Daily Blog #68 “Blog snafus, writing temptations, and ‘Winter is Coming’ and by ‘Winter’, I mean NaNoWriMo.”

Wednesday Morning

Holy crap what is going on with my blog?

I apparently never posted #62 to my blog, yet according to Medium, I imported it.

The version on Medium is what I recall publishing…

What the fuck.

I have no idea how that happened, but frankly, I have so much other writing to do, I really can’t even spend the time trouble shooting it, I just need to find a solution that saves my blogs elsewhere so I can correct if it happens.

Or I need to make more money and pay for someone to maintain this blog, which isn’t going to happen.

I will need to learn some more technical skills and also get better about keeping blog backups, fully edited and formatted, saved, so if I do lose a blog or it doesn’t post, I can just post it.

So, no idea where that blog went, but I am forging ahead. It is now posted and I am onto the next one, because I have a bit of writing to do, and plenty more to do after that.

Wednesday Afternoon

So, it is Wednesday.

Last night  got a good deal done around the apartment, and I have more I can tackle today.

As mentioned in the blog yesterday, I was mostly putting the apartment back together after a weekend of being lazy and then of course, packing Bret up to leave.

So yesterday I caught up a bunch of dishes and began the deep cleaning the apartment needs, so I can continue trying to simplify and improve our small space.

Tonight I want to do another round of dishes, sweep/swifter wet the floors, clean the bathroom, and maybe some light dusting. I may also, if I have the time/energy, clean out the fridge. We have our crock pot in there, and we can’t use it till I clean it so…It’s gotta happen.

I also want to work on another installation of Flake City, and the final 30,000 words in that story, after I finish this round of rereading and editing what I have for it.

In Flake, I have a few characters left to introduce to the main group, and then I will be working on bringing these groups together…But some of these characters aren’t going to make it, and some of these characters are, but telling their story, regardless, is important, to make sure that the story is well told and as seamless as I am going for. 

The sucky part is that I am trying to really finish this read through of Flake, but I want to work on this side character story a little bit, and maybe go ahead and kill some people off.

Writers know how this goes. You want to finish the WiP, before you move to the next one. My problem is this is part of the current WiP, so I am justifiably temped.

Anyways, I am working on finishing up reading on Flake City, gathering my thoughts for the final 30,000 words, and also looking for places to inject the side character story…I worry if I make her a side bit, it may turn into its own thing which isn’t quite how I envision Flake City being done.

Instead, I want to make this side story, involving a stoner on the run inside of Flake City, something that will stand alone as a separate side story, or a little bit of a short story, but that also fits inside of the current Flake City story.

Of course, currently, Flake City covers some people, like Chloe, Moria, Damian, Charlie, Chev, Mark, Martin, Henry…But it doesn’t cover the Radio Station, the Airport, the College, or this character I am talking about, who kind of goes around to these places…

I have some of the radio station, some of the college, and some of the airport done, and if I finish all of them, and add them in…Flake City will be larger than the 120,000 word prediction.

So, with this nice little writing up date, I am barreling into the end of the month, which freaks me out, because NaNoWriMo is coming.

Image result for winter is coming gif

Like Winter in Game Of Thrones…NaNoWriMo is coming and I AM NOT READY.

My goal was to finish Flake City- this first part, as I have mentioned- before I start NaNoWriMo, and my NaNoWriMo project was actually going to be about a magic/ghost blogger, that I need to finish tying to loose strings together to sort out and tie together some details with Kiblah, Amy, Kent, Adare, Luka, Lilith, etc.

Okay well it is time to head home, wish me all luck, I only have about 20 pages left to read in Flake City before I dive back into it.

Back at home. Managed to get home. Did dishes, cleaned, cooked dinner, did more dishes, gave Chance a bath, and now I am on the phone with Bret, and I wanted to edit this to get it done for the time being. 

Okay- I have very little time left for any writing so I am giving the rest of my time to Flake City- tomorrow is Thursday so I need to be well versed in handling zombies.

Good luck out there.



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