Daily Blog #112: Blogmas Day Fifteen- Back to the blogging schedule, no matter what the internet connectivity says.

Monday Morning

Greetings and Salutations, Blog readers!

Today is Monday, which I love, and it is my day to hopefully get back on my usual game, blog wise and life wise. Last night I made a dope ass dinner, and we have leftovers for lunch. I also made some country potatoes for my breakfast, along with some hard boiled eggs, so, low key, I am kind of already a big winner today!

Also I have coffee.

My goal for the blog is to post this before the end of the day, and then work on another for tomorrow, to get back to my “scheduled” for morning posting, schedule.

I have enjoyed posting in the evenings, it should be noted. I have really liked the results, but I also know I am gaining more followers by participating in Blogmas (hello new readers the WordPress algorithm brought my way) so I want to try and post in the morning and see what that brings my way.

I also like to have it already done, in case the day gets away from me, leading to me scrambling for my Blogmas blog post for the day. Hence, my goal is to have the blog scheduled in the morning..then maybe I can add secondary posts in the evening. I do like doing two posts a day, but that is hard to keep sustainable with a full time job and a universe of creative writing I try to stay on top off.

Shout out to my characters taking a break while I get lost in Blogmas.

At the moment I am catching up on emails while playing some of the Vlogmas videos I watched on my phone yesterday because our internet at the house is down.

Apparently there is scheduled maintenance all week, which normally, they always have scheduled stuff going on, because Houston is always under construction, but this one is affecting us.


So, if the internet is still down, I will be posting from my phone, or work computer, both of which mean the formatting and/or pictures will not be as they usually are, which is unfortunate, because I was hoping to get it back to usual.

Alas, life has other plans.

Anyways, perhaps the internet won’t be down all week. Even if it is, I am blessed enough to have the app on my phone, and unlimited data, so I can at least post, if not to my usual standards.

At work, we are all getting ready to move the new company to our location, preparing for the new year, trying to figure out everyone’s time off for the holidays, and, in my case, closing out the fiscal year.

Very exciting stuff, overall, but it does lead to us all being pretty busy around the office and the store.

I wish so much that I could film, a la “The Office”, because lemme tell ya, the content would be GOLD.

I keep asking…But alas, so far, we can’t get a YouTube channel A La “The Office”. Probably because people want to protect illusions that no one has.

So, on the topic of content I want…I wish I had bought the ginger bread village Bret and I saw at Target. I want to do a ginger bread Blogmas blog, but I can’t without a kit…so…

I guess that will be closer to the holidays, after we get paid. Although, at least that way we will have it fresher for any company that comes over.

I don’t know if we will have a ton of company or not, but we will probably have some, so…wanna have the ginger bread done so people can enjoy it if they want, but not done for so long that it gets even more stale than it already will be.

But am I even a Blogmas Blogger if I don’t do one with me decorating a ginger bread house or village??

I wanted to do so much more holiday themed stuff this year than I have, but sadly, it has been crazy, and many of my plans got derailed by other crap so…Here I am.

But I do have several skin care blogs and another recipe blog to load onto the blogs, and that will help give any interested Blogmas Blog readers tons of diverse content full of fun stuff.

I have three of four face mask reviews, an Ipsy bag review, and a couple product reviews I may type up, as well as another recipe blog, from the recipe I made last night, which I would like to make into a recipe blog as well. In addition to that recipe, I will likely be making a few more, after I finish trying out the recipes. Tonight I am probably going to make an Asian influenced chicken dish in the oven, which will likely yield another recipe for the blog.

As always, if you have any input for the kind of skin product reviews, recipes, daily blogs…or blogs in general, connect with me on social media and let me know, or, post down in the comments so WordPress thinks I am some legit blogger with a committed and engaged reader community.

I think with this, and with my goals for the blog and today, I will this up here, so I can work on the next blog, and get back to the schedule that I think will be best for me, and for my readers.




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