Blogmas Day Twenty-Two: December Ipsy bag review

I got a great bag worth reviewing but it’s important to note I also maximized the add ons to really make the best possible bag, and I suggest everyone who is able to do so!

First and foremost, please note that my bag has a few extra items than the usual bag, as I take FULL advantage of the Ipsy add-on program, normally adding nearly an entire additional Ipsy bag’s worth of products…and this one is no exception.

First, let’s discuss the items I got in my bag, that I did NOT pay extra for and did NOT add on.

BUT FIRST let’s put up the “This shit ain’t sponsored” disclaimer.

I am a blogger, and not a wildly famous one. While I wouldn’t say no to a sponsorship or collaboration with IPSY, this blog isn’t.

Also, why would they? I have paid for my next years worth of Ipsy bags in advance, to lock in a cheaper price.

Items Ipsy picked out and sent me this month.

So why would they bother sponsoring me, when they already got my money, and all the free content I provide from this blog? Exactly. They wouldn’t.

I paid for this bag, and all my add-ons, and there was no sponsorship.

But I would totally love to collab with Ipsy but…I don’t think that will ever happen as Bloggers don’t get cool deals like that often, and when they do its because they are much more famous and successful than me.

So, onto the Ipsy bag that is totally not sponsored.

I will be doing the items I got in my bag that were selected by Ipsy, first, and then, for the second half of this blog, I will cover the items that I picked out for myself and paid addition money for.

So the first item listed for my Ipsy bag is a eyeshadow from Phase Zero Make Up Satin Eyeshadow in Banana Beige.

Initially I was worried that the eyeshadow was too golden/yellow for my complexion. Some golds don’t look so cute on me.

Thankfully, when I tried it on and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked- and also how well it went on.

I would say 4 out of five stars for sure.

A good little eyeshadow that I have now used several times, by itself and with other natural browns and natural shade eyeshadows, it can work well on its own and also “plays well with others” as a great eyeshadow. Feels smoothy and creamy too, which is always nice for comfort as well as ease of blending.

Next up was the Little Moon Essentials peppermint Schtick lip balm.

So, full disclosure, I really LOVE the lip balm I’ve been using- I keep one at my desk and one at home, and it contains hemp. I have included it on my favorite hemp products blog.

But this new lip balm was really great, and exactly what I needed for the cold winter months…or as we have in Texas, cold but also hot and highly erratic weather.

As anyone who has spent a few days in Texas, namely Houston, you know that in the winter, our weather will bounce between 90 degrees and 20, with little discrimination, and sometimes little warning. We get horribe humidity and dry cutting winds.

The winds hit us in all directions, and our skin becomes a special kind of dried out, after living with months of humidity.

This lip balm rises to the occasion.

Next up is the Tarte Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer in Park Ave. Princess.

This bronzer looked beautiful in the container but I wasn’t sure how it would look on me and while it’s a little hard to see, it isn’t too dark, which is nice.

All too often, the bronzer is some horrible orange tone, or some terribly nasty sick looking color that simultaneously screams not natural and cheap, no matter the quality of the bronzer. I don’t know if this is just me or not but…Man I have looked bad with some of the more pigmented bronzers so the light, and more importantly, natural color of this bronzer was a welcomed change.

Overall, a lovely bronzer.

Next is a surprise new favorite I really can’t afford to like this much: Skin Regimen Night Detox, which is an overnight mask meant to reduce fine lines, signs of aging, discoloration, etc.

I’ve used this a few times and I have wished so much that I could justify such a purchase but it is sadly outside of my budget, but it’s really nice to get to try it! Maybe I’ll get to snag it on a sale, however, as Ipsy usually has great deals.

Why do I want to buy it? Because holy crap this mask is amazing. It feels sensational, like smearing a super high quality lotion on your face, and it feels gentle and natural, and smells like flowers. It smells like chamomile and lavender to me, which is all I ever want in any night time product.

On top of the amazing smell and texture, this overnight mask works wonders, leaving your skin looking and feeling gorgeous, with more youthfulness to it. The reviews and marketing around this stuff says that 100% of the people who used it in a 28 day cycle every day had positive results, which makes me think I will likely try to buy it soon…the bit that I have tried has left me wanting more, so I may just treat myself soon. If I so, I will try the 28 day challenge, and roll back the clock on my skin.

My final item in the Ipsy bag, of things that came in my bag from Ipsy, is the Porefessional primer from Benefit, which is a favorite of mine that I always want to buy and never let myself get, so I was very happy to get some! This stuff is so velvety and feels so great on the skin, and on top of that, it makes your pores so tiny! It also happens to really lock makeup in place, hydrate the skin, and in my case, enable a more nude look, as it really smooths your skin out, in my opinion and I really do love this product!

Next up is my add on products that I paid extra money to have added to my bag. These items were purchased because I either liked the brand or liked the item, or, plain ole curiosity.

The cost of these items ranged from 3 dollars an add on to 12 dollars for the deluxe size, like the large cleanser you will see. I had tried some of these items before, like the face cream, or the eye mask.

Other items were picked because I had tried other scents in that line, like the Hemp lotion.

Other items were picked because I had tried other products in that line, which was the case with the cleanser. I have tried the GlamGlow Foaming Mud cleanser, and have long since sworn by it.

This first item is something I have had before and really love having in my rotation of skin care products and that is the Hey Honey “Look into my eyes” Retinol eye mask.

The size alone allows you to really get a good bang for your buck- Ipsy add ons in this case are 3 or 12 dollars/ this one was 3- and it’s a huge container for something used around the eyes, and it has a GREAT impact on the eyes too!

This awesome stuff really does work well, reducing lines and dark coloration well and also reducing puffiness from a long day.

For an added bonus, it doesn’t burn as much as other night creams and eye masks do, when you accidentally get it in your eye.

Next on the add ons I purchased is the Glam Glow Tropical Cleanse daily exfoliating cleanser.

This item has quickly become a new favorite of both Bret and myself. I’ve used GlamGlow products before and while this isn’t my favorite of their cleansers, this is easily my number two from that brand now.

This cleanser, has a deep clean, and a fantastic exfoliation that leave your skin feeling fantastically soft while still being deeply cleansed, and, to make matters better, is left feeling hydrated, not stripped of all it’s oils and goodness, like some deep cleaning exfoliating cleansers can do.

This stuff also smells great, which is important, I think, when discussing skin care products, and the beautiful purple color of it looks and smells like something tropical, as the name suggests.

Next is the Belief “The True Cream” – moisturizing bomb, which I have had the pleasure of using before. Both bret and myself enjoyed it, so for 3 bucks, I grabbed it up as a restock.

This stuff is amazing, as it has a delightfully deep moisture that really sinks into your pores and hdyrates from ithin, without clogging your pores and making your skin feel all gross and waxy.

On top of this, the formula is a light and airy white mixture that goes on easy, which makes a nighttime routine that much faster. This cream also “plays well” with oils and serums, making it a faithful and reliable face cream.

Last but not least is a new scent of a lotion I have tried before, this is the Herbal Body moisturizer in tropical pineapple and honey melon from Hempz, and I love it, as I loved the first scent I tried.

This lotion sinks in, hydrates skin, and smells great. It is a solid moisturizer, and if I ever get to go shopping for myself and buy some large bottles and actually take care of my skin, I will be investing in a. full size bottle of one of the scents from this brand, as the product is top notch and works beautifully well, giving you a lasting moisture without any greasy, nasty feeling left on your skin. This is a great lotion, and if even has some helping properties of cannabis, without any THC, so slather it on, its great stuff.

Overall my bag really made me happy this month; partially from my add ons and partially from their good picks.

I may start reviewing my bags from now on- let me know if you like it by DMing me on social media (@abbigrasso) or by leaving a comment below.

Thanks for reading!


PS- I have linked the products I got, and you can buy them yourself on Amazon. if you use these links (please) I will get a small kickback, at no extra cost to you! Sweet!


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