Daily Blog #104: Blogmas Day Seven- Cannabis media, skin care Saturday, leaving blog limbo for a moment, and how awesome my friends are.

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers! 

I just read an article about Cannabis Media dying, and I thought that would make a fun thing to talk about today, as a throwback to my cannabis blogging goals.

Anyone who has followed this blog from the beginning knows that a big part of my creative goals for my writing and for this blog, has been to highlight and normalize cannabis. I include cannabis in my creative writing, and I mention my smoking to people, I blog about it, I include cannabis content like how to clean your bong, etc, and when we live in a place where I can legally grow, I will add those kind of indoor gardening blogs to the blog, as well.

Apparently, cannabis media is drying up, and even High Times magazine is shutting down.

Seems silly to me.

I do know that plenty of the people in the online cannabis community give the entire group a bad rep, but really, the cannabis community isn’t going to let it dry up…we just need more content creators being honest about their use.

The problem is the stigma of “If I talk about this I will lose sponsorship opportunities” or whatever. People want to make sure they can stay kid/Disney friendly.

That is literally not my fucking problem, however, because I realized long ago that even if I did sell out, my chances of wild success as a writer were slim to none…but if I was true to myself in my content creation, I could at least be happy with what I am creating.

We need more content creators doing that, and being frank and honest about their cannabis use. Sure, you don’t need to smoke in every vlog, but maybe mention it once in a while, or show a haul video from a dispensary…We don’t have to let it be some taboo thing. It is rapidly becoming more and more legal in more and more places, and the world is getting much more open to this awesome plant…So lets talk about it, and not let the cannabis media industry die.

I don’t care if it’s just ,me and people like me, we can keep this industry going because even if people won’t even admit to smoking it in public, they will always enjoy my favorite little flower.


Well, this Friday is slowly winding down, and I am eating some cold chow mien left over from my lunch.

We actually could have left thirty minutes ago but we both had some things to finish up, so Bret and I are wrapping things up.

Over the course of typing those two sentences took three hours, so, clearly, you can see it has been a busy Friday, even for the accountant.

But now it is closing time, the store is closed, and we are all enjoying the peace and quiet we get to enjoy when finishing our work after hours.

I am about to pack up and head home but Bret has a few last minute emails to send out so while he does that I figured I would update the blog with how our busy, afternoon went.

I have a little but of leftovers left, and as I mentioned in the blog yesterday, my plan for tonight is to only spend one hour cleaning, this evening, and then spend much of the rest of this weekend, writing. I also plan on cleaning out the fridge, as my main project for the weekend, as it shouldn’t take long, and the dishes will be the longest part. Hopefully I can make that project quick, even with the hand washing of the dishes, because I also want to limit the time I spend on Sunday prepping for the week, to an hour. I would like my project to fit within my hour of cleaning this evening, and my hour of prepping on Sunday, to leave the most time for my writing and content creation.

She demands attention.
Marcie The Cat

The animals need their Instagram posts scheduled, my own stats on this blog are much better when I am actively posting to my instagram feed, so I will likely also schedule some for myself, as well. Plus, of course, the daily Blogmas blogs, and some creative writing I have. I want to attack some Flake City writing, but also maybe some of the Molly on the island story as well, as those two tie in.

Saturday early afternoon

Hello Blog Readers!

It is the next day, and I did not blog last night, just kinda chilled out. Now I have spent much of the morning tidying up around the apartment, and now I am writing on the blog while I watch some Vlogmas videos.

I got some tidying done, and also did some thinking…I know some people have better read rates when they have their blog posted in the evening, because you still catch the early morning crowd, more so on the weekend, so, I figured if I didn’t finish the blog I could finish it today and post it in the evening, which, as it turns out, eliminates the blog limbo of posted a blog on the seventh, for Blogmas day seven, when the day I am blogging about was actually the sixth.

I have mentioned before this problem with wanting to post in the morning, but also wanting to blog in real time…So, this is me trying out the other side of it, and posting things on the seventh for the seventh day of Blogmas.

So, as you can tell, I did much of the cleaning I had on my list, just that basic “clean” but I haven’t dusted or done the fridge, but I did do the bathroom, kitchen, and living room, got everything all cleaned up a little bit, and now I think I am in better shape for company.

Amber and Damon are coming over this afternoon, bringing DJ, Amber’s son, with them, and I like DJ, he’s a good kid.

After Damon and Amber leave, Bret and I will probably dive into work, get some writing done, and maybe get some food.

We need groceries, badly, having not gone since before thanksgiving, and only getting stuff for the holiday when we did, thus, I have no food to really make. So, here I am, quite hungry, with company coming over shortly, and a weekend of writing ahead of me.

Being more social is one of my goals in my 32nd year, as you may recall from my birthday blogs, and Amber and Damon are two of my favorite people so…I am looking forward to seeing them…BUT-I also just realized I haven’t done my hair or even put on eyeliner…so….I need to hold off on this, and do that, and I will probably not finish this until this evening, so, I guess we will all see collectively what happens there, and we will see if I change my posting schedule for Blogmas, or if I will return to the normal schedule on Monday.

I also have some skincare blogs, and I may toss one of the shorter reviews onto this blog for a #skincaresaturday thing or something like that.

I need to find a fun Sunday thing to post too, something to do with prep.

But in the meantime, I am going to go get ready and finish tidying up before our company gets here and Bret gets home.

Later, Saturday Evening

We had a lovely time hanging out with Amber, Damon, and DJ, and now we are settling into our evening plans. We ate some dinner, and now I am preparing to dive into an evening of writing. I know this blog has been a bit short, but I think I will add my skin mask review of the melting sugar face mask.

So, below, I have copied my review, and I hope you all enjoy this Saturday Skin Care plus non blog limbo version of Blogmas.

I got this mask at Walmart, for under 2 bucks, and thought it would be a great mask to review and suggest to my readers as an inexpensive face mask option- more so if you don’t want to only do mud or clay masks, which can be a bit much on the skin if you are doing a daily masking routine.

So I found this mask and it looked like it would have at least two uses, making it under one dollar a use, which is a great price point for an every day masking routine, so I grabbed it and today, I am reviewing it for you.

I forgot to use a headband to hold my hair back, so some of my baby hairs and edges got masked. But they were fine. You can’t really see the mask on a photo, but, I have included pictures of the mask.
The mask felt like a very thick gel, and I could have used more on my skin, but I wanted to be able to use it twice before reviewing the mask. 

Thankfully, there is enough for two uses, without shorting myself, but it does go on kind of goopy, like a thick gel glue or something. It feels sticky, like it actually does have sugar in it, but once I got it on and washed my application to on brush off, I avoiding touching anything or going near anything with my sticky mask face, and there were no issues. 

A shot of the weird little sprinkles that kind of melt into the mask.

While the mask sat on my face, I didn’t feel much of a tingling, aside from the first few minutes, before it just felt like I had a gel drying on my face, which is basically what was happening.

Overall, I didn’t notice much happening in the ten minutes of sitting time, other than a few moments of a slight tingling sensation. 

Washing it off, without a washcloth, would be, in my opinion, every bit as hard as it is with clay or mud, so I would suggest using a wash cloth for this mask, like I do all masks. 

After I rinsed off with warm water, I was pleased to see skin that looked smooth and hydrated while still nicely deep cleaned, so overall I would say this was a very decent mask, with some great deep cleaning abilities, that doesn’t dry out the skin. 

Will I buy again? Honestly, it’s a maybe to probably for me. 

It’s not too harsh on the skin, and is still a nice deep clean. 

Not too expensive, and not tested on animals. 

Overall, pretty positive. I don’t know if I will buy more single use masks of this one, because of the plastic packaging, but if a full size with more than a couple of uses was available, I would likely enjoy it and purchase. I do wish it had a little more “oomph” to it. It didn’t have that nice deep cleaning tingle I like, and it didn’t do as deep of a clean either. 

The mask dried sticky and felt weird, which I didn’t like, but also didn’t dry my skin into place at all, like clay or mud masks can, so my face was able to retain a full range of motion without any restriction or painful pulling on my skin form drying clay product. 

On a five star system, this would get a solid 4 out of 5. In a ten point system, it would likely receive a 7 or an 8.  But, probably not as low as a 6. Definitely not as high as a 9. 

Anyways, overall, a very nice mask I was glad to use and would likely use again in the future. 

For the price point, as well as its efficacy, I would suggest to others to  purchase and try. It’s a nice price for what you are getting. 

So that Is my #skincaresaturday skin mask review for you all, now I am going to dig into some writing for Blogmas day eight and also some Flake City stuff. I also have some stories coming out of some characters in New Orleans.

While I have you all here, and since I should talk about something “Blogmas”-esque, lets talk about the new year, and why I love my friends.

Bret and I have been planning our new year, and our desires for our art, and we mentioned a few of our plans to Amber and Damon who were both very encouraging of not only our plans, but our why for those plans.

For example, my desire to post my writing for free, so anyone who wants to read can read, and to only gather money through optional merchandise purchases.

They are both also onboard to come on and maybe lend their voices or creative instincts to a few projects. I myself will need some people for pictures, and maybe voices.

I want to have a section of the podcasts be broadcasts “From Flake City” that would be from Sam’s point of view, inside of Flake City. I will need a few voices for that, but not many, so, I can do a lot with the encouraging support of some good friends.

The holiday season is great because you get a chance to really think about your closest friends and family, and look forward to the new year with those you care about most. Bret and I are digging in for the next three months to finish transforming our apartment work spaces and getting our art in order.

You get to look forward to the new year, while holding the warmth and coziness of the holidays.

You bring in live plants to remind you of the warm times to come, to maintain their life essence (Research why we have Christmas trees to learn more), and the winter holidays are considered the halfway point before the cold harshness of winter (for those who are lucky enough to have cold winters), before the life and warmth of spring, in the new year comes…and I am totally already feeling that, and that is pretty fucking awesome.

Happy Day Seven of Blogmas, everyone.

And to everyone, a Happy Day Seven of Blogmas!




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