Daily Blog 107: Blogmas Day Ten- Texas winters, Rewarding zombie fighting with Panera, and working on the kitchen Glow up.

Tuesday Morning

It is a lovely day here in my life, we have cold, rainy, Texas winter, type weather, which I love and adore, and I am wearing my “Don’t let the zombies get you down” long sleeve shirt, which makes it easier to fight against any of the crap that tries you on this, Tuesday, part two of Monday.

I managed to get my goals from yesterday all met, and only went to bed an hour or so late. Washing my hair tends to take a while, so, it is what it is.

I got home, did dishes, worked out, showered/washed hair, hung out with Bret, finished the Blogmas Day Nine post and also a skin mask review, did a skin mask and scheduled that review to post this morning. I even managed to have some down time and eat a delicious dinner.

My aim is to hit my goals again tonight.

Bret will likely be home later this evening, so I think I may try to tackle the kitchen. I have the fridge to clean out, which I have mentioned, but also some organization in the corner where some shelving is located. I need to clean off the shelves and rearrange some stuff. I have a bunch of paint, paint supplies, and tools, all used for the constant efforts on the space, but I am going to move that to another shelving unit, maybe the one in the bathroom, and then rearrange the remaining space and hopefully be able to store the new cast iron pans in an attractive and useful way. I also need to clean out some cabinets to find room for the beautiful dishes my mom got us, because at the moment I have no where for them, but they are beautiful and match the pots my grandma gave us.

Assuming I can knock THAT big ass project out of the way, I bet Bret will not give me crap for ordering a FEW small things to finish my “Kitchen Glow Up” as I am calling it, as a remodel isn’t quite accurate, as we are renting this small apartment. SO, my plan is to at very least, attack the project of reorganizing and cleaning the fridge, also do some basic cleaning (Litter box, sweep, wet mop, dishes). When I finish all that I may do a high intensity workout, or some cardio, but, it isn’t my main goal for today, the cleaning is, so i will be okay if i do not get to that, today.

I also need to do some sheet pan recipe research and prep a grocery list, as well as finish, edit, format, and post this blog, and, if I opt for another skin care product review ( I have SEVERAL to do) also write, edit, format and add photos for that, and schedule it for posting in the morning.

I also need to do some creative writing, but that will probably be second to the blog writing. I will likely do this blog first, then some writing, and if i have time, the skincare review, to make sure I am balancing my writing out.

I know that some bloggers can struggle with this, more so if they are #writerswhoblog or #bloggerswhowrite.

Anyways, now it is lunch time, and I have ordered some Panera to treat myself, because, well, I frankly think I am crushing it at my life right now with balancing all of my tasks. I mean, not to pat my own back, but I am kicking ass at Blogmas, my creative writing is going well, and in terms of adulting, I am actually, kind of, making decent choices. Eating semi healthy, working out, keeping a clean home, being better about socializing with my friends, and I am balancing all of this with a full time job, not just working forty hours, but like, a grown up type of job. Accountant.

Yeah, as we head into the new year, I am feeling very pumped, and proud of myself. I don’t want to let it go to my head, but I have a tendency to judge myself harshly, and part of what I am proud of is my current ability to judge myself a bit more fairly, or, at least, be able to be kinder to myself.

People are mean enough as is, why on earth would I add to it?

So, I guess you could say I am truly fighting zombies by eradicating the zombie inside of me, that makes me be a nasty zombie to myself, and, as a result of my misery, to others.

Some say I am “splurging” on Panera. I say I am rewarding my zombie fighter.


Speaking of zombies, I am loving my long sleeve, the fit and style, I will photograph the shirt more and decide if I am okay with the text position. I am pretty sold on the back placement of abbigrasso.com but I may change the location of the text on the front a bit, and on the garments where I put the abbigrasso.com at the top, I may bump it to the bottom…

I have long hair that I tend to like to wear down, so why design a shirt I couldn’t wear in my preferred style?

So now I am enjoying my Panera, and listening to some YouTube videos in the background whilst i do so.

Currently watching Left 4 Dead (1&2) run through and various mutations, one @Khomchik’s channel on YouTube, while munching on some food and getting some work done at my job.

Boy howdy, accounting problems get complicated fast.

Discrepancies, for example, are much more than a simple “oops”. They can be catastrophic, if done in a big enough fuck up.

Anyways, done with that now. I may not get a TON more blogging done today, with the other writing I have planned as well as the projects I have, so I am going to be trying to take some fun pictures of stuff that happens to help fill this out. More motivation for me to hope I can afford a camera soon, eh? Although, I am able to take pictures with my iPhone too so…I am grateful for that.

Tuesday Evening

Okay, now I am home and have done a bunch so lets recap!

Work got pretty busy, but I was able to leave at half past five, and now I am sitting down to blog and write, right around ten o’clock at night.

Heh. My cat, Marcie, who loves water, has decided she likes the sink, apparently.

We are watching the office, just had dinner, kitchen is clean, my project of the corner is done, the fridge is not. I found places for the nice dishes my mom bought me and the cast iron pans as well. All in all, I am very pleased with the work I have done, and now I am contemplating which mask to do tonight. I am also trying to decide which skin care product to do for a review, because doing a skin care review in the morning and a daily blog in the evening seems to be fairly well received.

Mind you, it’s ten at night at this blog isn’t up yet, which I don’t like, but I also already have one up. It’s a fun process, trying to find the best times to post stuff…and I think that may be another secret advantage to doing Blogmas or Vlogmas.

You get to connect with your audience, provide them with content, but, you also get to experiment with posting times, content options…Hell a vlogger I watch has started doing one vlog video a week to celebrate Vlogmas, and I have seen book review bloggers drop book reviews to do some daily blog style blogs, or even some “my thoughts on the holidays” type of posts.

Everyone gets to stretch their skills and their abilities and really grow.

Which is pretty cool, considering we are ten days into Blogmas and Vlogmas. Today does seem to be the mark of when things get hard for bloggers and vloggers, so I like to take this moment to say hey, go us, we are not only doing it, but we are stretching our skills while growing knowledge about our audiences. We even get to have the added bonus of learning all about better posting times or content options. Growth all around.

Anyways, thats the ten days in Blogmas report.

Pretty cool, huh?

In less cool news, Bret isn’t feeling well again, dizziness spells are making him feel really crappy. We don’t have insurance, but if these spells keep coming, we are going to have to find a doctor. Neither of us has had a check up in years, but I am pretty good at this neglectful health.

I am not okay with him being so dizzy though, and he isn’t so good at being unwell. I know with us both coming off of the cold, and with the weather changing, it is possible that he is just having a rough spell with his inner ears, making him dizzy, but if this persists much longer, I think we will need to go see a doctor.

Anyways, its late and I still have a bit more to do tonight, and I would like to be able to chill, on top of writing some more, so I am going to draw this a close.

I hope you all had a wonderful day, and I wish you all a great tomorrow. I am going to go put a charcoal mud mask on my face to clean the pores out. I am close to my period, which is when my skin tries to revolt most, and every damn time I get even one pimple or zit, it makes the wrinkles stand out. It may be all in my head but it drives me fucking nuts.

So I am off to mask, maybe write another skin review, and get ready for bed.



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