Daily Blog #111: Blogmas Day Fourteen- chill day of prepping for the new week and new year!

Saturday Evening

Greetings and salutations, dearest blog readers, and welcome to day fourteen of Blogmas!

It is actually a few minutes past midnight, but Bret and I are diving into some writing, so while he works out some music stuff for one of our “Flake City Deep Cuts” project, I figured I would work on the blog and update it!

I have decided to do the review of The Alleys presentation of The Christmas Carol in a separate review blog, that will help me stay on top of my Blogmas posting as the second half winds down. This will also help me gear up for the holiday part of the month, now that the birthdays of people I care about have past.

But, while I’m talking about impending reviews, in addition to my skin mask reviews, I think I may start also reviewing my Ipsy bags every month, since I get them reliably, and I already review them for Ipsy, but only random people read that, so I figured, hey, lets write a review for my blog readers who like to get skin care reviews!

So, where am I now?

Well, in the last blog I was prepping to go grocery shopping and tidying up, and I have since done a bit of that tidying, and went to the grocery store, and, I even managed to stay IN BUDGET.

We are working on cooking at home more, and I have several recipes I am trying this week, and I plan on making recipe blogs out of the ones that end up being tasty, easy, and affordable.

Lots of veggies and chicken for some one sheet pan baking dinners, and some super basic and easy options for breakfast and lunch, as well as snacking. Basically, a bunch of fruits and such, such as the delicious blueberries I am currently munching on.

Overall, it’s been a pretty chill day, and we are set to have a nice Sunday and start the week strong, which has me feeling pretty great.

Tomorrow I have some mild cleaning, and laundry, to get done, and of course, the blog being posted, and a new one being written, to do. I am also going to be cooking something for dinner, probably a large enough batch for us to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow, as well.

This week I am going to be doing the best I can to prepare for the holidays, including finishing off some decorations, and maybe digging out our stockings, which as I have mentioned, I want us to have this year.

Once we get paid, I want to pick Bret and myself up some new slippers, robes, and pjs, as well as some books from Half Price. I want to also get some underwear, socks, small useful things like that, along with some fruits and candies, for the stockings an wrapped presents. For wrapping paper, last year I made my own with brown paper bags, which means finding a check out lane that has brown paper bags for me to then cut up and decorate.

So I may instead do my newspaper wrapping paper, since I can get old papers at work. I will probably start sourcing some of that this week.

But: overall, today was chill, and this upcoming week looks to be one of planning and careful considerations, while preparing for a holiday, which is something I am quite good at.

Tomorrow looks to also be chill, with me preparing for the week, and hopefully getting some blogs written, like my face mask reviews and the review of the show we got to go see last night. I am also hoping to watch a holiday movie or two, like Die Hard or Home Alone.

But for now, I think I am going to work on some projects with Bret, and turn in for the evening.

Sunday Evening

Well, our internet is out so I am having to update from my phone… so my commitment to have my usual blog editing/formatting back to usual is null and void- but I wanted to come on, update, and then probably post for today, and hopefully tomorrow the Internet is back tomorrow…although there is scheduled maintenance all week.

Currently, I am prepped for dinner, chicken and tomatos are marinating and I have cheese grated. I’m making a spin on a recipe I found with a side of pasta – the goal is to have some left over for work tomorrow too, because it’s always nice to have lunch sorted.

I already took care of some breakfast food, having hard boiled some eggs and also made up some delicious potatoes. I’ll pack up my dinner leftovers, as well as the breakfast food, and be sorted for tomorrow. I am worried about us having enough groceries to survive the week, but, I’m hoping that I can at least have enough to only need a small trip for under 30 to get a few more things to finish out the food needs until payday- when I will be attacking our grocery needs and holiday meals.

It will be a big week of planning and list making, for sure. Here it is, already the 15…we are only ten short days from Christmas Day, and Hanukkah starts on the 22 so that’s even sooner!

So, I’m hoping to be well prepared for the week, and only need one small grocery trip before payday.

I am also hoping to have my grocery list locked down and my holiday plans solidified. But I also have a large amount of crap to tackle for today so… it is wise to wrap this up here.

Hopefully the maintenance on the internet won’t keep us down all week, and hopefully it doesn’t keep our system down at work too- last time this happened- it was stressful.

But, I don’t want to dwell on that, so instead I will focus on the delicious dinner I am going to be making and my fun chill night I should be enjoying after I do the easy dinner clean up and put up my leftovers for lunch!

I hope you all have a great week, and are enjoying Blogmas!


P.S.- this is what the blog looks like when I post it on my phone.


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