Daily Blog #86: Managing expectations for a better day, for working out, and thank goodness it’s Friday.

Thursday late morning 

Well, our internet is still down at work, and we are desperately trying to get it working again or at least get a temporary solution for the store so we aren’t hemorrhaging money. 

And we are, we are absolutely trying to not be wasting money but alas- every thing requires network connectivity and internet, of which we have neither. 

Thursday night 

Well, thank goodness I’m home. Also, the internet came back up.

So I got some work done and caught up once more and now I’m at home enjoying some down time.

I cleaned a good deal and then when Bret got home we had dinner. 

I just now did the Aztec clay mask once more, and I need to type up my review from that-  I really wanna just blog about that mask because it’s wild how great it is. 

Anyways- it’s not too late just yet, but I have some brainstorming and writing to do on the Kaya story, which shows the other half of what’s going on in Flake City. Admittedly I have other small stories that could be told but this story shows the other half of how communications are working in Flake City.  

I’m loving my writing and the pace is really enjoyable so I’m focusing on that as much as possible. I do plan on knocking out some other blogs this weekend, including a couple skim mask reviews so look out for those. 

Anyways- today wasn’t too bad, something that I think can happen when you keep your expectations low. 

It is easy to have a bad day when you feel entitled to some sort of good day- you set yourself up for disappointment but expecting the world around you to give you what you want.

But when you manage your expectations and remember that the world doesn’t owe you anything, you can manage your hopes and dreams regarding your day, and have a decent day regardless of any crap that is going on. 

And that is what I did today. All in all, it was a pretty okay day, and I was able to get a bunch done at work despite being down half the day and then got some stuff done at home. 

Now I’m tired, and Bret’s already fallen asleep on the couch so I’m going to finish getting ready for bed and take the bed out. I probably won’t have time to finish this blog but we shall see.


Well look at me, a blog updating machine. I managed to get all sorted for bed, with the exception of brushing my teeth, which I will do shortly, once I load our good night bowl and schedule this blog up.

All in all, I managed my expectations and the day wasn’t;t as bad as it could have been. Tomorrow is Friday, and I have to work, but after that I have a blessed two days away from that place, then hopefully, I can take next Friday off and get back into that routine once again.

I also spent some time researching some quick workouts today, and I am hoping to try some this weekend and maybe add some to my day, so regardless of time I will get a nice high intensity for ten minutes kind of work out done, or maybe a few smaller ones, so guarantee I am getting in some working out, versus not getting any done when I can’t carve out 30 minutes to an hour or more.

So, that is the update, which doesn’t feel like much, but I guess does cover a few things.
I am enjoying my writing, still, managing expectations is the key to a not sucky day, and I am working on compromises that allow me to get some working out in.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I am very happy for two days of writing.

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!




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