Daily Blog #80 “Thursday came early, so I double tapped the zombies, ran, and barricaded myself. Happy Halloween!”

Wednesday Morning

My goodness what a morning!

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest blog readers, it has been a crazy morning for me.

I slept in, which you probably know either from my Instagram stories or Twitter…Or from reading my blog frequently enough to see the bad habit.

I have fallen into sleeping in again, and it is driving me crazy. I hate mornings. But i had gotten better at them by getting up early.

Combination of things, like the deaths in my family, and of course exhaustion and depression from work.

I am working on shifting my mindset at work, and i am also focusing on any things i can do to boost my own mental health.

Whatever it takes, I need to get back to working out.

I for one, haven’t been working out as much, having made the blog and creative writing a bigger priority, but I can’t keep feeling like this, so I am going to work on adding my work outs back in every other day. Even if it is just light biking for thirty minutes while I watch TikToks or Golden Girls, I need to do something to boost all those good hormones that happy with more regular workouts.

Additionally, I need to get up earlier. I can’t keep sleeping till 7:00…or 8:00….or 8:30…

I need to get up at 5:00, 6:00 at the latest, so I can be fully ready and not rushed.

I can’t stand feeling rushed and I can’t stand the anxiety of being late, even though literally no one cares when I am late.

I am the only accountant, so when I’m not here, I’m just not here. My administration side of the job tends to go noticed if I am out, but also, not always. It’s not like I am actually important at my job, if anything, my boss makes sure that I never feel important or needed.

Haha! But seriously, also sad and true.

I say all this to explain that my anxiety of being late literally comes from myself.

But it also comes from the fact that when you are late, you feel late all day. Or at least, I do.

So, how do I bounce back when the world is full of zombies?

Double tap any threatening zombies. Push and shove any that get near you away. Remember, you don’t have to kill the zombie, you just need to get away from the zombie. Sometimes trying to kill some zombie lets another bite you. Fuck that. Run, put space and distance between you and that zombie, barricade the door.

You don’t have to be a hero. You just need to not be lunch.

Speaking of lunch, it is six minutes before 5:00 PM, and I am eating my lunch.

It’s now 11:00 PM and I’m wearing a hemp based skin mask I’ll be reviewing.

I’m also wanting to wrap this up because I need to hurry to bed and try and get some damn sleep and not sleep in tomorrow. I need to wake up no later than 7:00 but really it’s more like 6:00 or so.

I’m been struggling with that, as I mentioned above, and I need to get aggressive about it.

Bret will be out of town starting tomorrow morning all the way until Saturday morning, which ruins our date night and such. Bret was also in a terrible mood about it due to some circumstances around the work site he will be on.

I don’t want to bitch so instead I’ll talk about possible plans for me. I definitely plan on vlogging a bit and maybe cleaning up the back bedroom since the weather is cooler.

That way I can get our reselling business sorted out and start planning for getting us a new AC and a new bed in there.

All things in time, it’s a slow process.

But we have to work hard to change our circumstances- even if just a little.

Anyways- it’s late and I need to try and get myself sorted for tomorrow and not fuck myself over so I’m going to end this here and wish you all a merry Thursday. Today was a rough one for me so I think tomorrow may not be as Thursday as most Thursdays- after all, tomorrow is Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! Have a great day and stay safe!

Thursday Morning

So, I did not get to schedule and load the blog last night, so I figured, hey, why not update it and then schedule it.

Anyways, my goal for myself is to get back to waking up early. Today I was able to get up before 7:00 AM. I could, have been earlier but I had to pee and Bret was in the bathroom so I stayed in bed waiting for him to leave the bathroom.

Not sleeping, obviously, just waiting, but from the comfort of the warm bed.

So, today is Halloween, a holiday I love, and today is not looking great.

Bret and I had the original plan of playing some Left 4 Dead because we haven’t gotten to play in ages, while eating some candy. I was going to dress as a character from the game. Nothing major, nothing big, but, regardless, those plans are canceled as Bret is going to be in Austin until Saturday morning. My boss dropped that on us like AS we were leaving work. Lovely.

So I will probably attack some cleaning projects around the apartment, watching things Bret doesn’t like. Maybe I’ll watch Hocus Pocus. Nothing more Halloween-ey than that, right?

Anyways, my goals are to write up two different skin mask reviews, and to start working on my blog about some of my recent favorite hemp products- I have grabbed so many fun hemp products lately that I thought it would be fun to write a blog all about the different products.

Spoilers- Hemp is fucking awesome.

So, I have a bunch of writing to do, which will hopefully help me have more time to work on the other half of Flake City, the story with Kaya and Samantha and M.E.T.A. Radio.

I am going to try incredibly hard to keep a positive mood today, despite being bummed about Bret going out of town for a few days. It is a bummer, as neither of us have any control of our lives right now, because of work, but we are working on fixing that.

Everything is a process. I will probably touch on this in the next blog, which I will likely start when I end this one, so I think I will go ahead and do that. Bret has been in the shower for nearly an hour, so he should be out soon, and I need to get him ready for his trip.

I hope you have enjoyed this fun little unexpected morning update, and that you have a fantastical Halloween!



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