Daily Blog #98: Blogmas Day One-Friendship, content creation, and I begin Blogmas!

Thursday (Thanksgiving) evening 

Today was a huge success. Delicious food was had by all, everyone enjoyed it, and I have to get up in less than four hours to get ready for ren fest with my mom. 

Amanda is here, and I am trying to enjoy her company, but I wanted to blog this real quick.

But now I’m awkwardly typing on my phone and trying to engage and that’s awkward so…a lesson in being more engaged. 

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and fantastic day. 

Saturday Early Evening

Well, I did NOT blog, and now I HAVE to finish NaNoWriMo. I will be posting a blog every day for Blogmas, however, so I don’t feel bad about this being very short.

Because doing a blog a day means I can catch you up on Thanksgiving and also on my trip to the ren fest with my parents. Until then, I need to write about eight thousand words REAL QUICK for NaNoWriMo, so, more later…See you on the other side!


Oh snap. So, the other side was closer than I thought.

I hadn’t done a word count update in a minute, as I have been writing in Evernote, so I can work on it anywhere, as I am prone to do…I just now did the copy and paste into my word file…and I am over 73,000, which is well over the needed 50,000…so voila! I win NaNoWriMo!

Now, I am looking forward to…BLOGMAS! Tomorrow I need to have a blog up, and I will need to blog every single day until the 25th day in the month. I have done every day blogging, and actually enjoy it quite a bit, but with Blogmas, you also want to try and make sure it is interesting and sometimes has a focus on the holidays. For me, I also want to have fun seasonal cover photos for each blog.
I need to do a bit of blogging and I will need to do a few pictures, and probably some shopping, so I am thinking of doing a mini spa day to get myself sorted, physically, and brain storm some ideas for cover photos. I am thinking something fun like the Christmas lights made into the numbers.

Originally, I wanted to do the different advent calendar numbers as the cover, as a nice way to highlight it, but I don’t have it yet, so I can’t do it.

I don’t have the advent calendar picked out and I don’t foresee me being able t get one before I need to schedule the first blog, so I am thinking that instead I may use some Christmas lights…or maybe I won’t have the same cohesive look on my cover photos, but , hey, that can get boring too.

I know I want to buy a green Christmas hat, or maybe another black one, as I think I lost my Bah Humbug hat in the move. Plus, I am trying to be festive, but I hate red.

For today, I need to do some small dishes, and shower, maybe do a mud mask and I may even follow up with a sheet mask. The weather changes have been a nightmare.

For dinner I will probably make some leftovers, and I will need to wash some dishes after I do, so if I do that, I’ll be adding that to my to do list.

And blogging. I want to plan out some holiday themed blogs, and I also want to try and connect with a few bloggers and vloggers who are doing blog and vlogmas, and subscribe/follow, to support other creators doing this.

In the new year, I want to focus on connecting with more and more creators, to surround myself with the creative types who are out here every day honing their craft, because it’s best to surround yourself, digitally and in real life, with people who inspire you.

Also, those tend to be the people I can be the best kind of friend to.

For years, I have spent time wondering why friendships can be so hard to maintain, but now as I am growing as a human, and a creator, I realize much of the problem is I was being friends with people very different from me.

People who are trying to only be their job, or who only want to have a 9-5 type job, while being awesome, beautiful, sparkling fantastic people, may not totally connect with me, who is actively trying to get into a more self reliant situation, or at least , never needing a 9-5.

People are different, and sometimes those differences, while amazing, can make it harder to connect. Sometimes, people get along just fine, but, I find, many of us, who are trying to build a business on our own, can only find real support from other creators, or the few really good friends they have in their personal circle.

For me, I have people like Amber, her husband Damon, and Lenyn, who I consider like my family, who are incredibly supportive and encouraging, as well as my parents, who while they totally don’t understand me, at all, do try, most of the time, now, to be as supportive as they can be, within reason.

Online, I have amazing friends like Shawn, Sam, Biggs, Tricia, Hollie, Alex, Jeni, Korey, who are all understanding of the struggle that goes into creating content and creating a niche for ourselves, while also just existing. We all have different paths, but they have all become friends to me.

Online I also have friends like Sarah, who I know in real life but am closer to now online than when we lived near each other, which is part of life too, I think. Sometimes life puts people in your life so they can be there at other times, just like Sarah and her soon to be husband.

Sarah is actually doing both Vlogmas and Blogmas, and I know we will be encouraging each other the entire month, including me giving her this extra special shout out, because her page is amazing, her youtube channel is great, her art is fantastic, she has a great eye, and an even better heart, and her look is top notch. As her IG Page says, if it’s an art, she dabbles in it. Sarah has a great blog, and a wonderful vlog channel, and she also has some great Instagram content, so definitely check out her pages: @Sarahppeyton on Instagram, YouTube is Sarah Peyton her Art Instagram page is Peasel.Art. You can find Sarah’s blog that way too.

Anyways, now I am working on my blog for Blogmas, and contemlating some food. I have shopping and lunch with my mom tomorrow, and then my usual Sunday prep for the week.

Tomorrow being the first means I not only start Blogmas, but that on Monday, the second, I will have to batch invoice our clients, which always leads to people screaming at me for things that aren’t my fault…which I fucking hate.

So, for Blogmas, I think I will continue my usual Daily Blog style of blogging, but I will also be trying to focus on fun holiday themed content, where and when applicable.
25 days of a blog every day. Should be fun, I think!

Anyways, Happy first of the month, Happy Holiday season, happy Vlogmas, to all who celebrate, and Happy Blogmas who to all, and to all, a good blog!


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