Daily Blog #110: Blogmas Day Thirteen: Happy Birthday Amber! Catching up on the blog!

Saturday Afternoon

Greetings and Salutations, blog readers! Today is (technically) Blogmas day fourteen, but I am writing mostly about day thirteen.

Blogmas Day Thirteen:

So the day fell on Friday the 13th, which I love!

It also was Amber’s Birthday!! Amber is one of my closest friends and I love her dearly, and consider her family. Today (yesterday) is the day and moon she was born on and under, so it was a major birthday and I am so glad to know her.

Amber is a beautiful soul and a fantastic human being. She is strong, tough, while still sensitive, kind, loving, crazy smart, beautiful, inside and out. Everyone should have a friend like Amber, but honestly, I don’t know that any of us deserve one, haha. A truly amazing person. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMBER.

Because of Bret not feeling well, most of the day kind of revolved around that, and I am sure everyone noticed the tone of the blog yesterday was a bit off, at the end.

So, I want get the Blog all caught up, and recover the weekend. Bret is slowly on the mend, or at least is getting better at handling the dizziness that comes with Labyrinthitis.

To get us back on track, I have a large list of stuff to do, but, I do think I can get it done, if I have a little luck and time management.

I have to do some cleaning, basic stuff around the apartment and some stuff in the kitchen. We also need to go do some grocery shopping, and I have some major writing to do, as well as some sketches I want to try to work on for some writing I have.

The new year is coming so I have some things to work on, artistically, on top of the blogging, the cleaning, and the shopping.

So, I need to make a grocery list and probably a plan of attack for the cleaning because it is easier for me to check off items on a list. I need to make those two lists, and then I guess Bret and I will head off to the store, get the groceries, come back, do some cleaning, and then settle in for (I hope) a date night.

But, if we really want to enjoy a date night, I should probably do the cleaning before so after the grocery shopping we can just launch into chilling.

Maybe I’ll do that. I am making some coffee right now for while I work on the list, and maybe I will pause here for a few minutes while that comes together and get a few things done on the cleaning list, so when DO make the master to do list, I’ll have some things checked off…

So, be right back.


Bret went to get the van for us to take to the store, and to grab some cash, while I did the litter box and swept the floors. I also managed to wet mop the kitchen, but I still have to do a big fridge clean out, which means washing a ton of dishes, so that is going to be the next big project I need to tackle.

I may go ahead and start some of it now, so it isn’t me having to do one massive load of dishes that inevitably won’t fit in the dish strainer.

I need to get the kitchen finished for the holidays. I think I have the main menu selected, so now I need to select appetizer and desert options, and finalize our plans with our days off of work.

The holidays are tricky for everyone, and we are trying to only buy things that we need or that are helpful for our goals, which leads to most of the purchases being more expensive in nature.

But for Bret and myself, I am hoping to have a nice evening in Christmas Eve, exchange some cozy pjs and the like, and some books. For the day of, a nice meal, a relaxing day, maybe a few small things we wrap, or things that come in early, but many of our gifts aren’t really things we want or can wrap. Not that presents really matters, but either way, my goal is for us to have a lovely couple of days off of work, with some nice food, good smoke, great friends, maybe some fun entertainment, in a clean apartment, and maybe some fun writing for us both too.

Bret and I are both very serious about our respective writing, so I think that us both spending a few days enjoying good food and writing time is a great way to spend the holidays, as well as with friends and family, so, all of that means I am carefully planning every penny we spend, and I am trying to plan for nothing to be too much. I hate having to do all the cleaning, or all the cooking/prep in one go, because it leaves one tired, and I am not for that.

I would much rather spread it out, get everything prepped ahead of time, enjoy my time doing things, and be able to enjoy the holidays.

ANYWAYS, all of that informs our shopping choices, which are made to save us money and position ourselves in a good way for the new year.

The van we were gonna take to the store, to save ourselves some fees, isn’t available, sadly, so we may have to uber there and back which will add even more costs we don’t want, so I am waiting, which means I can get some more cleaning done.

Lenyn came over, for a few minutes, and once he leaves, I will dive into the cleaning and we shall get this awesome productive while relaxing night on the road!

In the mean time, I think I need to go ahead and post this blog, and get myself back on track, so any blogging I do, will catch me up for tomorrow. I want to do a separate blog review for the show we saw last night, as well, so I think I will wrap this up here, in the efforts to catch up on the blogmas posts that I have fallen behind on, and hopefully tomorrow I am back to my usual style and formatting of the blog.

Happy Blogmas day thirteen! Also fourteen!




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