Daily Blog #87: Holiday plans begin, recognizing/avoiding zombies, and a small NaNoWriMo update!

Sunday Evening 

Tedious day that I slowly fixed with a loving bowl.

Well, it has been a tedious weekend of very little rest and very little to show for it.

I ended up going to work on Saturday and while I was able to get some stuff done and Monday will be that much easier now, I am left with much of my day monopolized by work, and then the rest was kind of tied up with having to go to Walmart.

Sure, I got other stuff done, but it was all stuff that can easily be undone, like dishes and sweeping.

Today, I have spent much of the day annoyed, and for reasons I won’t go into I won’t explain why I have been annoyed, but it isn’t from Bret or anything my day to day life, which is nice.

It has to be with something else which doesn’t normally bring me irritation, so I may be engaging less with some people online, because I can’t stand to have any of my mental energy being tied up with toxic forces.

I have been mentally mapping out my NaNoWriMo, getting ready for the next 10,000 words. I didn’t get to hit the numbers I wanted to this weekend, but I do have some time carved out this week that I will try to do it in.

Our modern art tree from last year.

I have started finalizing my menu for Thanksgiving and putting together my grocery list for it, as well as starting my decorating plans for the holidays.

As an adult, I have tried very hard to get into the holiday spirit, and I find not letting myself be confined to traditional, and also not being confined to any one celebration holiday, or style of decoration, has helped.

I am thinking I want to really lean into hygge, which we always do, but maybe with some semi modern edges. We don’t have space for a tree, at all, so we make one with lights on the wall, which tends to look pretty modern, but I would like to add some nice fun touches to make it a bit more magical.

We always have Christmas lights in our living room, and kitchen, as you can probably see from more than a few of this blogs pictures. I was thinking of maybe adding some icicle lights on the beam between the kitchen and living room, or maybe hanging them under the lights we usually have. Something to jazz it up. I also saw some cute little glittered balls an mini garland, at target for really cheap, and I wanted to use some to decorate my office at work…I may get extras and also decorate my little office area at home, because it tends to get taken over (more than usual) with Christmas stuff, so I want to try and make it feel incorporated and intentional, while still having space for me.

Small spaces and big dreams are always fun for the creative.

I also need to figure out how to display things like presents, or maybe a nice city scape or train set, normally people put it around a tree, but you can’t do that with lights on a wall in the shape of a tree. The stand our table is on would be a natural answer, but the cats use that to eat their wet food on.

But I do want to get them these nice cat boxes to eat on, so maybe for the holidays I will get them those from Ikea and then repurpose the TV stand for some more holiday decor.
Anyways, I didn’t mean to tangent about decorations, but, I do mean to tell you all that I am starting my holiday prep, so get ready for some blogs about Holiday Prep!

Our “main” Christmas tree, because when you do lights on a wall, you can have multiple trees.

Most of my holiday prep revolves around the following:

How do I stretch my dollar?

How do I avoid destroying the damn planet with decorations?

How do I make the holidays super awesome for my family and friends?

Obviously, I love to host meals, and I love to host smoke sessions, so our Thanksgiving tends to have that theme. I make a really good turkey dinner, and we tend to start having people over around 4:20 for smoking and fun, for a later evening dinner. This way, everyone who has family can go see family and everyone who doesn’t can sleep the fuck in. Anyone who wants to come over early is always welcome, as long as they accept that I am in PJ’s and a apron until about 4:00.

For the winter holidays, Bret and I haven’t fell into a usual yet, but it tends to involve some sort of nice meal, be it a turkey or a roast or whatever, and presents. This year, I am trying to add some cozy Christmas Eve stuff to our plans, I really want to do a stoner advent calendar, and I want to get him presents for each day of Hanukkah. Kwanzaa tends to be a celebration about history and culture, and I plan on giving a few books as well, as a nod to that culture as well as to I believe the Scandinavians who do books and PJ’s on Christmas Eve. In my family we would do PJ’s at Christmas Eve, and I want to do this with a couple books, maybe a mini stocking (or the stockings themselves?) with some fruits, snacks, and candies.

For decor, I have mentioned Hygge, and I am partial to blue and silver. I love snowflakes. We don’t get much cold weather or snow here, so I will likely be adding some fake snow, or maybe a little village, like I mentioned, will be nestled in snow…I don’t know.

Either way, I absolutely want to decorate and get into the spirit, which means lots of cleaning and organizing.

As I have also mentioned, I am hoping to get the bedroom reorganized so I can get back to more reselling, but also to get a bed positioned in there.

I can’t handle this pull out bed situation much longer, it is destroying my back.

There are some highly affordable options on Amazon that Bret and I can agree on, so I am budgeting for those this month and next. We will also need an AC for that room, because it gets too hot in there, and probably some more lighting, as we mostly just use the studio lights, because the overhead light 1: sucks and 2: blows out easily 3: bulbs aren’t standard and are harder to find.

That will all end up being around 600 dollars, which can be hard to find in the budget when you have all these holidays, so, as you can see, I will be working VERY hard to try and make every single penny count.

We are getting better with our budget, we actually have been making it to pay day with a bit more comfort than usual, if not with a ready supply of cash, we at least have a good amount of food and weed, with a little cash, usually now, so we are getting better at it, but we need the money to go a bit further if we are going to have a good holiday and also a bed by the holidays.

In this picture you see some of my forethought to take pictures of the DIY wrapping paper I made last year. You also can see how much I did not leave space for my writing area.

I do have several fun tricks I use for keeping costs down around the holidays, including how I shop, how I decorate, and how I prepare.

For example, last year we crushed it with making our own wrapping paper.

We are also going to buy the bulk of our Thanksgiving list this week and next, to avoid the stress of the week of. I am trying to have all the shopping prep done by my birthday, so I can spend the long weekend I am taking for my birthday preparing for Thanksgiving, which always tumbles into the rest of the holidays.

I have some other household purchases I want to make as well, and some more small projects to make, all before Thanksgiving, so I will be getting more religious with my time management, and may even be adding a chore chart to the fridge to help get on track.

Anyone who knows me knows that sentence was hard to even utter to so please allow me to explain.

I believe fully grown ass adults do not need chore charts to stay clean. They need to use their eyes and clean anything that is dirty when it is dirty.

But not everyone sees things that way. Bret has insisted, since nearly day one, that he can work with a chore chart, so, for the holiday season, to get the help I need without fighting for it or bitching about it, I am going to make a chore chart and keep our workloads fairly balanced. I am not about to have the holidays suck because I am too busy worrying about the cleaning.

So, tomorrow I will be putting that together, the first draft of it, and going from there.
I have the first pass of our grocery list put together, I just need to cross check my spice rack with my needs and make sure I am sorted. Anyone who uses all their seasonings knows sometimes you are low on the crucials like thyme when you need it most.

So, despite some people getting me down, I am doing what I do best: Fortifying and staying far away from the zombies.

Because sometimes zombies aren’t visible as zombies. Sometimes you think someone is a survivor, a fighter of zombies too, but they just want to get you close enough to eat your fucking brains, so, stay alert, and stay alive.

Anyways, I mentioned to some people on IG and Twitter that I would do a NaNoWriMo update Sunday or Monday, and while I type this it is Sunday, but I haven’t done the big thing I wanted to do before my big NaNoWriMo update, but I can do a small one.

I am over 10k words and more than on track to finish on time without much stress. I am very fortunate to be able to use the app I use on my phone to write when I have a second here and there, and that is how I am balancing it, largely, with my every day work load, my day to day nonsense that keeps me busy, and the blog.

Also, the fact that I am writing Flake City in so many parts, so I was able to time this project out for a span of time in the main Flake City storyline (with Chloe, Charlie, Damian, Mark etc) and sync up events in the city to provide a more clear picture.
Being able to work on a project I am so passionate about has been a godsend, and liking this character has also been good.

I had thought that having some of the city sorted out would also be some huge advantage but really what has happened instead is I have had to really tighten my knowledge of the main one, so I am doing even more writing than just on my NaNoWriMo story.

All in all, I have been able to zoom through the words and I am reasonably primed to write the next ten thousand without much challenge. I want to use NaNoWriMo to get their story caught up to where the main story is, and then I can work on advancing the story lines in December, that will conclude this “portion” of Flake City.

Really it will conclude the first “season” of Flake City writing, with much left to attack, but I would d be comfortable publishing that first chunk.

So, that is my small NaNoWriMo update, at the end of this daily blog. I have a ton more writing to do tonight, and for the first time in for freaking ever, I am not morbidly behind on my Sunday schedule, so I am off to make sure I stay on track for getting to bed at a reasonable time and getting up early tomorrow to attack the week.

It is November, I want to make sure I kick ass.

So, I hope you will join me in doing so.



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