Blogmas Day Twenty: Andalou Naturals CannaCell Skin line review

I was blessed enough to have my awesome friend and coworker Katie give me a wonderfully thoughtful Andalou Naturals Hemp Stem Cell gift package and it also gives me a great chance to review it because wow what a great line!

So, first things first, this is NOT sponsored AT ALL but the company, but they are cruelty free and vegan, so I WOULD sponsor with them…if such things were possible. I do now have some Amazon affiliate links in this blog, so if you want to buy anything, use the link, it gives me a percentage of the profit at zero cost to you!

But this is not sponsored. I did not pay for it either, as I am one lucky duck who has a wonderful friend named Katie who for whatever reason decided to brighten my day and holiday season (not to mention my skin) with a product that she knew I loved. I have reviewed the Cannacell D.Tox mask before, and I was a big fan, and I am a huge fan of any product that uses cannabis, either hemp or full octane.

This line uses hemp, so no issues for those of you that are for some (frankly stupid) reason scared of Hemp.

Remember, Cannabis isn’t always “the stuff that fucks you up” Hemp has low to no THC- Even the strains with the “highest” amounts of THC do not have enough to even register and get you high. Hemp can sometimes be high in CBD and other cannabinoids, but nothing that will get you high.

Additionally, Hemp is 100% federally legal, everywhere in this great country of ours, and all the makeup and skin care products that use hemp are legal and allowed, no matter your job.

I don’t want to hear people saying some stupid poorly informed “Well my job is really strict so I can’t risk using hemp.”

Literally when you say nonsense like that you sound dumb as fuck. Hemp is legal, THC IS NOT IN THIS PRODUCT.

Nor is CBD. Mind you, CBD is LEGAL, but you will not have “trace amounts” of something illegal, and if you fill my comments with that crap, you will look stupid as fuck, and I will make fun of you while smoking a joint, the thing that actually has a grey area of legality.

Anyways: now that the disclaimer about Hemp is out of the way, and everyone knows that using these products is safe and legal: Let’s do a product review!

Great packaging and a fun little kit to try the line!

First: this is a line of five products, only four of which can really be used at a time, as two of the items are the day and night cream, which you should use at the end of the skin care routine, using day for the morning routine, or night for the evening routine.

I will be discussing this in the evening context, and then I will add my review of the day time lotion to my skin, at the end.

SO: The first step is an exfoliant, and I wasn’t sure if it was a proper cleanser or not, so I went ahead and did my first few steps of makeup removal and cleansing, using micellar water to remove my mascara, and using the GlamGlow Tropical Cleanser I have been LOVING (Be sure to look out for my Ipsy bag review).

X, Foliate Scrub from CannaCell line from Andalou Naturals

So once my face was reasonably clean, I used the exfoliant, or the “X.Foliate” Scrub.

I will say that this was the least impressive of all the products, BUT it should be noted that my cleanser ALREADY has an exfoliant, so maybe I can’t really appreciate it. I plan on trying it again, this evening, after using a foaming cleanser, to see if that makes the exfoliant better so we shall see about that later when I use it again, and update this blog.

(I did try again, and it is an okay product, but there are many better exfoliants out there, but this was a nice gentle one.)

BUT Texture wise, I found the mixture to be interesting. Little beads in a cool (literally felt cooling, may also put it in the fridge and see if that does anything because it was already “cooling”) gel, that definitely made me think the exfoliant wouldn’t dry my already dry skin out, for which, I was very grateful.

A good one, but like I said, I will update this later, after I try it in conjunction with a different cleanser, to make sure.

CannaCell Hydrating Toner from Andalou Naturals

Next up, is THE TONER.

YALL. This Toner.

Game. Changed.

Literally ended up searching for how much a full sized toner would cost…and was very pleased to find that it is cheaper than any of the toners I am currently obsessed with, in the case of my Pixi Glow tonic, substantially cheaper.

This is by far the most hydrating toner I have ever had, and it smelled amazing. This toner was refreshing, moisturizing, and overall just felt AMAZING on my skin!!!

Big fan, can’t say enough good about this great little toner, and I definitely plan on buying a full size bottle. You can use this link if you want to as well.

CannaCell DeTox Mask from Andalou Naturals

Next, after the toner, I tossed on the D.Tox Mask, which I have reviewed at length in the past on this blog, but, it still holds true as a DAMN good mask.

Sensitive skin people should be aware that this mask definitely tingles a lot, some would say burning, but I have never had any issues with my skin after. As with all skin care, use caution, only you know your skin.

If you want to know the details of my review on this mask, feel free to read the blog about it, but if you want it in context of THIS review, know this-

It felt even better after the awesome toner I used, and had an amazing deep clean feeling to it.

After the mask, which I washed off using my little hand knitted scrubbies, I did one more pass of toner, because the toner helps the moisturizer, but also because I am really obsessed with this toner and multiple uses of toner. I like to use it before a mask, and sometimes, after, more so when the mask is a deep cleaning mask…I just cleaned out my pores, why not put some toner on and then seal it with the night time lotion?

So, I used the toner a second time, after the D.Tox mask, and I highly recommend doing this as well.

Finally, after toning, I grabbed the dreamy, creamy, night time formula.

This lotion had an initial feeling of thick cream, which I liked, and when I put it on, it immediately began to soak into my skin, and I felt the familiar tingling I have felt with the mask, but in a deeper, creamier kind of way. Either way, for the first five or so minutes of having it on, I definitely felt a distinct tingle on my face…

But the next day I was rewarded with beautifully smooth skin.

Not too bad. Definitely buying this for an affordable night cream.

So, speaking of the next day, I used micellar water to cleanse (a great tip for any fellow dry skin people out there, use micellar water for morning cleansing, and then toner, and then day time lotion and SPF- Highly advise this for dry skin sufferers.

This is the CannaCell Happy Day Cream from Andalou Naturals. I’ve searched for the night time one, and I can’t find the bottle to photograph- But it looks just like this but it says night. Also you can see what it looks like in the big picture of all items at the top of this blog.

So, after I cleansed, I went ahead and used the new amazing toner, and tried the day time cream.

Not as much stinging as the nighttime, but WHOA I could feel it really sinking in and hydrating in such a way that really made me sit up and take notice.

Wonderful feeling, silky, and it absorbed into my skin super well. Big fan. I felt much better putting my SPF on, and didn’t feel like I needed to add any foundation or concealer. The first day of trying it, I didn’t even use banana powder!

What a great one! Normally day time formulas end up being not so great to me, but this one, WOW.

The power of hemp, people.

So this has been my review of the CannaCell line from Andalou.

This brand is fast becoming a top favorite for many reasons, including the vegan, cruelty free, plant based reasons that make me leap for the moon without feeling terrible for using the products.

GREAT products. Big fan. They have combo packs like this one for affordable prices, and obviously they make DAMN GOOD GIFTS.

I got this as a gift and it meant the world to me. Extra special shout out to Katie for this wonderful, beautifully perfect for me, gift.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Blogmas!



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