Daily Blog #115 Blogmas Day Eighteen- Best purchase of the year

Wednesday Early Evening

Greetings and Salutations, dearest blog readers.

It is the evening of Wednesday, and I am wrapping up at work, but figured, they, why not update the ole Blog, with a classic Blogmas style “one topic” blog post.

@OhitsTeddy (On YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc) posed a question on Twitter and IG, about purchases we have made this year that were the “best” and the answer, for me, as it turns out…Is this blog.

Mind you, Bret and I have purchased far more expensive items, but this was the one that really, in my mind, was good for me. For years I have talked about starting a blog, and I even tried it out, a million years ago when I had a Facebook and a Facebook page. Thankfully, the Facebook is gone, and the blog is a real, like, actual thing.

The blog. I love this damn blog so much, it borders on pathetic. I love having a place that always requires more writing from me. I love having a place to put my writing, to build on, to have a “landing” place, a proper website to grow on.

My website allows me to post my blogs, of all varieties, and also allows me to host video and audio files, as well as shopping, (with some upgrades, sure, but those are also budgeted for as my present to myself this year). I can post a small amount of audio and video, a large amount of pictures and text, and after I gift myself my upgrade, I can ALSO add a merchandise store front (I think that’s how it works) and a tip jar, so if anyone wants to tip me they can, but I can keep writing, and putting up an array of content, regardless.

I love this blog, not only for all of that, and the idea of gaining fiscal Independence from my job, but I also love it because I have a place for all the writing. I write a lot, not just these blogs but tons and tons of creative writing.

I can post short stories, or even chapters of longer ones, here, and, I can also, if I so desire, post everything I ever write, to the website, so people can read away, at their leisure.

I haven’t decided if i will publish every bit of writing on the website, but I love having this super independent option, this super on my own option to push my writing out there, without having to give into investors, or outside influences like the kinds brought on by publishing houses.

But, the biggest reason I like the the blog, I think, is the accountability it forces me to have.

Even without Blogmas, I try to blog every day, and post at least five times a week. Sure, there have been weeks where i can’t hit five postings, but, also, I tend to make up for that with longer blogs, or multiple blogs in one day.

I try to post this often, and I hold myself accountable, and it truly does help me, not only with my writing skills getting used so often, either.

Looking at the world in such a way that you are searching for lessons, trying to find a way to help others with your life, your words, your own unique perspective.

On top of that, you are then also accountable for posting every day, working not only your writing skills, but your editing skills, your formatting skills…oh and it encourages photography.

See, you wan to either pull free and legal images from the web, which I have done, or, your own original illustrations via photos or, if you are way more talented than I am, your own illustrations that you draw yourself.

For me, when we went to New Orleans, I was suddenly inspired to take my own photos for the blog, and I have been doing that for a while now, with the exception of my Blogmas posts, for which I use free photos from Unsplash to make cover photos. I do have a few pictures I plan to make into cover photos for closer to the holiday, of course, but, if you read the blogs, you likely know that I am still using my own photos for the blog itself.

This is one of the photos that proved to me that I could grab cool shots on my camera phone for this blog. Huzzuh to inspiration.

This is another way having the blog improves your eye, and also ups your content game…Taking photos for the blog has reconnected me with my love of photography, and to my grandfathers old wish that I write everything down and take all the pictures I can, which I do. It also helps me have pictures for my Instagram, Instagram Stories, and my Twitter page.

Plus, it makes me have the habit of shooting things, so my Instagram stories have also been more consistent (although my first goal is the blog, so the blog gets the most “daily” content).

So, basically, even though the blog was not the most expensive purchase, it was the best one, and I am so happy I have this blog.

And of course, YOU, my dearest, wonderful blog readers.


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