Daily Blog #94: Whoops, forgot to post a blog. 32 has been rad. RIP our bubbler.

Friday Afternoon 

Greetings and Salutations, my dear sweet blog readers!

When last we spoke, it was the day of my birthday, and as you may recall, I had some major goals for my new year.

I also had an eppihany that I am trying to take into account for my 32nd year on the planet.
I have not updated the blog in a a day or so, (Depending on when this goes up) because I have been focusing on some of my goals.

For example, yesterday, in the time I was going to spend blogging and updating, I spent with friends instead. Lenyn came over and we had some much needed hang out time.

While I update this, I am waiting for Amber to come over, and I am cooking dinner for my friends Tina and Kaynell, who are coming over this evening. I am very excited about seeing these friends of mine, as all of them hold dear places in my heart.

As you may recall, one of my goals was to make sure I am not short changing my friends and am prioritizing them, and not getting too self involved in my pursuit of my writing career, that I neglect the people who are supportive of my goals.

I am also doing a cucumber water cleanse, drinking at least a gallon of cucumber water and also some regular water and later I plan on busting open a pomegranate. I have been feeling sluggish so I thought a cleanse or two, mild ones, would be a nice way to restore some energy, and also be better prepared for all the food I will be eating next year with Thanksgiving approaching.

Speaking of, I spent some time yesterday also puttering and prepping for said holidays, and we also got some shopping done, IE: Our Turkey! I also cleaned out the fridge a little, and swept up.

RIP to this beauty. I have pictures for a future planned “how to clean your bubbler” post, so, big tears all around.

Then I got to sweep up even more and stiffer wet…because my fucking cat schrodinger broke my FUCKING BUBBLER.

I love the bubbler, I use it all the time while I write because its smooth and the bowl size is perfect. My cat jumped up on my desk and managed to slip, and while scrambling, she knocked my bubbler off. Glass was EVERYWHERE, and I am still finding tiny shards. I just finished cleaning all those missing shards up while I got my laptop opened for this blog update.

The adventure never ends, or, as Bret (@pfsrbret) said last night whilst we cleaned up the shards of glass and bong water: “The blog just writes itself sometimes doesn’t it?” Because as I cleaned I was already looking for the life lesson or funny life anecdote about the incident.

And because I am a blogger, here it is:

The cat was scared too, and is even more freaked out then I am. Thankfully, in all the shattering glass and scrambling cat, Shrodinger wasn’t hurt. Nor was Marcie or Chance, our other cat and our dog. Neither Bret nor myself were injured either. I did get pricked by a small piece of glass when I was grabbing my laptop earlier, as mentioned we missed some glass, but, it wasn’t anything more than a prick I would get from a thumb tack. I’ve pricked myself with a thumbtack twice today already while adjusting some of the Christmas lights I have hanging in the kitchen.

Isn’t it gorgeous??

That was an expensive bubbler that I used all the time, but now I can go get a new one. My cat is okay. I also just got a new bong from Bret for my birthday so, something something something, circle of life of bongs.

Also, I’ll go buy a new one, and I’m glad my cat isn’t hurt and the new bong wasn’t broken.

Friday, Later

It’s later now, Amber stopped by for a visit, which was fantastic, and we had some delightful conversation before she had to return to work. After that, I did some more dishes, worked on the chili, puttered, and worked on my NaNoWriMo a bit, but not to the avail of many words.

Presently, I have Zomboat on, and I am sipping some tea. The chili is all assembled and now I am just waiting for the magic of time to make it into the unstoppable pot of awesome that it is. Once we are twenty or so minutes from wanting food, I’ll need to make up the cornbread.

I made some corn on the cob a few days back and I chopped that off the cob and put most of it into the chili, and the rest I am saving for the cornbread batter, because I always like when real corn is in cornbread.

Love this bong, and love the weed that went into it, it was some of my favorite strain.

Tina and Kaynell are coming over later, a belated birthday celebration and to try the new bong and Bret will be home shortly, I hope, so it looks to be a nice evening. I have been doing cucumber water cleanse all day, and I am looking forward to the sinus clean out that my spicey chili can create.

But, I also need to stay up late writing, after Tina and Kaynell leave, because I have to write a bunch more on my NaNoWriMo, and I have a few notes for other blogs I would like to finish this weekend, before the thanksgiving week begins.

As per usual, I will be taking the day before Thanksgiving off, to prep for the holiday, and that will also likely be my last day to really finish off NaNoWriMo, with much of the rest of the weekend, until he first, taken up by the holiday and my mom and dad coming to visit.
I want to make sure I am not distracted and not enjoying myself when the come to visit, so I want to only have blogging to concern myself with, in preparation for….BLOGMAS!

Blogmas day one, or 12/1/19 is the Sunday mom and I are going shopping, so my blog will probably center around that, the day after. The day of it will be something about the start of Blogmas…I don’t know yet.

I am looking forward to the start of Blogmas but I know I have no small amount of crap to take care of between now and the first, and then come the first I have a long list of things to take care of as well.

But, I am looking forward to December, despite all of that, and I think this may be a great holiday season, so look forward to 25 days of blogs.

Anyways, I have a few things to tend to this evening, namely writing, and cleaning up after company leaves. I don’t want to be up late, and keep Bret up when he has to work again tomorrow, but I do want to get caught up on my writing, so we shall see what happens. Either way, much of what I wanted to get done this weekend is done, and I have time this week to finish off the prep for the Holiday.

All I have left now is to type up the menu and finalize the time line and shopping list. Tuesday, we do the dreaded trip to the store for our final shopping. Thankfully, we already purchased some of the bigger items, like the turkey and the pan for the turkey. We also already have most of the seasonings we need and the salt and brown sugar needed for my usual three day brine.

So, while I have some prep left to do, I am well on my way to ready to go, and I am super excited for this upcoming week. Then, I get to start planning the holiday festivities.
We tend to host friends over for smoke, food, and a general good time, and I want to make sure it is a lovely time for everyone who comes over.

And as you all know, I will be blogging my prep of the holidays and this week, I will likely be posting about my Thanksgiving prep.

But now, I need to get some things ready for the company coming over, so I will update this later, I hope, and It will likely get posted tomorrow, which is Saturday, or late tonight.

Saturday Evening

Welp, it’s the next day and I still haven’t posted this, and I have already started the next blog, a holiday prep blog, fueled by my own life, so, I figured I should wrap this blog up. My holiday prep, Blogmas prep, and NaNoWriMo work in progress is keeping me super busy, which means nothing is new. I am enjoying my time off, and if time allows, I will blog about that Sunday or Monday.

Wish me luck!


(PS Very little editing or formatting, I wanted to get this up and get back to the writing I am in the middle of, I was literally writing the next blog when I realized I didn’t have this one posted.)

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