Daily Blog #91: Refreshing myself to prep for Blogmas, starting my birthday week, and my winter holiday decorating begins.

Thursday Evening:

I had quite a bit of work done for this blog, but then decided to start fresh.

Basically I ranted for a good long while about some things and then to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be letting these things bother me, and formed some plans to stop those things from bothering me.

So, while it would be nice to already have the blog done, I decided it was better  to delete it and not have that negativity out there, and start from scratch.

But, alas, it is late, and I want to write for a little bit before bed, so I think I may update this blog some more and tomorrow’s blog I’ll post in the evening.

Because tomorrow I have home, and Bret has a busy day at work so I will spend much of my day getting the apartment sorted and writing my ass off. So, until then.

Sunday Night

annnnnd it’s Sunday night!

The Salata salad I had on Friday.

I took much of the weekend to do stuff around the apartment, stuff for myself, and stuff for prepping for the holidays, and frankly, I regret nothing. I have a few blog ideas for Christmas decorating, more so if you like decorations for small spaces, and a low price.
I basically realized I had a ton to do, and to do those things would set me up to have things to blog in the first place, so I opted to ignore the blog a bit and work on other stuff.

I got some cleaning done, and Bret and I got some time out and about together. We went to Salata for dinner, which has quickly become a real favorite of ours, on Friday, and Saturday we went to Target for some Christmas decorations, as well as our pan for Thanksgiving. We ended up grabbing a couple of snacks as well, and came home.

I also needed hot cocoa, so we grabbed some of that and some marshmallows, came home, and watched Die Hard while I decorated a little bit.

Cocoa was delicious. Yes, I use a lot of marshmallows.

My goal is to make a whole hygge Christmas village feeling with some nods to a few different cultural backgrounds, as we do, because we tend to host many different backgrounds at our home over the holidays. This is a tricky endeavor in a tiny space, so I make use of wall space. Last year, I had started with tree’s in the wall, and this year, I am hoping to build on that and make the entire apartment feel warm and happy.

But, to have it all ironed out in time, I wanted to start early which is why I have some Christmas lights up before my birthday. I plan on trying to get some more, and maybe decorating even more, but I have at least two more strings I can string up to finish out the lights I usually have hung in our usual hygge decorative style. The lights on the ceiling went out recently, so I need to rehang some new ones so I can have the finished look once more, and then from there I am hoping to buy some more to add some more hygge vibes and winter holiday vibes.

Anyways, I have a short week this week, because…

It’s my birthday week! I had two vacation days left out of the five I am allotted, and I saved them for this week, so I would have me time. Me time to prep for the holidays, prep for Thanksgiving, clean, decorate, and, of course, write my ass off. I try to get a bulk of my writing for NaNoWriMo done by or around my birthday, because the end of the month comes fast.

In my case, very fast. I will have my mother in town the weekend after Thanksgiving, so I need to have my writing done by then.

Most importantly, I need to be done as soon as the verification is open, because several years I have missed getting credit for finishing, because I didn’t load in time.
Not this year.

Which is also why I didn’t blog much this weekend, trying to get ahead on the writing so I can get closer to 50k, and verify my victory for NaNoWriMo, because come December First….

Picture of one of the wall trees I made.


Fa la la la la, la la, la la!

I am wondering what to do differently for Blogmas, other then talk about the holidays a bit and maybe mention the different winter holidays. I’ll probably figure that out.

The rules of Blogmas, as far as I understand, are: Blog once a day, 1-25.

I may do till he 31st, but we shall see. After a month of neglecting the blog for creative writing, I don’t know if I want to full counter correct and blog for a month solid, but I do want to grow my writing skills by doing it, and also make myself more aware of my feelings and thoughts on the winter holidays as Bret and I discover the ways we wish to celebrate them.

If nothing else, each blog can report what was in that day’s advent calendar. I am hoping to buy one before the end of the month and stock with various treat for Bret and I.
My goal is to have each one have something weed related, like a joint, or a nug, and maybe some candy or a gift card to a date place, so we can be have a little celebration every day of the holidays. I don’t know what else we will do every day, but I know I will be doing blogmas.

I think I’ll for sure try to make cover photo’s special for Blogmas. That seems to be a nice way to show it is Blogmas, other than some tag and grouping on the blog.

Nearly time to get my tiara and sash out. Sash says “It’s my fucking birthday.” Tiara sadly does not have “fucking” written on it, sadly.

Anyways, I have a short week this week, and Wednesday is my birthday!

The rest of the week, I have off, and I will be prepping for the holidays and writing. All in all, I have a good amount to look forward to, and I am eagerly looking forward to 31.

Yes, I will be posting a goodbye to 31 blog, where I talk all about my thoughts on turning 32, and how happy I am to be entering 32.

But, that will be a blog I post likely on my birthday, or the day before my birthday, depending on how I decide to approach that, and I should wrap this blog up so I can write some more on Kaya in Flake City, before bed.

Mind you, I still have to do some semblance of a skin routine and get my clothes folded and put away after doing a little laundry. I should also do a few small dishes, to keep Monday from being too much of an aggressive asshole.

I may be pretty good at Mondays, but not everyone is, and sometimes people lash out, so I still have to fortify myself against any zombies I may encounter on a Monday.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday, and that you avoid any zombie bites, or zombies in general, and have a wonderful day.

And if you are one of my friends in real life, I need to know if you are coming to my evening Thanksgiving Friendsgiving style dinner.

I hope this week is awesome for you!




2 thoughts on “Daily Blog #91: Refreshing myself to prep for Blogmas, starting my birthday week, and my winter holiday decorating begins.

  1. Me & my Skeptical Heart

    You can ramble all you want! I like those types of blogs a lot. And if they are slightly negative, I can probably relate to it 🙂

    It’s interesting how everyone uses the word “hygge”. It’s a Danish word, the country where I currently live. It’s a big part of the culture here and even in the summer, they’ll make it “hygge” 😀
    I wonder how you pronounce it though. The “y” in Danish, is a “u’.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting! I actually made sure to research hygge a bit before falling into it a couple years back- it already suits my style, you know? As for pronouncing it, I follow the pronunciation guide online, and say hoo-gah, but I’m certain I am using a terrible accent or just flat out incorrectly, but, I’m only as good as what I read LOL.

      I suppose there isn’t anything wrong with having learned something from reading though. I had a teacher once say never mock someone for saying something incorrectly it means they learned it by reading and there is nothing wrong with that. Then again- I don’t want to sound like a bigger moron than I already do by going around saying “hoogah” to a bunch of Americans who wonder why my Christmas lights stay up all year.

      Nearly deleted this long comment back, but then realized it is inherently a ramble, so…voila! Haha



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