Daily Blog #89: Small blog (with a long title)about being sore from working out, having amazing coworkers as friends, being happy about my writing, and editing out bad energies in the blog and in my life.

Tuesday Afternoon 

Greetings and Salutations, dearest blog readers.

Today is Tuesday. Our power came back on around three this morning, and we were able to get to work within a reasonable time frame.

Bret came down to the office to use the gym we have here, and I did another of the high intensity morning workouts. Bret drove the company van back to the apartment, so I wouldn’t have to walk (with positively aching legs) in the cold to work.

My legs, after the workout yesterday and this morning, as well as with my cardio on the bike last night, are sore as hell.

Katie is so kind and this was so good.

So, got to work at a decent time, and my coworker Katie had kindly brought me some of her dinner leftovers from last night, a vegan chicken and dumplings, which I am about to heat up. My other wonderful coworker, Robin, brought in some cocoa packets, she was even able to find dark chocolate, which I love, so I am going to finish my tea and go get some.

All in all, the day is trying really hard to be awesome, and I am working really hard to ensure it stays awesome.

Tuesday evening

It is now late, long after when I would normally leave the office. Bret and my boss are talking about some projects they have, so I figured I could use this time to do a small update.

…And then Bret finished and we raced out of work to brave the Texas cold and came home.

Me drinking the amazing cocoa Robin brought.

Later Tuesday Evening

Well, we ate some dinner and I did the smallest amount of writing before jumping into the shower to wash my hair. That took some time, my hair is long and thick so that’s just how that goes. Now my hair is done, I did a face mask, and I am trying to get some more writing in but I am pretty tired and think I would like to just call it a day and get some rest. I was at work pretty late tonight and this next 5,000 words in the Kaya story are going to be hard for me, so I want to get some rest to really do a good job on it.

Also, because I am sore as hell and know I could really use some rest. The working out has been exhausting and my body is seriously aching.

So, I am sore and need to work on some other stuff, so this will be a nice short blog in which I edited out all the things that were pissing me off to keep my blog from getting to negative, and instead focused on the good stuff, like being sore from actually working out and doing something good for my body, and my writing being hard but enjoyable.

Basically, I didn’t want to allow any negative energy in my life or on this blog to affect my life or this blog, so, I am actively editing out, removing, and avoiding, any of it. Right now, any bad energies are zombies, and I don’t fuck with zombies.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday, we are halfway to the weekend.

Any bets for if I will actually get to be off on Friday?

Here’s hoping, because I have tons of writing to do.

Have a great day!




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