Daily Blog #85 – Waking up on time, writing what I love, and loving what I write.

Wednesday Morning 

I got up around 6:30 AM, got to work on time, and have caught up from my day off, and it isn’t even 11:00 AM yet.

Is this what it feels like to be semi well rested?

So, my coworker Katie, who I actually do like, needs Friday afternoon off so I will probably not be able to take this Friday off. I may take the morning off though to at least try and get some stuff done before coming in to cover the store for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

I don’t mind helping out, more so because this allows Katie to make some extra money before her birthday this weekend, so I am all for her getting some extra money before going out of town for said birthday.

Everyone deserves some help, and I am all for helping…But I do hope my Friday’s off return soon. They aren’t for me to slack off, but to have time to finish everything without anything getting too short changed.

So, I am glad I took yesterday off, as I will not be getting Friday off. Had I known, I would have pushed myself to do more yesterday, but then I probably wouldn’t have rested at all.

Now I am at work and I am hoping to have a semi pleasant day without too much stupid or too many rude assholes.

Catching up quickly helps. I have a few more things to do, but in terms of catching up from my day off, I am all caught up. I like being able to kick it into overdrive and get sorted quickly, as it leaves time for things I like to do.

Now, however, I need to get a coworkers Point of Sale working, so I am off to work on that.


Okay his problem is sorted, by itself, it appears, which is nice.

I am desperately trying to not let this place get to me, but sometimes the inherently broken system that over half of this place operates in breaks my heart. I won’t go into details, because dwelling on this place never makes it better, but just know, I am working hard to avoid the suck, I am also working hard to write as much as possible now so I have time to play some video games this evening.

Of course, knowing that I simply may not have time, because I also need to work out, has me watching Left 4 Dead play throughs from the YouTuber @Khomchik, who is quite talented and has over 400 videos on a Left 4 Dead play list where he plays all the maps, all the mutations, including special modded ones, and it allows me to pretend I am playing a video game when in actuality I am just doing some regular old accounting crap.

So, it is now nearly noon, about thirty minutes shy of it. I have a bit of writing I want to try to get done while I eat what is going to pass as my lunch for the day: Hummus on whole wheat multi grain bread.

I enjoy hummus, quite a bit, and I also really enjoy this bread I get, so please don’t think the meal isn’t going to be delicious. I do like to add tomato and cheese to the mix, but hummus on bread is also a good snack to hold you over until you can get home to some real food.

I have no idea what I will be making for dinner, but considering how tired I am already and how much writing I want to do later, it will likely be something simple like frozen pizzas.

But anyways, this has been my update for my Wednesday morning. It looks like I may be seeing friends this weekend, like Tina and Kaynell, and possibly Amber, if she is free and able, as well so I will update and let you guys know if those plans happen.

Wednesday Evening

Well, its a few minutes after seven and I figured I would update the blog before returning to what is happening in my NaNoWriMo/other side of Flake City writing.

Today got tedious at work, when the internet stopped working, and kept going down. We have been having troubles with it all week, and today the internet went down and stayed down. It led to so much crap around the office, but namely, it led to me not being able to write more, as my app is online, nor could I do any of my job with my email and accounting software down.

This, on top of some tone policing asshole, led to no small amount of frustration. But, the day is over and I am home. I hope work isn’t so dumb tomorrow, with the internet down, namely because I don’t want to deal with all the stress.

Everyone wants to close, since the store nor office can really work without the internet, and the internet is expected to be down till Monday. My boss, who is out of town, will absolutely not want us to close, so now everyone is just grump and irritable and nothing can happen and people are rarely kind about that.

Anyways, work was super frustrating but now I am home, getting ready to do some writing.

What else is new, am I right?

Anyways, Bret found a new Zombie show, which is sadly only four short episodes in, but I am already obsessed with it, called “Zomboat!” Super fun, and I think it will be a nice background noise for working on Flake. I like to have zombies in the background, for obvious reasons.

So, I need to load a bowl, because I haven’t had nearly enough weed since leaving that irritating day at work. Bret is also going to Sonic to grab milkshakes, and I am going to dive back into the Kaya story.

Flake City has been fun because most of the character were in very safe places, or hunkered down at least, long before the zombies were concentrated, or so they thought.

What they didn’t know is that on one side of town, the zombies had already started breaking into houses, which explains all the sirens those characters heard all night, the first full night of the situation in Flake City.

Without spilling all the beans, this character, Kaya, is dealing with way more zombies than anyone else, and is able to observe more than other characters have. She is also only using the radio for news, and as it turns out, the news on TV is days behind where the radio is.

All this to say Kaya’s story is a bit more edge of your seat, and I have a lot to cover before I come back and edit this blog for posting tomorrow and it is nearly 8:00 PM  so…I am off to do that.

Later Wednesday Night

Well, now it is quite a bit later and I wanted to get this blog wrapped up so I wouldn’t have to worry about scheduling it in the morning. My goal is to have a chill, peaceful morning tomorrow and hopefully have a nice day. Sure, I have to worry about tomorrow being Thursday, but I also have the power of positive thinking, and my skills at sneaking around zombies.

Tomorrow, my goal will be to sneak around and avoid any zombies that may try and make my day tomorrow not be awesome, and I hope it is successful. I also hope you have no zombies to deal with tomorrow.

I myself have the goals of just a nice chill day. I know it probably sounds counter to my usual self but I really do need to take it easy right now. I would like to read and bike tomorrow, and also write, so my goals are simply to have a chill day that serves those goals.

Which, with the work, is already a good amount. Bret will likely be home late tomorrow so I will likely also blast some music and do a quick clean around the apartment, because, well, as easy as I want to take it, I am crazy bad at it.

I am LOVING the writing I am doing with Kaya however, and I am hoping to push in just the tiniest bit more before bed.

Considering a few of you really like shorter blogs, I will say, avoid the zombies tomorrows and always make time to write what you want to write.

Tomorrow, I hope to discuss, on the blog, all about NaNoWriMo, addressing some of the discouragement some of my fellow writers and readers have been mentioning to me.

Until then, know that each and every one of you are magical, amazing and more than enough.



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