Preparing for the future, now. (Also, tricking the future into being the present)

Greetings and salutations! Today we have a brand new Blog Life lesson.

Prepare for every day like it’s the first day of your come up.

Everyday, wake up, and be the person you want to be!

Everyday, wake up, and get ready for your day, as if this were day one of your “come up” or “arrival” to whatever fame or success you are hoping for.

I firmly believe if you wake up everyday, prepared to succeed, prepared for your dreams to come true, you are that much closer to them coming true.

They say (I would name someone but everyone has their own version of this rule) that it takes 3,5,7,10 years of eating proverbial shit and grinding it out to have overnight success. I think that everyday, dressing as if that overnight success were happening today, preparing your face, hair, and outfit, the way you would want them for day one of your come up, gets you there faster, or at least gets your there in better shape with better habits.

Same principle as dressing for the job you want, only this is much deeper. This is more than wearing a suit or some hot outfit. This is taking care of you. This is taking care of your skin, this is putting thought and consideration into your appearance, this is, most importantly, you visualizing your success, and manifesting it, every day.

This is you thinking about what that future looks like, every day.

This is you preparing yourself for the perfect life you are building so you don’t bring it down with bad habits.

If you see you, in your infinite success, as someone who is always hydrated, always smiling, always with a good face, then the time to start is now.

Because your “come up” or rise to success IS starting now.

So act like it.

This is the ideology I stumbled upon early (and I do mean early) one recent Monday morning. It was one of those really good ideas that snuck into my head when I woke up to pee in the early morning hours, hours before my alarm went off.

So there it was, incredibly early morning, around three or so, and as I walked to the restroom, I spotted my makeup I had lain out the night before, to make myself be better prepared for Monday.

I thought about the clothing I had laid out, and my planned schedule for the morning, and I realized with some sense of accomplishment, that the way I planned on getting ready was very similar to how I wanted to be prepared and dressed, when I finally began my “come up” with my content and writing.

Not that I plan on dressing overly dressy. My plan is simple black pants, black or gray shirt, black or grey hoody. Maybe a plaid shirt if I feel fun, and a basic face of makeup. (Eyeliner, mascara, concealer under the eyes).

Still, this making of a uniform that I am doing is all part of that come up, and preparing for it by always being dressed to those standards or higher, prepares me for my eventually success.

Preparing me for my “come up” and having me act like it was already happening, because it is.

This habit helps build a better habit for the future, when I have even less time, due to my success, to stress over my morning choices.

Habits I form now not only save me time, however, they also make me better prepared for that future.

If you recall from my earlier blogs, I have a rough idea, a dream/vision board of how I want my life to look when I have the life I am hoping for and aiming for.

I want to be able to rise early in the morning, do yoga, have a nice breakfast, work on my art for much of the day, do an evening work out…I have key hit points of things I want…But if I were to try and add all the other things I will have in my life, like increased meetings, obligations, and all the crap that goes into running your own creative empire, and also add a work out, I would fail more than I already do.

You don’t always have your cat to cheer you on during your workout!

But, if I work on the habit of working out in the evenings, I not only develop the habit, but I learn my own boundaries of when I am able to force my way through a work out, or when I need to forego it that night.

Knowing your own limits, what your body needs, is so important, and you shouldn’t wait until later to figure that stuff out. You should figure that stuff out now, when you are still developing all the habits that are going to help you get where you are going.

How will you get up early for all those early morning merchandise meetings, or phone meetings with companies, interviews with fellow creatives, or whatever business things you may have, how will you rise early and be ready to be your best self, and kick that meeting’s ass, if you haven’t been practicing this habit all through your “come up”?

How will you know the best “quick face” for when you are running late? How will you know the best way to apply your makeup in a hurry, or how long it takes you to be “ready”? All of this is practice. I mention the makeup thing because in 2019, damn near 2020, daily makeup wear isn’t just for traditional cis women anymore…just like independent success working for yourself isn’t just for cis men.

Anyone can wear makeup and dress as they wish (Aside from local issues, obviously), and anyone can have independent success…So we should all prepare ourselves for it, as if we are on the cusp of that success.

The very best way to succeed is to prepare to do so.

Aside form developing these sensational habits, we are making ourselves better for the success.

Knowing what you want and what defines your success is how you turn your dreams and wishes into a solid plan of action.

We can better define what our own personal success is, what we define as successful. For some, success is making 40,000 a year at a job they don’t hate. For others, it is 200,000 at a job from home, others, it is the freedom to be a stay at home parent or spouse, and for more still, it is something totally different from any of this.

You know what your success is, in fact, I would probably argue that you are the only one who can really define what success will mean to you.

Your mother wanting a doctor doesn’t matter here, your dad wanting an athlete doesn’t either. What matters is what makes you happy.

So, identify what it is that makes you happy, and then spend every day acting as if today was day one of that success.

Sure, when you have more money, you may eat nicer breakfasts, but you can still prep a budget friendly version of this breakfast, (and you probably should when you are more successful too). You may wear nicer clothing, or maybe even your own clothing label, but what you can do is dress in the style of clothing you would want to dress in, the colors, fabrics, and cuts you would want to wear. You can take care of these clothes so they last longer and always look nice on you, and you can lay those clothes out to ensure they are ready for you as soon as you need them.

If you plan on having clear skin in the future, you can start caring for the skin now. Even if you know you need products that are more expensive, you can get yourself into positive skin care habits, by washing your skin every morning and night, using toner after, and putting an appropriate moisturizer on your skin after (one with SPF 30 minimum for the day time).

These habits will give you better skin, and again, build a better habit for you.

All of these reasons are great reasons to prepare for every day as if it is day one of your come up, but the biggest one most may notice is how much faster it helps that success arrive.

You see, life isn’t just about grinding it out for X amount of years to be successful, it is putting in careful and deliberate work to achieve an outcome, but it also has so many other factors.

Call it manifestation, call it increased opportunities because of how you act or look, either way, taking these careful actions can have a huge impact on your arrival to success.

You can grind it out for ten years, but if you never look, or act, the part you are going for, are you ever going to be that person?

I’m not saying someone in sweatpants can’t make money and run a business,literally half of YouTube proves that wrong, BUT I will say if you want to be able to wear sweat pants every day, you better start prepping that now, otherwise that suit and tie are part of your brand when you DO arrive.

Because the point of this last message isn’t just yet another blog about dressing for the job you want or manifesting the reality you want, it is about truly developing your brand and knowing what that brand is, before you arrive at success, so you are truly who you want to be when you do arrive.

Love your process! This is your come up! One day, some kid will beg you for this story, so enjoy it!

Remember, part of this process is learning what works for you. If my usual outfit doesn’t work for me, I will learn it, and adapt. This is all part of helping me establish exactly who I am, while still allowing for growth.

This building of your true brand will also facilitate your rise to success, because it will help you grow your base.

People like to like, know, and trust, the people they follow and listen to.

Whether you are a content creator, wannabe influencer, or just a person building a brand for their home made goods, you should be aware of your brand, and who you are, to build your “audience” or client base.

I believe I heard the term “like, know, and trust” in a marketing class in college, but I heard it most recently, and applicably used, by the Online Business Coach for Millennials, Vanessa Lau.

She, and other marketing geniuses, stress the importance of people not only knowing who you are, but liking and trusting what it is that you do.

Your audience and client base can’t know, like or trust what you are, if you yourself don’t even know what that is.

It would be a terrible thing to have someone know you, like you, even trust you, just for when you finally do get success, that entire audience no longer trust you, like you, or even feel they know you, because you are now acting so different.

episode 11 dolph starbeam GIF

“You sold out man, you sold out!”

So, don’t be a sell out, be the person you want to be, and let everyone buy into that reality.

Anything you fake it at probably sucks anyways.

So, instead of getting up and faking it, instead if waking up the way you do in your usual “loser” life, stop.

Get up the same way you want to when you are wildly successful, with whatever success means for you, and put on your “this is my come up shirt” and get to work.

We need you out here, doing all that you do, being all that you have ever wanted to be.

So go be it.


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