Some of my recent tries/favorite Hemp products

As everyone falls in love with Hemp and CBD, and some of us continue to be in love with he full spectrum that is cannabis, I thought I would write a quick blog about a few new Hemp based products I have tried, and my thoughts on them.

Please note, this post is 100% not sponsored and none of these brands have asked me to say nice things about them. I have simply tried their products and am posting my thoughts. As always, anyone who wants to send a care package of their products, however, is welcome to, and I will probably blog about it, because that would be exciting, and writers rarely get that, so I would definitely talk about it.🙂

This stuff rocks. I hope I can find it in a lavender scent!

Continuing on, let’s start with this lotion from the brand Hempz.

When I first saw this brand in Ulta I wanted to try it, and then I kept seeing it everyone online. Finally, it came organically in my Ipsy bag, and I was able to try the Triple Moisture Herbal Whipped Body Cream, All Day Moisture. This is a lotion that is enriched with 100% hemp seed oil, and the moisture is amazing. It really hydrates my skin, and doesn’t leave it greasy. I have dry hands, so I love getting a good moisture, and I hate my hands feeling greasy, so this lotion was amazing for me. This lotion was technically a body butter, but I have used it on my hands only, and I love it.

I have decided to buy some more of this lotion, a big bottle, when I do my big birthday shopping spree, and the brand is cruelty free and vegan, so I can explore the entire line without worrying about some animal dying just so I can have well moisturized skin. Woohoo! THC free Boohoo! All joking aside, there is no THC in this product, so slather up.

Next up is the tooth paste. Bret and I have recently fallen in love with charcoal toothpaste, and when I saw here was a hemp charcoal toothpaste, I wanted to try it. after looking into the brand a bit, we happened to be at a Target and also out of toothpaste and voila, we grabbed a tube.

That night, we put some hemp charcoal toothpaste on our charcoal bristles bamboo toothbrushes and brushed our teeth.

Amazing experience, and such a deep, deep clean. Bret is much more picky than I am with toothpaste, but he was in instant love. He responds well to charcoal, and we all know he loves cannabis. We both loved the product. Great job, Hello, your cruelty free (woohoo!) activated charcoal and hemp seed oil epic whitening fluoride free toothpaste was amazing. We also tried their mouthwash, but it didn’t have hemp. We didn’t see one with hemp seed oil in it, but if we do, you know we will grab it.

Not the best picture, but it is a half used bottle and I figured this was more real life than some stock image I screen shot from the website.

I recently needed a toner, and didn’t feel like paying $30.00 for some Pixi toner, so I checked out a few other toners I had been eying before settling on the Cosmic Renew by Pacifica.

This toner advertises as a AHA and Hemp resurfacing tonic, and is 100% began and cruelty free.

It is also refreshing and a delight to use. I have used it both on a cotton wipe and splashing it on, and both ways feel awesome. Overall, I am a big fan of the toner and it has me wanting to try the rest of the hemp products Pacifica has to offer.

This lip balm I received in an Ipsy bag, and fortunately for me, it was from when Bret and I were both receiving Ipsy bags, and I was able to sneak his away from him too so I have one lip balm at home and one at work. Preventive Measures 101 After Hours Lip Balm is amazing. It apparently has “moisture release technology” and is Hemp infused. I do think I get a longer than usual moisture from it, honestly, it is wonderful on my lips. The lip balm is refreshing, has a pleasant smell and subtle minty taste. I put this stuff on in the morning and reapply as needed at work with my at work tube of this balm. I use a different lip balm at night, that one is more lavender based, but this lip balm is sensational, and really does help your lips, even if they are a bit dry.

Next is the CannaCell DeTox mask!

I loved this face mask so much that I did a whole separate blog about it.

This mask was a deep cleaning pore cleaning mask that totally detoxed my face and made me feel awesome.

My skin felt like someone was ripping my pores clean, but it was worth it when afterwards my skin was super clean.

Ten bucks, a great buy. I got it from Whole Foods, using Amazon Prime Now, when I was getting some groceries delivered.

If you want a super detailed review, click the link to read about it.

Hemp mask gave me this clear picture, taken moments after I rinsed it, after I applied my hemp lip balm. Hemp products allow for the confidence for pictures of yourself without makeup to be posted online.

And that’s it! My five recent hemp finds that I adore. Go out and try them if you want! I have linked them in this blog, if you use the link I get a small kick back at no extra cost to you! Other links will take you to other blogs I have written about these products. I hope you enjoy any link you click, and thank you for doing so!

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know I like to cover cannabis related content, and I like when I can provide you with content that isn’t exlusivly for those of us who like to have THC content in their products.

I personally love the entire plant family that is cannabis. I love that hemp can use used for so many things, skincare, oral health, food supply, textiles, medicine….Hell you can even use the plant as an herb for cooking, not even for the buzz, but for the flavor.

Cannabis has a rich variety of terpenes, cannabinoids, all of which to contribute to the many varieties of plants. Cannabis is easily one of my favorite plants, competing with lavender for the top spot.

I say all of this to say I am always glad to be able to provide people with some fun information and product ideas that involve my favorite plant, and this way, it is accessible to anyone, from the biggest stoner in the world, to any innocent christian mother who somehow stumbled onto my blog.

Whoever and wherever you are, I hope you are having a wonderful time reading, and have a great day.



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