Daily Blog #69 “Mundane, but not bad, Thursday, and major brain work for plot delivery”

Thursday Afternoon

It has been a crazy morning, but it is finally starting to calm down.

I don’t know exactly what it is about accounting, but for the first half of the week, we are busy as hell, but then come Friday, after noon or so, nothing. I couldn’t pay my phone to ring.

I think it’s because no one wants to deal with the buzz kill that is accounting on a Friday afternoon, and accounting people try to duck out early on a Friday because all week they have been dealing with accounting stuff and by Friday afternoon they are fucking over it.

Is it clients or accountants that make no one want to talk to accounting on a Friday? That is a real chicken and the egg situation.

But, regardless, it means that on Thursday, everyone has this mad rush to try and resolve any and all accounting issues they have had.

Mind you, by the time I am free and able to ask questions and follow up on things I need on my end, I can never get a hold of people.

Until Monday morning, when it all starts again.

What this ultimately means is that Thursday’s can be rough and long for me, leading to long days of tedious questions and problem solving trouble shooting to get things squared away.

Sometimes, it means long Thursday mornings, but sometimes it means I have CRAZY Thursday mornings, but by the afternoon it has calmed down.

This is one of those Thursdays, so far, knock on wood.

If this trend continues, I will have a nice and peaceful Friday to enjoy before skipping into the weekend.

This peace did come at a price, however, of spending nearly six hours handling the concerns of one district. One. Just one. Took up all that time.

Ironically, my old school district, making me think that perhaps it was merely karma, from all the time that was probably spent on me, as a student.

I wasn’t a problem child, but I may have asked questions and made fusses more than others. Some people call that problematic, others precocious.

My grandma said precious, so…Who knows.

Either way, those problems have been handled and sorted and now I am enjoying what I hope stays a peaceful Thursday.

It is now a little after two, so I think I will heat up my leftovers from dinner last night and pick at that while I finish up with my Flake City writing, and begin to dive into that last bit of it.

This reading has taken longer than usual, but that’s life, I suppose, being busy and getting in the way of the stuff you want to do.

Or maybe need to do, for yourself.


The round of rereading and light edits is done!

I am now brainstorming and prepping for a few chunks of story that aren’t already in the “main” story line.

Basically, I have other characters that make up the entire “Flake City Group” but, some I wrote in other sections, so I need to decide if they will be in their own file, several files, or all eventually merged into the one main document. Big decisions.

So, while I think on it, I may start the next one, or I may work on finishing the final 30,000. Either way I have to figure out how I will present these other characters, because in the end, I would like to have the main people introduced, before I start introducing the Mountain Tribe, which will also weigh in heavily.

Later Thursday night

I’m working out.

Basically I’m tired and also mulling over some major ideas for the writing I mentioned earlier. Related, there is a show I like that Bret doesn’t so I’m binging this show about single parents which is hilarious even though I’m not a parent, and I’m on the stationary bike to justify binging and not being productive.

I’m just tired and kinda worn out, and all of my brain power is going towards the writing I’m thinking on that I talked about earlier. So, this is my update, and I am going to work out and watch this show, then make some food because I’m hungry.

Later Thursday Evening

I am finished working out, I made dinner, did dishes, and now I am trying to sort out some writing details, but I wanted to wrap up this up.

It has been a long week, and yet it has flown by. All the catch up from this past weekend of being lazy has been really been tedious, but I am glad I did it. Now, if I decide to tackle projects, assuming I don’t get lazy this weekend, I can just attack them and knock out some stuff, like if I decide to pick up some paint and redo the bathroom or something.

Hopefully I can rock it out, and also manage to get the writing done too, but I won’t do that if I keep forcing it with the blog. The day was pretty boring, and I have spent much of it wondering about the delivery of the Flake City stuff I talked about earlier.

I mostly don’t know where/how to inject these parts to finish this portion off, it’s just setting stuff up, and without going into too many details, I want to make sure I set up a few different things, but I always want to make sure they are done properly.

Anyways, that is the blog update for today, no major lesson other than the constant balance the is life.

Have a wonderful Friday!



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