Daily Blog #88: “Working out, jamming out, zombies are out, and the power is out.

Monday Afternoon 

What a fun day it has been, already.

I was in a bit of a bog this weekend from some VERY annoying zombie activity, but I am rebounding. Major shout out to Bret for dealing with that all weekend and working hard to boost my spirits, and for my online friends like Shawn and Sam who were also really good about helping bounce my mood back. Also to Dre, Snoop, Afroman and Geto Boys, for being awesome on a playlist I made that also helped boost my spirits.

Picture of the currently playing song, Buy Me Some Dank by Afroman.

Because yes, that shit can really help.

Anyways, I have had a busy day with work, trying to get some parts of the merchant services to work, which for some reason is not connecting as it should, and frankly, the whole problem is slightly (GREATLY) above my knowledge, so i am researching it, heavily.

Which means I get to be on hold for a while, so let’s update the old blog, shall we?

Zombies, my dearest readers, come in many forms. I have discussed my zombie theory on this blog before, and anyone who knows me knows I love zombie lore…And also tend to classify sucky things as zombies.

People who are assholes, people who live mundane lives, people who are toxic, people who are snitches, people who are copy cats, people who would rather tear down than create, racists, sexists, anti Semites, Nazi’s, are all zombies that should be avoided or destroyed. Head shots, double taps, double lock and barricade the safe room door.

I always advise avoiding zombies at all costs, and when you can’t avoid, deal with them as quietly as possible, rememeber, loud noises lead to more zombies.

Sometimes, however, it isn’t as obvious who a zombie is. Some may think their friends or family are not zombies, but then find out those people actually are flesh hungry zombies.


For example, friends who never support you? Who roll their eyes at your dreams? That isn’t your friend, that’s a zombie.

And the shitty thing is, that zombie may have once actually been your actual friend…but then they themselves got bit by a zombie, and no matter how much you may think they are still your friend, they just look like it…They are a zombie and they are trying to eat your damn face off.

Maybe you think your family, who openly talk shit about your passion, your art, or just you…They are likely zombies.

If someone always comments or shares your stuff, but is obviously never reading it?

They may not be a fully blown zombie but they have been bit and I don’t think they have a natural immunity….

Someone who wastes your time? Some who acts like you are google instead of googling it themselves? Someone who copy cats your shit without giving credit?




I sound like a Cranberry’s song.

BUT, to these zombies, I say double tap and move on.

You don’t owe these zombies your time, your energy, or your brains. Stop letting them into the safe room, they don’t belong here.

As a legal disclaimer, no, I do not think you should literally hit these zombies in the dead with a baseball bat until they are dead, no, do not shoot them twice in the head. Do not kill humans, killing is bad. The zombie thing is a metaphor, and is also why I advise, avoiding.

You can’t kill people, and often, you can’t destroy them. Plenty of zombies are your bosses, or other people in charge of you, and you don’t have the power to actually destroy them. OR, they are human and murder is illegal.

Zombieland Doubletap GIF - Zombieland Doubletap Rule2 GIFs
Double taps, but be cool.

So I suggest avoiding zombies at all costs….

Also head shots and double-taps (But be cool).

Later, at home

Just got home a few minutes ago. Have to figure out what to have for dinner and what productive chores to do this evening, and how to balance that with my writing.

I also would like to squeeze in some cardio tonight on my bike, to top off my high intensity morning workout I did this morning.

Yes, read that again.

My high intensity work out I did this morning.

It wasn’t very long, but, it was intense, and my body definitely felt it, but I can also feel how much even doing that short work out once (or maybe, dare I say, twice a day) would lead to some really positive body changes, both in physical appearance but also in overall health and strength, so for the later, I think I will do it.

But mainly, because as much as that kind of intense workout is absolutely not my damn styles hate working out, and if it takes much time at all, I tend to actively avoid doing it.

So, a quick one that even I can’t say I am too busy to do, is a wise idea.

Also, my backup thinking is since I have struggled to do yoga so much in the morning, maybe I can start with this shorter workout.

And since I fucking hate this work out, maybe I will be more inspired to do the damn yoga.

Or else I’ll be stuck doing the high intensity work out that takes up less time.

Either way, I am moving and being active in the morning, which was my major goal.

My body aches from the work out, but, I do feel better for having done it and I feel like I did some good for my body, which is kind of cool. It sucked, like the ENTIRE time, I didn’t enjoy a single second of it, but, I did feel like I did some good for my body, and, begrudgingly, I am going to try and keep doing it. I may even try it again tonight, but there is actually another workout that I want to try, in a similar effort, for the evening. It is a little longer than this one, but still very short, and is designed to help you fall asleep faster, sleep better, and wake up with more energy, and all the work out, live healthy crap recommends a light workout before bed and one in the morning so I figure, fuck it, I’ll try it.

Fresh Start Monday’s are my thing, after all, Mondays are a great time to try a new thing, so…I may try that work out before bed regardless if I do the cardio on the bike. Thankfully I can blog, read, or even just watch TV, while doing the cardio, and I have my NaNoWriMo project with Kaya loaded onto my phone so I can easily work on that too from the bike.

At the moment, Bret and I are working on grabbing some dinner. We had some plans but the rain messed with that, so we are thinking about ordering something light so we can eat and keep writing. We are both pretty far into projects and trying to get a bunch done while balancing our day jobs so our evenings often turn into us both trying to carve creative time for ourselves. After we eat, I will probably spend thirty minutes or so getting sorted for the rest of the evening, and maybe I’ll hop on the bike then.

All of this to say I am doubling down on my efforts to live the life I want to lead, and a healthy one that allows me the good health needed to stay alive and create my art.
Because damn, this universe is massive, and even the part with Flake City is ever expanding.


Well we had some food and now I am digesting and getting ready to do some cardio on the bike I already changed, put on my shoes, and pulled the bike out, because if I pull the stuff out it forces me to actually get on the bike and do some Cardio. Sometimes, since I hate working out, I have to trick or force or bribe myself into doing it. This is one of the ways I achieve this. Now I am going to smoke a bit and drink some water, then dive into it. I will let you know later if I blog, write, read, or veg out while I bike.

Looks like I’ll blog or write on my phone because I don’t want to have overhead light on while I bike. Also my legs are killing me from the workout earlier so I don’t know how long I’ll last on the bike. (Editing note, I made it over 8 miles, which isn’t terrible. Not my usual minimum of ten, but, I’m pleased.)

Even Later (and now even darker)

Power is out at our apartment, and the entire block, apparently. 

So, my writing is drawn short and I’m worried for the work computers, also for the weather. They are saying we may have snow flurries tonight and tomorrow? And the weather feels like 30s? Temp I’m the low 40s? Supposed to hit low 30’s tomorrow…wind gusting like crazy- it’s a whole thing right now. This “Blue Norther” that has arrived in Houston has dropped the temperature over 30 degrees and has our power out.

So, I can’t schedule the blog, not really, and I can’t keep writing, unless it’s on my phone. My phone, speaking of, was nearly dead when the power went out. Thankfully my laptop wasn’t and I’m able to charge Bret’s phone as well as my own. But it’s getting late and I’m getting tired so I may just get ready for bed. 

I’m in the middle of doing a every night masking challenge with my Aztec Indian healing clay mask, but with the power out it’s already pretty hard to see so I think I may forego tonight’s mask. 

Really perfect weather for the writing though, and I do have access to it on my phone so…I may be a little risky and try and cram some words in before bed. 

Until then: power is out but we are safe. 

Also our dog was scared and I’ve been reading to him. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, for anyone wondering. 

I will say that I will likely omit my final work out because even if the workers outside get the power up; it will be very late and I’ll need to get to work early tomorrow to check on our work computers and make sure this storm doesn’t leave us screwed over. 

Tuesday Morning

Well, the storm brought the cold weather, and now I need to get to work, but I still need to do my makeup and hair, but I worked out and got dressed, and now I am trying to finish up this blog so I can post it really quickly. I have more I wanted to cover, but here we are.

Have a fantastic Tuesday today and stay warm!




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