DailyBlog 105: Blogmas Day Eight- late night posting, Yule, holiday shopping, and prepping for another Fresh Start Monday

Saturday Evening

I have Blogmas Day Seven posted to the blog, and I went ahead and posted it to Medium, as well, in the evening, so I figured it would be fun to track the numbers and see what happens when I post in the evening.

Now it is time to dive into some writing, and also some content in the way of pictures for various writing things I am working on.

2020 is coming, and I plan on dropping stuff often, which means it’s time to get to work.

Digging into research on the blog and creative reader community
Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

It’s also time to use Blogmas to test how long I can retain readers (how many words or how much read time) people enjoy reading at, and maybe find a way to make smaller sections and releases of Flake City stuff.

If you have any input for how much time you like to spend reading creative content in one go, let me know.

For example, some people liked my longer “short” post, the first Molly entry, which was VERY long.

Some people preferred the shorter ones, to keep them on edge, but able to make use of a five or ten minute time window they had, often while waiting on other things.

I am open to releasing things in ways that make people happy and eager to read, in segments, and also having an option to read the longer form as well, maybe in an ebook fashion, that combines segments into the main document again, or something like that.

It is an idea in the making, that pulls things in the past, and also the advantages of modern publishing, mixed together…I hope.

So, I am going to go get some writing done, and enjoy my cocoa, and I will update this later this evening or tomorrow!


Well, it is a bit later now, but not as late as I thought it would be when I finished my creative writing for the day, but here I am updating the blog at a quarter till midnight, and not like, two in the morning, as I had anticipated.

I caught up on some vlogs, and also on my writing, a bit, but Bret is pretty tired.

His plan had been to write all weekend, but work left him pretty wiped, so after Amber and Damon left and we had dinner, he pretty much started dozing in and out for a couple of hours. Now he is getting ready for bed, I think, and I like to try and spend some time with him so…I guess I am going to go to bed a bit earlier than intended. Hopefully that means I will wake up earlier, and get to the writing that much earlier.

Either way, I will try write a bit more, but… we shall see.

Sunday early evening

Well, it is a little before dinner time on Sunday morning, and I am turning to the blog to update it. I have a little bit of stuff to do, namely we need laundry for the week, but other than that, and a couple small dishes from whatever I make for dinner, all I have on the agenda is writing.

Which is good, but I do have a bit to get done, writing wise. I don’t really want to write what I have on the agenda for me, I think I need to marinate on it a bit more, but I may go back and write some more in Flake City instead. I am also trying to edit some passages together for a possible collab for some stuff.

But, I also have this stuff in New Orleans that has to do with a new character, as well as Kiblah, Kent, and Amy. This story ties into several others, and actually, when I finish this bit of writing up, I will be very close to writing another piece that kind of ties much of my various writing some of which has been posted on the blog.

Anyways, I have a bunch of writing I need to do, but I also want to touch on some Blogmas style blogging.

So, for all of my more pagan, witchy type friends and blog readers, lets talk about Yule!

I try to bring lots of plants inside, and decorate them, as a way to honor the spirit of this holiday, and in fact, the reason we do Christmas trees was…ahem…’borrowed’ (STOLEN) from many other cultures who celebrate Yule, as well as a few others who use it to remind them of the life of spring that is coming back to them.

I am far from a cultural expert, but, I do personally like to follow a bit of it, for a myriad of personal reasons. This year, I have been cloning off of my “grandma” plant, and I also ant to adopt some plants from the store, like some sage and rosemary, and maybe, a little mini pine tree. Because I love plants, and one of the presents I want to buy for myself is a small indoor grow light for some plants. I have those vine plants, which actually don’t need light, but I also have chives, and a venus flytrap I am tending to for my friend and coworker, Katie.

So, I have cloned a few of those, and have a few more planned to clone. I want to spend about twenty to thirty dollars buying a little bit of bagged soil, and some plants, like I mentioned, for sure rosemary and sage. I have some already cloned, and I want to get some garland bunched up around the containers, with some lights all mixed in looking super cute and stuff.

I also spent some time searching for some seasonal smudge sticks, and of course, Etsy had some. I have considered trying shopping on Instagram, but I have read less stories of getting scammed on Etsy than I have on the Instagram shopping…But I am sure I will try it sometime in the new year, to support some creators I like to support.

This is a photo that is serving as inspiration for some of the creative writing I am doing. I am also photographing some of these stones for the artwork needed for some of the writing

In the meantime, however, I found two different yule time smudge sticks that I am in love with, and I got a bunch of beautiful stones when I was at the renfair with my parents the day after Thanksgiving.

I also want to buy some more candles, so I have some nice ones for the holidays. Anyways, not to derail from my Blogmas/Yule discussion, but much of my plans for Yule are centered around plants and growing.

As for right now, my plans are to get some food, and maybe get to the new writing I need to do, or maybe the Flake City. I am feeling kind of drained this weekend, so there isn’t much to blog about. I didn’t do too much of the decorating I was considering, nor have I done my big cleaning project…so I need to make sure I get myself into gear this week.

Tomorrow is a another fresh start Monday, so maybe I will use Monday to get some good things started.

For one, I need to add my workout back into the mix, and it will likely help with my energy levels. I also may just add some B Complex to my schedule, or just go back to drinking coffee every day.

I think the coffee, because I am tired of being fucking tired all the goddamn time.

Anyways, Bret and I are trying to figure out what to have for dinner, maybe I will feel more like blogging.


Okay and we are back! Bret and I went to dinner, and now we are back. I feel better for having left the house, despite the fact that I didn’t want to, and we got some notes down for a collab song for Sam’s radio station, which was fun. I have some ideas for some basic lyrics to create some texture songs, and I am probably going to spend some time working on that.

So, we are watching the office and getting ready for tomorrow. I did some knitting earlier, trying to get a few holiday gifts ready, and I have a few more things I want to make for people, so I am trying to make use of my time, when my hands aren’t tied up with writing…which is pretty often.

I am enjoying posting the blog in the evening, thus far, and we shall see if I can continue it. I have several skin care products to review, several face masks. I am also in the process of switching all of my skin are to cruelty free alternatives, so there are some skin products I will be also reviewing, I am sure.

But I also have some Etsy purchases I’ll be talking about, as well as the already scheduled Blogmas content, like maybe some holiday movie reviews, or some fun DIY’s.

Every recipe creation blog begins with a Pinterest search for inspiration, am I right?

I will also be dropping some recipe ideas as I move to the new year. Bret and I need to save money, and time. The best way to save money is to cook at home, the best way to save time is to not cook much, so I am working on some one baking sheet type dishes, where you just toss veggies and a protein onto a baking sheet and bake that shit, so the clean up is as easy a tossing the baking sheet away, and cleaning any of the dishes generated. Prepping for the meal is as easy as chopping and seasoning, which I can do while smoking a blunt, and then we can eat, clean up, and still have time for working out and blogging.

I think I may also be adding coffee back to my life because I really don’t have the time to only do tea in the morning, it takes me so much longer to wake up and I drag ass all day.

2020 is coming, and I need to have every spare second possible to make my art and get things released.

Sheet pan recipes will help with that, and I would like to find a way to make sure every recipe isn’t chicken + veggie, and if it is basic stuff everyday, that I at least have a fun mix of seasonings.

I wish we had the space for an air fryer, in that same aim, but alas, we do not.

So, be sure to check back for all that content soon. I know this isn’t a very long blog, but I have a bunch I want for the next one, as Tuesday’s have been my best day, statistically, so I want to have a nice bit of content available for that blog as well.

Anyways, I need to wind down, and get this up before the end of the day so… I bid you all farewell, and good night. I think I will be posting in the evenings this week, just to see how that goes. I am more of a night time person, so why not release my blogs in the evenings, even if some people claim morning blogs are smarter for posting time.

So, good night, and I will see you all tomorrow!!



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