Blogmas Day Ten: Skin Care/Sheet Mask Review-“I’m Green Tea” Layering Mask from TonyMoly

Happy Blogmas everyone! Today is Day Ten of Blogmas! (Or, when this is posted it will be the tenth day, anyways) As I mentioned on the last blog, I have a greta new layering skin mask I got in a bundle and I wanted to review.

Here’s the back story:

So, Ipsy had a sale on for a bunch of sheet masks, and me, needing new masks, and always loving to try new ones, ordered em! The package came with a ten pack of another mask I will review, and a four pack of the mask I am reviewing today!

First things first, this mask was already pretty intriguing, as it is a layered sheet mask.

First, you have some small patches you put on areas you want extra moisture on, and then you layer the main mask over it. The little patches look like leafs, so you feel like Ivy or something cool, and then when you add the mask over, you feel like of like a spring roll.

Or maybe that is just me. Either way, I love spring rolls, and this mask was exciting to try out!

Ivy? Spring Roll? Who knows.

So, I actually took notes for this mask review, and to encourage the live blogging sensation, I am doing this mask for a second time for this review, typing/finishing this review, while it sits on my face and does it magic.

The mask is supposed to sit for 15-20 minutes, which is pretty much my standard for any and all sheet masks unless otherwise specified.

The mask texture feels amazing, its like this weirdly soft, very cushioned with a feeling of great moisturizing. The little leafs are totally adorable and frankly I am obsessed with the look of this mask, and now I able to review the quality, as well, for you all to decide if this super cute mask is good for you.

Long time readers of the blog will probably know that I normally am not a big fan of sheet masks but lately I have been becoming a bigger and bigger fan of them. More so with the TonyMoly masks because I got this great chance to try them all and so far, they have all been a great bang for the buck, but, the bigger reason I have been loving sheet masks is as follows: I can put my glasses on my face and keep doing stuff, namely writing, versus with a mud mask or something like that, which will get all over my glasses, slide all over, and, wipe off part of the mask leading to my cheeks, which need the mask, losing out on the masking goodness.

So, for right now, I have been adding a lot more sheet masks to my routine…but the environmental angle has me really looking closely for masks that have biodegradable mask parts, and, preferably, recyclable packaging. The later is harder than it sounds, but this is a process.

If you have any recommendations for sheet masks that have a better environmental impact, please drop it in the comments or DM me on any of my social media’s- @abbigrasso on all of them, no, I am not on Facebook.

Back to THIS mask.

The little leaf patches are so cute

So, once you apply the “problem area” patches, you go ahead and put the full mask on, add your glasses back on if you have em, jade roll the mask if you have one, (I really want an amethyst one) and let it sit for 20 minutes.

Peel that sucker off, the leaves may or may not peel off with the main mask, if not, remove those as well and discard the used mask. The cleanup on this one is easy, and the leftover serum/goodness from the mask can be rubbed into your skin and left on.

With sheet masks, I use toner before, mask after, and then add my evening moisturizer on type, forgoing any serums or oils I may be using, since most sheet masks are designed to have the leftover product worked into the skin, and I use that product as the “serum” for the day.

Just my personal way of doing it, by all means do what works best for you.

Once the mask is off, you can really see how it worked…for me, it really provides a great, happy, moisturized and glowing face, and, looks pretty cute too.

Overall the price was amazing, and the quality was great. On top of that…This mask is super Instagramable so, don’t worry Instabaddies, you can #skincareroutine this the fuck up, and hit all the #beautyblogger #contentgoals you may ever wish for.

On a ten point scale, this mask gets a solid nine, and on a five point system it is very nearly a five like 4.5.

Purchased in a great Ipsy bundle, so my price was less than a dollar per mask. At Ulta it is under two bucks I believe, so, over all? Highly affordable with a great bang for the buck and it’s super cute too.

I definitely suggest everyone go out and try it.

No makeup, no filter, one great mask!

As always, this is VERY much not sponsored, I paid for the products myself and they did not ask, nor will they likely notice, my review, but, if TonyMoly wants to send some more products that way, i would be thrilled, and would gladly blog about it…because writers don’t get PR packages or kindly gifted beauty bundles, and that would be a huge thing to blog about.

Fingers crossed, but breath not held.

Thanks, regardless, to the company for creating this mask and keeping the cost down.

I hope you all try it out, and let me know if you do/like it.


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