Daily Blog #77 “Thursday-Sunday, ‘…but here I am, blogging’, staying true to our honest content goals, and shout-outs to friends on and offline”

Thursday Night

I just finished formatting, editing, and adding pictures to the Rose Gold Hemp skin mask review, and by the time this blog is posted, it will have been posted. If I have done my job I have linked it somewhere above.

This is a picture from that blog, but I also look surprised to have actually linked that blog, so it works in many ways. 🙂

Now I thought it would be smart to update my Daily Blog, as I hadn’t had a chance to do so. My goal for this week is to publish a blog every day this week, to judge my metrics, but also keep an eye on how to push out that much content. I have also been playing with the style and diversity of my content. I tend to get into Daily Blog routines because I really love that style, but I also have friends who request topics, online and off, and I also have the desire to do so.

Like with skin care, I have a passion for skin care, and while it isn’t my job, I do like to talk about this stuff, so naturally, it would make sense to go ahead and blog about it. So, I reviewed that skin mask, and honestly I will probably do more as time goes on, especially with my plans to purchase several more products of brands I have been eying.

Blogging justifies a habit…is basically what I am saying.

I went into my phone to find some pictures I had taken for blogs, like the mask review and how to clean your bong, and I found several great pictures that I should have imported to my possibly blog pictures, so I am mad at myself for that and making it a goal to go through more of my pictures so I can diversify the pictures I use to illustrate the blog.

Essentially I am trying to have my own version of “unsplash” where I have a file of images perfect for my blog, that I can use at any point in time.

I would love to take more pictures, and as time goes on, I will go to places and have chances for certain pictures, but I do wish I had a better camera so I could try and get more pictures than my camera phone can capture.

But, if you have seen some of the stuff I can do with either a camera phone or a regular camera, you know I am pretty decent at using whatever camera I have to take cool shots.

I like my photo skills, because I work with very little. I normally am dealing with a not great camera, an older model iPhone, and dimly lit places, yet I am able to grab some great shots sometimes.

But here I am, blogging.

Anyways. I am hoping to go through more pictures, which I should probably do tonight, and then delete some after I load them to the computer because my poor phone needs more space, but here I am, blogging.

I should put that on a shirt.

“But here I am, blogging.”

Abbi Grasso

It is a fun idea isn’t it. And so very on brand considering how many times I should be doing other things and instead I am blogging or writing.

Although I am also guilty of blogging instead of writing.

I am seriously considering the idea of a blogger story for NaNoWriMo, and a big motivation for me is how much I love blogger style.

So, here I am, blogging. That could be an option. Something here am blogging would be fitting for me.

Anyways, it is getting late and I really should do a face mask and probably should also get ready for tomorrow and do some more writing.

I will try to update later from my phone, but it may be tomorrow. We shall see! I have a cute picture for the morning regardless.


Bathed Chance, now I need to get ready for bed for real. Ugh still have make up on. Gonna need to do something to make up for that. Ughh okay be right back, gonna go tend to my skin for a minute—

Friday Afternoon

Well, I did not update the blog after doing my skin care routine, an instead opted to just hit the hay.

Of course I then slept in like crazy today, by choice, and came into work late. You may recall from previous daily blogs that I am supposed to be having Fridays off now, but that has been nearly impossible with how busy work has been. (And then I got busy at work. Sigh)

Sunday early evening

Well, it’s now Sunday evening. Bret and I are visiting his family down in the Pasadena area, for Bret’s birthday.

We went out to eat at Casa Ole, and now we are in the way back to his grandparents house. I checked the clock and realized that we would likely not be home until 8:00 or 9:00, at least, which isn’t great considering how much I have left to do today to prep for the week.

Bret will be going out of town this week, however, so maybe I will save some of my cleaning for when he’s gone and focus on a few more important matters. Laundry and washing my hair, as well as the dishes, are my main goals, but other than that
I think I need to focus on the basics and not get bogged down.

I’m incredibly proud of myself for getting a blog up everyday this week, I trying to get in a habit of blogging in a more daily fashion, to increase my chances of finding the people who like my writing. I wanted to practice for blogmas, where I will write on the blog every day until Christmas. This is going to be coming after a month of heavy creative writing, with NaNoWriMo.

Practice and preparation make for a more successful season.

Anyways, we are on the way back to Bret’s grandparents house so I’m going to stop blogging and then I’ll update if possible on the drive home to make up for lost time.


Well, it’s a bit later in the day now, and we are about to head home from a lovely afternoon/early evening with Bret’s family, for Bret’s Birthday.

We smoked a lotta joints. Shout out to Ryan for coming over and making it fucking fun. We love when our friends smoke as much as we do.

Bret’s birthday was yesterday and we had a friend over, smoked a bunch and ate a lot.

Today we came out to see his family and celebrate a much more family friendly version of his birthday with Mexican food.

All in all it has been a peaceful, but busy, weekend. It’s gonna be at least 8:00 PM before we get home, and have a lot to do, like I mentioned, so I will be working really hard to schedule this blog.

I’ll see if I can squeeze in another update before I schedule this blog, but my main hit points were Bret’s birthday and actually achieving my goals of posting a blog each day. I have not posted to Medium this weekend, as it’s harder to import on my laptop, for some reason, so, sorry Medium readers, you didn’t get my sweet, sweet content before Monday.

But the blog is free and updated daily.

Medium is making changes, to how it works, so I may or may not do a post about it or just mention it in tomorrow’s daily or later in this one.

Until then, I’m going to stop here and enjoy the drive home. I’ll try to update after my shower later this evening.

Late Sunday night

Well, I’m out of the shower and my hair is all done- in theory I have to just get ready for bed, schedule this blog, and be done, but sadly, that is not my reality.

The plan Bret and I had made originally was for us to start laundry, I would get in the shower, and he offered to start dishes. What happened instead was Bret got distracted watching a video preparing for a podcast he is going to be on, I showered, did all the dishes, and finally about twenty minutes ago Bret put the laundry in the washer.

So I’ll be going to bed much later, and have to still put away my clothes so they don’t sit in a basket getting wrinkled.

I’m a little annoyed. I know plenty of other women deal with this too- a partner who doesn’t make division of labor a priority.

And it fucking drives me nuts. It’s not right, to work full time and be responsible for all the cooking and cleaning, but many males, because it isn’t just mine, do that. My dad did it, I have friends who have husbands who also do it. Boyfriends, fiancés…all without thanks or even notice.

If you are a person who does this, who is reading this blog, for the love of everything just put this down and go fucking help your partner.

I don’t want to rant for days, but I’m sick of not mentioning it.

People, regardless of gender (but seriously dudes listen the fuck up) STOP being lazy, and fucking help. If you aren’t willing to share the responsibility because you don’t want to, cool. Then go be single. Same goes for asshole roommates who don’t want to pay rent on time or clean their dishes. Either contribute to the cause or fucking go solo.

End of rant

So it’s late, we have to put our wet laundry into the dryer, then hang/fold the clothing when it comes out. After that, take out the bed and try to sleep for a few hours before heading back to work tomorrow. I have to be there as early as possible all week, due to a lack of coverage in the store because, gasp, big surprise, my boss will happily take my away from my work to help other people with their job, but he won’t ask any of the men to do so, even ones who are contractually obligated to do so.

But, I’ll be able to get payroll submitted and people will get paid, which is good news all around. A new week to get more of my goals accomplished, and the last days before NaNoWriMo, where I will surely fall flat on my face in exhaustion from working full time, cooking and cleaning, blogging, and trying to write creatively every day or the month.

My mother is also coming to town, to go to Ren Fest. She used to go all the time and is planning on going again. I’ve never once been with her and she is guilting me into going. I don’t want to, but I do want to make her happy, so…that’s one day gone. Plus the weekend she’s here is Thanksgiving which will likely derail my entire weekend, despite this kind of being my favorite holiday. All in all, it’s going to be a very long month. My birthday is also in there but I don’t see my friends having much time for that so I’ll probably just see if any of them even notice without my usual birthday countdowns, haha.

Anyways- this back half of the blog got a little irritable and angry, but it comes from a real place, and Bret and I promised ourselves we would be honest and open in our content in order to always create content that makes us content.

It’s not per say topical to my friend shout outs, but everyone loves pictures of Marcie, and I am seriously considering starting this Diva her own Instagram page..but until then, enjoy this picture of my cat.

So, this is that. Plus, they say venting makes you feel better, and most of my friends are online friends. (Hi, Sam!)

Anyways- if you are one of the people who consistently likes my blogs, feel free to comment something, I see you, let’s start a conversation. Who knows, maybe you’ll be my next little blog shout out. (Hi, Amber!)

In fact, let’s let this last little bit of the blog be positive. Thank you to the friends who have read this blog, and supported me. I am so lucky to have the friends I have, on and offline. I know some people would be bummed they didn’t have more friends, but i read recently “The realer you care, the smaller your circle” and I realized I have long since shed my mask, and I have been much more real, much more true to myself. I have less friends but their quality is insane.

But the world is big and the internet makes it smaller, so I have been lucky enough to also gain friends like Sam, Tricia, Alex, Hollie, Biggs, Pam, and having that support is pretty awesome.

I hope you have a fantastic Monday and a wonderful week!



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