Daily Blog #116 Blogmas Day Nineteen- Fighting frustrations and finding writing balance.

Thursday Afternoon

I am on cup of coffee number three…at work…fourth in total, and it is far from enough.

Work has been CRAZY busy, but now i am taking a moment to update the blog before diving into some writing.

Things have been pretty stressful and pretty tricky, lately, and more so with Bret being unable to help out with stuff. Bret is not normally a big helper around the house or stuff like that, but being unwell makes him even less able to assist with anything, so even basic things like phone calls are giving him trouble…not to mention his mood has been even worse than usual.

All of this has been very hard on me, and in addition to the end of the fiscal year, closing out the books for the year, us adding a second company to our business, trying to get a rename/rebrand sorted out for the new company joining us…It is all adding up, and today I am realizing how much it is taking out of me.

I have the next place bit of writing I want to do for Flake City, before I start knitting the groups together in better ways, but I have no damn time to write. Sure, I could use this little time to write, but i want to try and get some written on the blog, as well.

Which led to me beginning the blog talking about my lack of time for writing.

So, tonight, on the agenda, I would love to tell you I will have time for a work out, making dinner, writing, and doing stuff for me.

But, even though Bret did try really hard to actually do something yesterday (Did the dishes), I have some cleaning I need to get done, and our internet is STILL FUCKING OUT. Fucking Comcast/Trinicom is like “Oh well, we have people working in the area.” But like…Our internet has been down since Sunday, and frankly, I feel like when you get this many days IN A ROW with no internet, you should get a discount on the internet’s bill.

Like, why are we paying for services when we aren’t receiving those? I know it wouldn’t be free, because we have had some this month, but like…its been five days. It has drastically hurt my Blogmas posting.

Just annoying. Like…c’mon.

Also annoying is the wax press we ordered, like over six months ago, that has been back ordered this entire time…and still hasn’t come. I am trying to convince Bret to make a phone call to get us the refund on it…because that is a very large chunk of money that would greatly help us out right now, but he keeps falling asleep in his desk or getting lost on Instagram. Hopefully he pulls out of it and is able to kind of help out, because the card we used has his name on it, so it is unlikely that i can even ask for the refund…and as I mentioned earlier, and in other blogs, money is crazy tight, and the amount we spent on the press would seriously come in handy.

Mind you, I was looking forward to finally getting a press, but we literally ordered it like 7 weeks before 4/20, in the hopes of having fresh wax for 4/20, plus a fun topical thing to do for the holiday, and here we are, damn near in the next year, and STILL no press.

I am far from amused. With taxes and shipping, it should be well over $600.00 bucks, as the press itself cost about that much. If we can get that money back we will be in a much better place for the new year, and maybe we can try and buy a wax press from a different company, later on in the year, when maybe they are more willing to take the job of making and sending us our press, more seriously.

They said 6-8 weeks of processing time. Here we are over 6 MONTHS later.

So, hopefully Bret can call and get us the refund.

Next week, I have less work to do at work, although I will still have a bit, but I will have some time off of work as well, to get stuff done. We have half days or off days all next week, so while I do have a good amount of work to do, I can achieve much of that when the store and office are closed, and therefore, be left without interruption.

I also took tomorrow off of work, but I will probably work for much of tomorrow as well.

Originally, I took the day off so I could dedicate time and energy to us being Poshmark Party Hosts, but our internet is still down, so I figured I would come in, get some work done, take two hours for the Poshmark Party to share people’s items and such, and then I would get back to work after that, to get more work done, and maybe leave early.

It will be VERY annoying if we don’t have internet all weekend, however, so I am hoping the internet gets turned back on.

If not, I will likely be spending more time at the office, writing, editing, and formatting the blog.

So I have a lot on my mind right now, and most of it I can’t handle myself, which leaves me annoyed. I am equal parts tired of it always being me, and tired of waiting for others to participate and help.

In 2020, something will change, one way or another, because I do not want to spend another year like this.

I plan on doing my “goals for the New Year” blog the week between Christmas and New Years, but I will say that is something I do plan on actively fixing.

But, enough of that. At the moment I need to blog, write, work, clean up around the apartment…broken record stuff that needs to be done every day.

So, I am going to get to work, I will update this more on my phone later and likely have to post it tomorrow after I get to work.

Until later-

Friday Morning

It is now Friday morning and while I did originally take today off of work, we STILL do not have any internet at the apartment, so I came in to take care of some work, and do some writing and blogging.

I have four or five blogs I want to try and prewrite today, as well as some writing in Flake City, so I do have a massive list to tackle today before I leave, and as annoyed as I have been at the apartment lately, I may stay late.

But maybe not, we shall see. Either way I am drinking my coffee and getting to work. I have the Poshmark Party today, this afternoon, and I plan on blogging all about that, too.

Anyways, Damon came up to use a work computer to fill out an application, and I am working on this blog. After I get this one up, I will work on the next few, including one all about what it is like to host a Poshmark Party.

So, be sure to tune in for those blogs that will be dropping over the next few days!

As always, thanks for reading!




One thought on “Daily Blog #116 Blogmas Day Nineteen- Fighting frustrations and finding writing balance.

  1. I hope your internet is back!! Our cable has been out and we’re going on 3 days now. It’s driving my folks up the wall. hehe… Like you said, we should be getting a discount because we’re not getting the service. Every complaint falls on deaf ears :/
    Good luck with that refund and I hope it doesn’t take nearly as long!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you 🙂


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