Daily Blog #72 “new adventures, present work, past demons”

Sunday Night

You guys would not believe what I am doing now!

Uploading Vlog #1 to YouTube. (On private)

It may not be available for all eyes just yet, but it is, being uploaded.

I am actually seeing about how long it takes to upload, so I can see how that will factor into my evening routine.

You see, if I am able to finish up and edit the blog while the vlog uploads, it won’t be extra time added to my evening.

The editing, will take plenty of time, but if I keep my edits simple I can streamline editing to only take a few hours.

I am hoping, because I am insane, to post vlogs fairly regularly, with the same regularity I have been able to do with this blog, because I like the way it has forced me to rearrange my life. My blog has had a profoundly good impact on my life and I am hoping for the vlog to have a similar good impact.

With any luck, I can edit out what I don’t like fairly easily, time lapse the long stuff and add some music to it, and add text to my files, within a few hours every night, and hopefully it won’t lead to me never sleeping again.

We shall see.

New Adventures

I just do think that the vlogging will help me get through NaNoWriMo and Blogmas, assuming I keep the videos SUPER simple.

So, I just wanted to update the blog and say, hey, ya girl is uploading a vlog!

Now I need to get myself sorted for tomorrow, which is Monday, and I plan on recording, editing, writing on Flake City, blogging, editing the blog, uploading a new vlog, scheduling a new blog, and of course, dinner, work out, clean…in addition to working my full time job.

Oh man…is it fun to watch me set myself up for failure by scheduling an impossible number of tasks in a short period of time?

I bet it is, a little, in a “watching a train crash” kind of way.

But, who knows, maybe I will manage it all!

Later…Much later

Based on how long it is taking, I would be wise to edit the vlog first chance I get, because apparently it takes forever to upload.

But, l am learning all sorts of fun lessons, and how long videos take to upload are some of those fun lessons. It is now nearly midnight, and I have done my night time face stuff, I just need to take the bed out and put my hair up, plus maybe a good night bowl and also an IG post.

Fun fun life I lead.

My Evernote is glitching kind of badly now though, so I am going to close out to make sure the text file isn’t corrupted or something.

Okay, closed the webpage and reopened, all is well.

So, not much left to do before bed, other than let the vlog upload.

I already have my very first vlog lesson! Always look at all of your footage, because otherwise, you may finish the vlog and be halfway through uploading it, which turns out to be a long process, before you realzie you had another 30 minutes of footage to edit down that led to a much more natural end to the blog.

I am annoyed, but I will log that as a lesson, record it in the blog, and try again tomorrow.

I did my first edit and work on the video on a Sunday while prepping for the upcoming week. If I commit to filming for the vlog all day, on a Monday, a day I tend to be good at, I bet I can start building this new habit, just like I built the habit of the blog.

It is a lot of work, but honestly this shit is fun, and the more I research into producing stuff for myself, the more I see how much I need to have these skills.

For example, I have mentioned before that I very well may end up just producing much of my art, like Flake City, on my own, so knowing how to edit videos is pretty important.

Even if it is just editing the vlog footage of George and Lissa in the morgue at Flake City…I need to know how to do it so I can make more of the art happen…because you can’t always find people who buy into the art the way you do.

So, I learned my first lesson from vlogging on vlog number one, which is uploading now. I am worried about my time management, adding a vlog to the mix, but I am hopeful that I can balance it all in uploading time and time otherwise spent…Iuno, breathing?

Fine times, I really do enjoy this creative life of mine. Anything to make the dream happen, right?

So, now I am going to get of my laptop, let the vlog keep uploading, and get my ass to bed, because it is after midnight and I have a long day tomorrow.


Monday Morning

It is mid Monday morning, and I managed to not only get to work on time, but in a decent mood, with food for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Additionally, I did my hair and makeup and actually like the results, I vlogged the walk to work, and I updated Medium with my last two vlogs.

I also finished uploading my vlog last night, and today’s blog went up this morning. I am this far into this blog, and I am prepping for my next writing sprint, which will hopefully be this afternoon.

I didn’t get much sleep last night, but I am making due with the sleep I did get, and I brought some cold brew. I forgot my coconut milk, but Bret may be kind enough to bring it to me when he comes in at noon, which gives me two hours to drink a ton of water so I can drink some cold brew coffee guilt free.

Anyways, I was up late last night, but I was able to wake up fairly easily. I would like to keep that habit up, not that I enjoy getting little sleep, but because I have no small amount of work to do and even more writing to do.

So, now I need to get to work, and get this shit done.

Later, on the workout bike

So, earlier when listening to a podcast I love (Unsolicited Advice) they mentioned my tweet- one where I mentioned some stuff I have been working through and their podcast had really helped a bunch. I decided that was it- that was the sign- I would send them an email about how much they has helped me. (I mean c’mon my favorite podcaster said my last name, and pronounced it correctly.)

And I decided to include a spooky story for their October podcast series.

Of course, anxiety, more so when backed up by the PTSD.

So, basically, I bared my entire damn soul in the email, to let them know how much they had, in a great way, with some healing I have been doing.

And now I have TERRIBLE anxiety, and am a total mess. Because that is what happens when I talk to people.

It isn’t their fault- literally mine, and my own issues, but, as a true blogger- it offers a lesson.

Baring your soul, in public or private, is hard. But it’s also good. Like working out.

It got Bret and I talking about it and I learned that he actually gets anxiety about not being enough help for me, and was really proud of me for reaching out to others and slowly healing up because I really do never talk about that stuff, and I probably should.

Working out, and working out your past demons, is good…And so is cat company.

I don’t want my trauma to cause more grief to someone I love- and I don’t want him to stress about not being able to help when I’m having an episode.

Baring your soul is hard, talking is hard, and like many things that are hard- (this work out bike I’m on, for example) are good for you.

Be it working out your body or making your demons do jumping jacks, it’s all hard work that is good for you.

And that’s the blog lesson I learned from that. Obviously I asked they not share the intimate stuff, but maybe one day I’ll talk about it here.

Marcie, before she began sprawling out and I had to catch her from falling.

Anyways- In other blog news, because of said anxiety, I’ve wasted a few hours freaking out so while I work out I am finishing the blog; even though my cat, Marcie, is doing the thing when she wants to ride my bike too.

After this I need to wash my makeup brushes, try and start to edit the vlog, finish editing this blog, schedule this blog, shower and get ready for bed.

Yeesh it’s been a busy full day- and I may have to cut some things out of my schedule. Self care and not burning myself out comes first.

Look at that, another lesson!

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!



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