Daily Blog #108: Blogmas Day Eleven- Hospital visits, Epiphanies of what I can control, and the importance of La Familia.

Wednesday Evening

As you may recall from yesterdays blog, I was worried about Bret, as he has been having massive dizzy spells. Last night he began vomiting, which continued well into the morning, and finally, instead of heading to work, we loaded up into an Uber, and took Bret to the urgent care.

Some people may wonder why an Uber and the answer is simple- we don’t have a car, my family lives 14 hours away, and Bret’s family, while living within thirty minutes of us, were unable to take him to the hospital. So, like any millennials, we Ubered.

The urgent care took amazing care of Bret, and we were actually seen very quickly, and before long, they had him on IV fluids to combat the dehydration, and not long after that, we were given a diagnosis, course of treatment, prescriptions, and were sent on our way.

Of course, by that point, both Bret and myself were exhausted and neither of us wanted to have more Ubers, but thankfully, some true friends showed up.

So while I waited for the doctor to come and give us the final diagnosis on what Bret has, Damon called. Amber had texted him, to let him know, and he came to pick us up from the hospital, and helped me get Bret home. After we got Bret laying down, he kindly took me to Walmart to utilize there very cheap pharmacy and generic medications, after picking up Amber, for her lunch break. I grabbed everything I could think of that would help him, not just the medications, but also some decongestant, tussin, some ear cleaning stuff, jug of water, nose spray, tissues, and a few odds we needed around the house like hand soap and some wet cat and dog food. By the time Damon and I got back, and finally got Bret all situated, much of my work day had already passed us, so we ordered some food and hung out until Damon left to go pick Amber back up from work.

Now it is nearly seven, and Bret is awake, propped up in the living room, and we are watching Dollface. May put on the office in a little bit, if I opt to start knitting or something. But first, I wanted to type up a quick blog about today. At the moment, I don’t know when I will post this, tonight or maybe schedule for tomorrow morning…as today was a long and hard one, and thankfully, past Abbi looked out for me by scheduling a skin care review blog this morning, meeting my Blogmas goal for today.

Thank goodness for past Abbi. And also true friends that are family, like Amber and Damon.

I nearly cried when Damon said he could come help out, because the uber route would have been hell. This way, I got to hang out with a friend and have a bit of stress relief for having someone I know involved.

One should note, my first writing project, and it remains undone because i needed to be a better writer before doing it, is La Familia, and it was meant to be a vignette style story book of stories that told you all the best stories about my family…And as I grow, it turns into how family isn’t just those people who raised you/were around when you were a kid. I look forward to diving back into the story, to tell you all about my grandparents, but also my beautiful family of friends, like Amber, Damon, Tina, Kaynell, Lenyn… My beautiful family of friends.

Anyways, its late, and I want to spend some time with Bret, but I will try to update later. I am actually typing in WordPress proper, instead of my Evernote app, to speed up the process of this blog, so, hopefully I will get this blog up in a timely fashion.

Until later…

So, it’s later, and Bret and I ordered some food. I’m gonna feed him, get him all medicated, and we are going to turn in early.

Which is why I wanted to jump on my phone and finish writing this blog, albeit a short one, to put up. I’m gonna use our time eating to decide if I’ll post tonight or tomorrow but I think I’ll post tomorrow, and I can really fill out my thoughts on seeing my partner in the hospital, because that was a tricky one.

But also, I want to post at night. But also, nothing wrong with finishing the blog. I know some people don’t love long blogs but frankly, my blogs are more often than not going to be long, so why short myself?

So, if I change my mind while I eat you will see another update and I’ll say goodbye- I not- I’ll finish this blog about our hospital visit, and post the full blog, tomorrow.

Thursday Morning

I want to post this blog soon, to not fall behind on my writing and blogging and Blogmas.

So, I want to wrap up my thoughts from yesterday and start on the next blog.

The big thing is this: I have never had to go to the hospital with a loved one for something scary and unknown, and I have never seen the person i love getting stuck with needles.

I have no real aversion to needles, and no problem with blood, but when the nurse began to put his IV in, I wanted to cry and vomit. I love Bret, and seeing him unwell had me feeling quite…vulnerable? I guess?

You never really know how things will affect you when it is someone you care about, I guess.

I love Bret, and I didn’t need to have a hospital visit to know that, but I did need one to learn that sometimes you have no control over things…Like I never have trouble with needles, but alas, I did, when my person was getting stuck.

Life is kind of like that. You can be prepared, and hold onto certain facts…until you can’t.

So, remember that as we move into the holiday season.

I could have probably written this last night, but frankly…It had been a draining day. I can blog after workign hard all day, but sitting around worried? Had be exhausted.

Things I can’t control, nor predict.

So as the holidays approach, and emotions fly around, keep in mind that we are all human, and we can’t always plan for everything, and even if we can, we can’t.

So hold onto those you love, and don’t miss a second of it.

Happy Blogmas!

(And, an extra special HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DAD- But I will be blogging about him in the next one)

Love you all, and thank you for reading!


PS- No pictures really( or much editing)…because I want this to get up, and I don’t have the option to air drop photos to my work computer, nor should I, as it isn’t professional. Also, I didn’t really take many- but I did post a bunch of it to my Instagram (Stories), so feel free to follow me/connect with me there or on twitter- @abbigrasso


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