Daily blog #74: “multiple days of productivity without blogging, apprehension for the coming week.”

Wednesday Afternoon

After the growth I had in yesterday’s blog, this blog is born.

Tough love has been received, and I have been grinding away, determined to make my goals.

Yes, I am exhausted, and yes, I think I will need to get a smidge more sleep to make this all work.

Bret is in Austin until Friday evening, we have a wedding to attend early Saturday, that neither of us have clothing for and also we don’t have a gift for yet.

With Bret being gone, I have been trying to plan for a busy week to achieve some projects and have a better place, to continue making the space better.

As you may recall, I am working on making our space a bit nicer for us. The price and location at our apartment is incredibly hard to beat, so I want to make it an awesome place we like.


I started a deep clean on the kitchen. I want to get some contact paper and backsplash textured contact paper/peel and sticks, to really make the kitchen look amazing.

But I don’t want to spend money like that unless I have it deep cleaned, so I started in one corner, and pulled back the fridge. It took a long time to get just that much done, and it was a lot of hard work.

I also touched up the paint a bit, and scrubbed the outside of the fridge. I wanted to get more done but I’m tired, my back hurts, and I had to eat something, so I sat down, and now I’m updating the blog on my phone while my cat sits on me.

Saturday morning

I don’t normally go so many days without blogging, but I did this time.

Between being sick, and doing a ton around the apartment, it’s now Saturday.

So, let’s catch you up. Wednesday evening I came home and started cleaning the apartment, I pulled the fridge out, and deep cleaned some problem areas for the kitchen. I went to bed a little late, and woke up very sick. My throat was sore, I was super congested, body aches, cough, slight fever…so I called in and kept cleaning. I finished the kitchen, and also updated the paint, touching up scuffs. I also used the paint to paint the backs of the cabinets/shelves, to create some more dimension for the shelves.

All in all, a productive use of my time.

So then Friday rolled around, and since I’ve been trying to take Fridays off anyways and I was still worried I may be contagious, I stayed home and attacked the bathroom. I cleaned it, took every thing out, put the three coats of paint required to cover the dark green on the walls, deep cleaned the bathroom, and put everything back into it. Around this time, Bret got home from Austin, and we spent a couple of hours together.

A coworker called in, and we had to cancel our Saturday plans to go in and help out around the store, which led to Bret and I spending our morning and early afternoon at work.

This afternoon after work our awesome coworker came over and we smoked a bit.

After Ryan left we hung out for a bit, I made us some riced cauliflower fried rice and we had dinner.

A quick trip to Target, and we came home to a nice movie night.

And here we are, Saturday night, about to go to bed.

It’s been a lot of work, but I nearly have the apartment in good shape. So, time for some rest so tomorrow goes well and we prepare for an amazing week.


Sunday night

It’s been a rough day. I don’t want to blog about it, and it is ongoing. For now I’ll say, it’s Sunday, I got some of my stuff done, and I am apprehensive about but ready for the coming week.

Editing Note as I end this blog.

It is now Monday afternoon, and I am hoping to update the blog with some detailed information of the process I used to get the apartment in better shape. Anyways, because of how the weekend went, I really didn’t have the energy to add pictures, so I hope you enjoyed a shorter blog covering several days with no pictures.

Probably missed plenty of grammatical or typing errors too. Oh well. I am a human.



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