Daily Blog #101: Blogmas Day Four- Zombie reminders, content appreciation, “mas in Blogmas”, and I’m still freaking sick, this is so damn annoying.

Tuesday Night

Greetings and Salutations blog readers!

What do we do after a long day?
Same thing as other days. But with gusto.

Today was a very, very, very, long freaking day. I have felt like shit all fucking day and it has honestly felt like everyone is going out of there way to be pointedly stupid, mean, or just plain fucking annoying.

Sure, much of this is likely my own bad mood from feeling like crap for fucking days, but I do think there may be something in the air because damn.

Anyways. Now I am home from work, and while plenty is annoying me, I am trying really hard to clear my head and focus on good things, better things, things that aren’t the annoying, stupid fucking zombies.

Because zombies are fucking everywhere, and they all want to harass you, they all want to eat your fucking face off, and none of them are good enough to do so, in my opinion, so don’t let them.

Push the zombies away, barricade the door, and if you have to, fucking double tap their stupid heads.

Maybe hit em in the chest, destroy the heart, double tap the head, kill both of the possible parts needed and kill that fucking zombie head. (Don’t actually hurt people, obviously.)

Keep these nasty, awful people as far away from you as possible and have your defenses up. Even if you can’t get away from them, put up your own emotional shields, safe guard yourself. If you feel that you need to pull away from people, do it. Don’t tell them things, don’t tell them about the stuff you think or feel, because fuck them, they aren’t entitled to your thoughts or ideas.

Keep it all on the surface, and safeguard who you are. Don’t let people into your circle, don’t trust them, don’t allow a zombie in the safe room.

And, when you feel you may be bitten, don’t spread the infection. I don’t want to spread my negativity from the zombies, so, like I have been doing all day, I need to avoid others and not spread the infection.

Because all day at work, I have been avoiding people, to not get anyone sick, however, it applies to a negativity others may catch if you are nasty around them, too.


Okay, smoking a blunt, trying to shake off the annoyance. I feel like poop.

Currently watching/listening to a YouTuber we watch and support often, @OhItsTeddy, who is starting…a podcast.

The same style that I actually planned on starting yesterday, with the 100th blog, but I hadn’t got a chance to buy the equipment we still needed.

Am I lamenting? Fuck no. The great thing about good content creators like Teddy is they can test things out and show you if they truly work well or not. Teddy has way more knowledge and skill at this kind of thing than I do, even with my production background, he has more applicable experience towards content creation, so watching him work out the best way to do things is helpful for myself, mostly because he is one of the few content creators I have followed that don’t sell out in some way, compromising what they believe in, to “make it”.

Teddy doesn’t get monetized, much, on YouTube, because he smokes weed, and yet he doesn’t compromise at all, by hiding it, so he can get that check. Even when he does things I don’t agree with, I tend to support him, because at least he isn’t compromising who he is. That is an energy I like to look up to, and definitely will support.

So, a friendly reminder to anyone who sees someone doing something similar to a way you have been day dreaming about. They are doing the thing, and it doesn’t stop you from doing it, it enables you to see any errors they made, any smart steps they take. You can learn from it, and do better for it. Also, get off your ass and go work on your art. Don’t lament, create.

Another plus side?

You can also see the content you want.

You see, I believe you should make the kind of content you want to see.

If you want to do a certain kind, and you see someone doing it, you are not only getting to see if it works and how to do it yourself, but you are getting to enjoy the content you want to see.

Just don’t be like some creators who rip creators off, stealing their ideas, and passing it off as their own. You people suck, and are absolutely zombies, even if you try to pass off my zombie theory as your own.

Basically, it’s a fine line, but on one side of it, is good content you have always hoped to see, and on the other is being a shady, uncreative, tool.

Be inspired, don’t be a zombie.

So, for the “mas” part of this Blogmas Blog, let’s discuss….


Hrm…I have some ideas but many of those I am trying to save for later in the Blogmas season. I guess it’s hard to plan, at the moment, because we have holiday plans up in the air.

When Amanda was here visiting, (Amanda is an old friend of Bret’s) they got to talking, and Amanda doesn’t want to spend the holiday in Texas, and Bret was like “oh yeah lets bounce and go somewhere else for the holidays.” So I obliged by searching for AirBnB’s in Colorado, because if we are leaving the country it will need to be somewhere with weed and snow on the holidays.

But, I don’t know, the more I think about it, the more I hate it. I wouldn’t mind going and checking out potential wedding venue spots, but I do mind having the holiday away from our friends. We have developed traditions, over time, having our friends over for the holidays, people like Lenyn, Amber, and Damon…and I would really miss them.

And, this next part I can say because neither Bret nor Amanda read my blog…

I don’t want to feel lonely on the holidays. I love the two of them dearly, but its lightening fast, how quickly I become a third wheel. Even on nights when I don’t have to get up early the next day, the two of them end up getting lost in conversations I have no part in…or they get lost physically, taking long walks with the dog and catching up on stuff and reminiscing.

I quickly become in the way, and it leads to me feeling like total shit, and, I get bummed out. I don’t want that to happen on Christmas. Not that the Christmas part is overly special, we tend to do a more non secular thing, but I don’t want to spend two blessed days away from work, plus the time we would take to get to and from Colorado, feeling sad and lonely.

I asked Lenyn if he could come with, because we could just ignore them, but he can’t get that much time away, as he is doing a lovely show here in town at a well known and very professional theatre, and can’t be missed.

But, I also don’t want to disappoint them. I know Amanda wants to get out of the state for the holiday, and I know Bret wants to as well, and I want to make him happy…Iuno. I guess what I am saying is, I am glad that I sent them a few really good AirBnB options, but I am even more glad that neither of them have followed up by even looking and responding. Here’s hoping they don’t, and I can just put together the kind of Christmas I am hoping for.

Mind you, I don’t need TONS of crazy cool stuff. I like to have lots of delicious food, cozy lights, cocoa, chill, heavily relaxed, lots of smoking…I don’t even really want presents, although homemade stuff and books are nice to give friends year round, and I tend to also give my friends gifts so like…yeah I’m okay with that, but mostly I like to just chill.

I have deeper thoughts on it, and I am trying to establish more traditions for the holidays, but the only ones we have are having our closest friends over for food, smoke, and good times.

So, I am hoping in the coming days, to post more “mas” things, like some lighting and other fun DIY stuff, but I haven’t done any decorating, as I have been feeling like crap.

But soon I will feel better and we shall have some more “mas” content on the blogs of Blogsmas. Thankfully, I do have lots of options for fun graphics that give you the feeling of Christmas, thanks to the app I am falling in love with and will likely be purchasing the paid version of because oh my goodness it is awesome.

But for now, it is late, and I haven’t even had dinner yet. Bret and I are both hungry, sick, grumpy, and already in dire need of the weekend. But for now, it is Tuesday night, and after we eat we will feel better. I am going to go roll a blunt or two and when we eat I will put together the visuals for this blog, edit it, maybe do a tiny update, and schedule it.

I must say, even sick, I am fucking loving Blogmas!!!

Later again

Hi there, dearest readers, it’s me, Abbi, but this Abbi is the Abbi you rarely talk to…this…is editing Abbi. Editing Abbi misses a few lowercased i’s and plenty of misspelled and incorrectly typed words, but she does her best to at least put up some good illustration’s and attempt some good formatting. She is normally tired, and eager to get off to bed, and today is no exception. She is grateful for your readership, and hope you will continue to join her for the remainder of Blogmas.

Man, when I get tired and feverish I get weird. Oh well, at least I can say I am being “real” or whatever.

Thanks for reading



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