Daily Blog #97: Ordered Merch samples, adventures in coffee and grocery shopping, and tumbling into Thanksgiving Prep.

Monday Evening

I don’t know if I will squeeze in my big prep day blog for Thanksgiving prep in this blog, we shall see, but I wanted to blog this very big moment.

As some of you may remember, I recently designed some frequently requested merchandise for my often quoted “Don’t let the zombies get you down.” When I originally designed them, I wasn’t able to afford the samples, but now I can, sort of.

Bret went ahead and made some of his own merchandise as well, and we both ordered some samples to see how the quality tuns out and make sure that we are putting our names on something we both like, before making our next few lines of merchandise. I, personally, have a few things planned for this little growing family on line, mostly for myself, but I think some of you guys will be excited for the items I have planned, as well.

In the meantime, I test the company and the quality of the merchandise with a sample order, and focus my energy while I wait for the order to arrive, on being grateful that I was able to order some merchandise samples before the year was out, and get that much closer to the life I am hoping to lead.

A year ago, I honestly didn’t think I would get to here, not this fast. Even being able to order my own samples with some extra money…Did not see that coming.

I mean, we all hear the usual “get up and grind for gains” but its hard to believe you really can just get out there and live the life you want. Sure, sometimes life gets in the way, but, largely, if we do get up, and go put ourselves out there, and keep working at it, we do see results.

They may not be fast, but they are great.

Sure, you may not have a thousand blog followers, but having 100 is amazing. Having 80 is great. Hell, having ten is awesome.

And if you keep working at it, you get to keep growing, and getting better and better, until you achieve the life you wanted.

I am by no means done with my blog’s growth, no, it is merely just beginning, but, I am so much further than I thought I would be a year ago, in every part of my life, and ordering samples for my merchandise is a big moment, I think, so I opted to go ahead and blog it.

Pretty fucking cool.

Anyways, it is now after one in the morning and I still have a ton left to do, before getting a few hours of sleep and going to work tomorrow so, I bid you all adieu.

Tuesday Morning

Greetings and salutations again, dearest blog readers!

I woke up VERY late today, and also missed much of my morning tea, so not morning caffeine, and forgot to pack a breakfast. Additionally, I am having a not great hair day, I feel bloated, oh, and did I mention I haven’t had any fucking caffeine?

I did?

Okay cool.

So I got to work, and opted to make a cup of coffee. The creamer, usually available, gone, likely due to the many non office staff that come up and “sneak a little”. Whatever. So, I have some coconut milk that isn’t expired and smelled fine, but when poured into my coffee was rancid, and that ruined my first cup of coffee. I then fought with the coffee maker, spilling water everywhere, and now, finally, have a cup of coffee brewing. I think I just heard it finish, and will go doctor it up with powdered non expired creamer and sweetener.

And I’m back. With coffee. It doesn’t taste great, (making me wonder if the coconut milk was really to blame) but it should give me the jolt I need to get through the morning and early afternoon before I leave to go start working on all I have for Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo, because I am still 10-15k words shy of finishing NaNoWriMo, and I will be damned if I don’t finish that.

I don’t care that in this month I have written FAR more than the total. I don’t care that I deleted about as many words as I needed, when I decided I didn’t like the way the story was heading. (Okay so I do care about that, a little, but, the quality matters. I don’t believe in the “any word that sticks” mentality that many NaNoWriMo’s believe in.)

I don’t care that I have long accomplished and proven to myself that I can write everyday, I want to also prove that I can do NaNoWriMo. I have committed myself to few writing challenges this year, I’ll be damned if I make some punk ass mistake like not not finishing one.

Anyways. We have a potluck here at work that has really angered me to the point of no return, namely because it wasn’t planned, it was dumped on us, and I suddenly am responsible for shit I never asked to be responsible for. The company wanted to save its money and instead made its employees spend theirs.

So, instead of ranting on that, I am going to finish up some tasks I have here at work, and go home to work on my writing!

Anyways, More later. For now, I write and work.


The day is winding down. Finally getting close to done for the day, but I still have quite a bit of writing to do when I leave. This blog entry, I think, I will publish tonight or, I will publish it tomorrow morning, but I am hoping to publish the big “prep” blog for the big day of Thanksgiving prep…Which I haven’t had time to start yet.

Thankfully, I have a handy dandy list I have been working on, which I will be able to use and distill into a blog post.

Anyways. All this to say, I am going to dive into work and finish up as soon as possible so I can get home, attack that list, attack my blog, and get 5-10k words written.

Late Tuesday Night

Holy Crap. LONG DAY and the grocery shopping was CRAZY. BUT, I have to also get the prep blog written for tomorrow, and NaNoWriMo, and prep for Thanksgiving….

How I unwind after the thunder dome that was shopping.

So I will be posting this blog as is for my morning blog tomorrow, and try and knock my prepping blog out in the morning/afternoon. A bit of in the moment blogging among the blogging limbo chaos.

This will go up first thing when I wake up because Bret needs to get to bed and I want to join him, see you all then!

Late Wednesday Morning

Oh its nearly noon! I am knee deep in prep and I am kind of behind so, here is this blog, minus much editing and without too many pictures, so I can get this up and get the next one started and edited and up, while also doing some prep…hopefully it all lines up and I catch everything up soon.

Happy Wednesday!



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