Face mask review of “Rose Gold Love Hemp” mask by: Uncle Bud’s Hemp (Hey Amber I finally typed it up!)

Greetings and salutations! Today I am going to be reviewing a mask I picked up recently that I was fairly excited to try.

Front of the package

I initially picked up this mask for two reasons:

1: Hemp. Enough said. I love cannabis and believe in using it and I’ve been wanting to put more cannabis products in my lineup so a hemp mask was a perfect find.

2: My dear friend Amber had rose gold as one of the main colors for her wedding and it really reminds me of her now.

So, I grabbed the mask and Amber asked me to review it, and I took pictures for said review but never typed it up and here we are.

Back of the package, including description and ingredients.

The mask details: This is a mask meant for moisturizing, with goals in tightening, hydrating and revitalization. All things my dry aging skin could use. The back advertised that it was good for anti aging and smoothing skin, as well reducing puffiness and wrinkles. The mask also advertised to keep skin healthy with antioxidants, to keep skin free of acne clearing oils (not a huge issue for me but I like clean skin so this is a good promise)

The mask was NOT rose gold, as expected, only the wrapping, and that was a major bummer.

Also, not enough for multiple applications, in fact, I only got one use out of it.

Admittedly, it is meant to be single use but if I can get more than one use, I call it a positive. This, sadly, only had one time use.

Can really feel it sinking in

The mask and it’s packaging made many promises and advised a 10-15 minute set time, so I gave it a full 15-20, and worked on my blog.

After a few minutes I could feel the mask working it’s way into my skin and I could really feel some stuff happening.

A slight tingle with that nice “seeping in” feeling left me feeling excited to wash this mask off.

Once I realized it had been 20 minutes I jumped up and washed the mask off. For masks like this I like to use a warm, wet, washcloth to rinse the mask off, which I did, before applying my evening products.

Overall? I loved this mask!

Why hello! Lovely results!

Bonus points, my friend Lenyn got one, tried it earlier today, and he and I talking about how much we liked it, which is what prompted me to write this blog.

Great mask, really works, price is not bad at all. I think I paid $2.50 for the packet.

Although I do wish it had more uses in a single packet, I am glad I tried this product and I may even buy a full sized container or try other products from the line.

The mask really sunk into my skin and left it very hydrated and happy. My skin looked a bit younger or at least definitely more smooth. This mask also did not leave my skin feeling clogged and gross, like some moisturizing masks can do, so as the label promised, it keeps skin free of excess oils, I guess.

Very great mask. 4 out of 5. A-. 9 out of ten.

Did I feel it working? Yes.

Did I see a change? Yes.

Would I use this mask again? Yes.

Would I buy this mask again? Yes.

Would I suggest to others? Yes. I suggested to my friends and one already tried and enjoyed.

I wish only that it was maybe pink/rose gold, because it said it was rose gold and it was really white. Not much of a drawback. Didn’t really smell like mandarin floral scent, but it was a nice scent regardless.

Good mask, and, a great way to start getting more hemp into my skin routine. This was unsponsored, but if the company, or any others, want me to review their products, send ’em my way, I’ll probably review it, if for no reason than some people ask me to do them and I like to keep the content diverse.


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