computer and my black laptop at home, and I am putting out a ton of words.

So this week’s blog may not have a ton of relate-able pictures, but at least it has tons of words.

But I DO need to wrap this up so I can work on the next one, where I will talk ALL ABOUT the blog I forgot to post, Daily Blog #62, and also about some other fun stuff, like my productive week updates and some writing stuff.
I also have some writing stuff to do so…I hope this Wednesday is going super swell for you!



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