Daily Blog #84: Applying lessons from my day off

Yesterday, as you may recall from the blog, I realized I need to allow myself to not do things, and to be okay with that. I am writing on my NaNoWriMo project, and I do not want to stop it to write tomorrows blog, nor do I want to hate myself for not staying up extra late, so, tomorrow, there will be no blog, other than this brief lesson, in applying lessons you teach yourself.


My realization from yesterday means nothing if I do not apply the lessons, so I am off to finish up some NaNoWriMo writing, and then head to bed, so I can get enough rest to kick tomorrow’s ass.

I showered, started an Instagram page for our pets so I could just load pictures there and show off my babies (and my back log of hundreds of pet photos.) like a good pet mom. If you want to check out that page on Instagram, the handle is @twokittiesandadoggo.

So, this is me, applying my lessons of letting myself be okay with not always doing every single thing I need or want to do, but doing what I want in that moment to at least have some quality of mind and rest. My goal is to get some sleep, and I am gonna squeeze in a smidge more writing before heading to a nice long nights rest before going back to work tomorrow to give it my all. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, and I thank you in advance for not saying hump day to me. Also, thank you for reading. I hope you also make sure to not hold yourself to a high standard and give yourself a break sometimes.

Rest well!

You are enough. I promise.


(P.S. Feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, @abbigrasso.)


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