Daily Blog #70 “Friday of blog life lessons”


Daily Blog #70, I wanted you to be so huge and then I started writing and prepping for NaNoWriMo and I had no time to dedicate to you but…in true #bloglife fashion, you came along and made it happen.

It’s Friday afternoon and I am home from work, blogging, with a few fun lessons for you to consider.

Last night, when I worked out, I did so to try and not feel so crappy. I was able to relax and think about Flake City while also binging a show I like that Bret doesn’t love, without feeling guilty about anything because I was working out while I zoned out.

I ended up glad for my efforts, feeling quite a bit better, but then this morning I started my period, making me feel crappy once more. Day one of periods suck. So I guess I relaxed but my period came which sucked pretty hard because now my energy is low and my cramps are high.

I didn’t blog about how good I felt after working out last night, and how sometimes you can feel like crap but so something productive and feel better, so I will take that time to do so now, because it was just proven to me again.

First, I decided I wanted cold brew, but having left all my supplies for it at work, I made some lavender simple syrup with brown sugar and made my cold brew with some of the almond milk I had left over. Caffeinated, I recalled someone mentioning they wished I would blog my cold brew process, and a few others echoed this request, so I cleaned off my counters to have a clean place to photograph my process.

From there I opted to wash dishes, then scrub all the counters and stove off, them I did the litter box, swept the bathroom, swept the kitchen, swifter wet the kitchen floors, and now I’m sitting down, very pleased with my work. I’m still in pain from my cramps and still very low energy but I did some things that make me feel better, because I feel better in cleaner spaces, and feel better overall for that.

So, now as the floors dry I am updating the blog to say that yes, sometimes doing stuff even when you feel like shit, can help you feel better. Now I am going to smoke some weed and maybe make some wedding planning lists, something really chill and calm, before diving into writing, or maybe I will just dive into writing- keep reading for my next update to see what I end up doing.

Later: Friday evening

Bret’s home!

I did a bit of wedding lists and a bit of storyboarding, and now I am updating the blog.

So, when last I updated I was discussing how I didn’t feel well but I got up and did stuff and felt better for it. This is something I wanted to blog about yesterday but I didn’t so I mentioned it here because it was almost as if Blog life energy was like “nah your going to” which is the next bloggable lesson of the day, sometimes you are a blogger and there is nothing you can do about it.

The plus side to blogging so much, To throwing myself so completely into my blog, is that I am growing my skills. It is easier and easier to write at length and it is easier and easier to see the lessons in the day to day of our lives.

Blog life is a great life

Blog life is a real thing, and art imitates life or vice versa I guess.

I guess I like this blogging thing, all things considered. It’s fun, to have all of you that read this blog, it’s fun to have this little community, it’s nice to be responsible and frequent in my writing and it’s nice to document everything. As always, I don’t know if I will always do five a week, or one every day or so, but I know I’ll try to because it honestly feels good to do so.

Daily blogging has helped me write more in my creative writing, and also has helped me develop my writing habits further.

Basically, blog life is a great life.

I have my big 100th blog coming up, and my big 100th daily that comes after that, where I hope to announce and unveil some new additions to my blog, but for now…I really am just loving my blog and wanted to take this minute to talk about how much I’m enjoying my blog life, since today had been a fun day of great bloggable moments.

All day was “ugh I don’t want to” and then doing the thing and feeling better. I’m slowly clearing my head and getting over some of my fears about maintaining my writing next month and the month after during Blogmas.

I’m terrified, but ultimately I know that it is doable because I am capable, and even if I don’t nail my goals…I’ll have learned some lessons for the efforts k put in and I’m sure to hone my skills further. Even if I fail I will learn, grow, and better myself so I’ve already won- and that victory will probably launch me to success anyways.

An object in motion and all that.

Like I said, today has been a day of blog revelations for sure. Overall, I think this may actually be a good Saturday blog, and a good blog for me to look back on the next time I feel stressed or like I can’t do it.

Sometimes, the confidence has to come from yourself.

It’s hard to remember that I can do this stuff, without having the support system I always had of my grandparents, but I’m trying to retain those lessons and that confidence so, blogs like this help.

Because sometimes the confidence has to come from yourself so you should leave the breadcrumbs for you to find.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and this fun day of mini blog lessons. Have a wonderful weekend!



2 thoughts on “Daily Blog #70 “Friday of blog life lessons”

  1. Kudos to you for getting so much done even when you don’t feel too good ❤ It's hard to force yourself to write when you really don't want to but getting it done is SO rewarding. 🙂 Looking forward to future posts

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