Daily Blog #118: Blogmas Day Twenty Three – productive writing, shopping, and a lesson about the holidays everyone should know.

Saturday Night

Greetings and Salutations, dearest Blog Readers!

I figured I would start this Daily Blog to get it started, but I have no idea when it will get posted. I have spent much of the day getting caught up on my blog writing, skin care product reviews, December Ipsy Bag Review, and the Christmas Carol review.

I also spent some time getting the apartment back into some semblance of shape, finally getting the last of the stuff from the fridge, did the surfaces, some light dusting, swept, litter box, wet mop, tons of dishes etc etc etc…

Basically, I got to work around the apartment taking care of stuff that needed to be done. My goal had been to go to work and gets some stuff done there but this morning when I woke up I realized our home life needed more attention than work did, so I got to work around the house while Bret went into work, and when he came home we both got to work writing. Not to mention I can always go in later in the week to do stuff.

Now he is winding down on some projects and we are expecting company this evening, so he is going to play some video games while I jump on and update the blog and jot down some notes for my writing in Flake City which is about to get joined together, as in, a few different stories are all getting mixed together now, within the city, and the characters start to get connected.

Monday Late Morning

Greetings and Salutations again, dearest blog readers, it is late in the morning on Monday, and I am at my desk working on this, and a few other tasks as well.

I am fighting the feeling of being “bummed out” today, and it is trying to inch into depression. I haven’t had any cannabis today, so it is likely that the lack of ingestion of THC is also having its way with my mental stability, but also some people in my life who are bringing me down.

One of my biggest goals is finding a way for those kinds of things to not bother me and make my heart hurt as much, but as we all know, I am a bit of a soft person and I am way too emphatic.


Today is Monday, and we have a half day today, but everyone came in early, so goodness knows if they will leave on time or not.

I am sticking around to try and do a transfer of our mobile store POS licenses to our headquarters, so everyone has enough licenses to ring people up at this location.

That is of course assuming Quickbooks Support has one of the GOOD techs available for today, instead of the shitty ones, which this close to holiday time, there could very well be only the “b” team available, in which case, I will gladly hold off and wait for a better person to assist us…Because as much as I love Quickbooks Intuit, their support people can differ greatly, and for this particular job, we need the good people who know the ins and outs of the programs.

So, I am also waiting for a call to confirm said support, and therefore can’t really leave my desk, and I am SOOOO damn hungry. I may make some coffee to hold me over, plus, hey, I get coffee.

In some good news, however, we got a little bit of money ahead of Payday tomorrow, so some of the shopping we need to do, we can hopefully attack today, and then the nasty shopping (Walmart) will be out of the way before Christmas Eve, when the shopping gets really bad.

Tomorrow, Bret and I plan to hit up the outlet mall for him, (maybe me) and also guitar center for Bret.

For myself, I have a few things I may grab up at Target or Walmart.

At the moment, I am working on our shopping list, groceries, things we need around the house, and not per se “Presents” but things we want to give to each other that happen to occur during all of the winter holidays.

Most of our “activities” for the holiday are going to revolve around eating tasty food and enjoying time with our friends, and namely, which each other.

Basically: Our plan is to eat some great food, smoke some good weed, see some great friends, and, of course, write our asses off, because it wouldn’t be time off without us trying to get a months worth of writing done in a couple of days free from work.

Which, if we are being honest, Bret and I have turned ourselves into such content monsters that we could work full time at creating the content, but we aren’t quite in a place to just stay home creating content and writing all day, just yet.

Now it is after closed office hours, and I am waiting for the phone call from Quickbooks/Intuit that at this point I do not think will be coming in, so, I will likely just leave in a few minutes, go grab a sammich, and then go get some shopping done.

Finally! Holiday shopping!

So, I think I am going to go and get that done, and update this blog later!


Greetings again, it is now Monday Evening! 9:29 PM, at this moment. I thought it would be good to finish up this daily blog and then dive into some creative writing while bret works on a new track.

Shopping was fun, namely because we aren’t doing “presents” in so much that we are just using a little bit of the money we have set aside for things we could both use or really want. For example, while shopping, I bought myself…a French press. I am so freaking excited to use this in the morning. It is also something that as fairly cheap (maybe a nicer one later in the year or so and this one can become the at work one) that I will use for a good long time, and at a frequency that allows me to make the purchase worth the money.

I also grabbed up some things we needed, like food for the animals, some SPF, some toiletries like toothpaste, some groceries like drinks, chips, some stuff I need for my ramen, etc etc, and some of the stuff for the next few days of snacking.

While I did the shopping, Bret hit up the smoke shop and then hung out at McDonalds, and then we came home and have been relaxing ever since. My plans for tonight are to do some dishes, and get a bunch of writing done, but it is already approaching ten, so if I have any plans on getting up early tomorrow, I need to be in bed at a reasonable time. Thankfully, I am not going to be at work for very long, I am going in so I can wait for the checks to arrive for our non direct deposit people, and I will let them all know via text and stay to make sure the gate is open so the new people can get in and get their paycheck.

Because getting paid is awesome, and I am sure everyone would like some money before one of the biggest holidays of the year.

So, I am going in, around ten, to wait for our checks, and when they arrive, I will let my coworkers know, by texting all of them, and letting them into the gate when they arrive.

With that, I don’t want to be up all night, and I want to do some writing, and I would love to play some video games too but I can wait on that if needed, to guarantee I get some writing done.

All of this to say that I need to get my ass in gear and get this blog scheduled, and then get to writing. It is already nearly 10:30, due to my being pulled in every which direction right now, so, I am going to end this here and schedule this little lady for tomorrow.

I know there should be some big Blogmas thing, but frankly, I did a bunch of holiday type shopping today and that left me kind of wiped, but alas, that IS the holiday spirit, isn’t it?

This blog goes up tomorrow morning, which is Christmas Eve, and I really want to post a blog tomorrow evening as well as Christmas Day, all about the days and how we spend them, but we are not doing a traditional Christmas celebration, as I’ve mentioned, so…we shall see what that leads to on the blog.

I think it will be pretty special regardless.

Because like everyday, and doubly so on Holidays, they are only the sum of what you make them.

Which is the big Blogmas type lesson for today. All of these holidays are just the sum of what we make them. Don’t let stupid mentally obligations get you down, the obligation to buy presents is just another damn zombie in a world full of zombies. People can quibble about the “meaning” of a holiday, but the truth of the matter is many people celebrate many things around now, and while some of those people have presents exchanged, be it Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Yule…None of them make the present exchange the main thing. The main thing is the spirit of the holiday, being all happy and cozy and well fed with your loved ones..In the BIG general picture, it means a great many things…Don’t let the zombies of present expectations get you down.

If you aren’t around family, thats okay. Enjoy some time with yourself or with friends or with some family member that invites you over. If you have to work every day or even one day of the holiday you celebrate, take solace in the fact that you have a job, and know that I am also working on days I would rather be celebrating, but we all have our part to play, or…whatever. My point is I know the holidays can be hard for some people, due to family, work, money, whatever…But keep in mind that we ourselves can also make the choice to enjoy the time we have. If you family sucks and is hella toxic, order take out because yes, some places are still open, and read a good book, or maybe brave the grocery store and make your own very special meal, for your time alone. Time alone can be great, it is all in how you yourself look at it, and no societal standard can take that away from you.

If no one has invited you into their homes, take a respective look at why, or, why it matters, but realize that ultimately, regardless of work you may have to do on yourself, you are special and worthy. If you need to make changes we make resolutions and commit to change next week. If the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future come to visit you, feel free to make those changes sooner.

(and reach out to a damn hotline if you get suicidal, please. I don’t care how much you don’t think we need you, you abosultly matter and we need you out here.)

Just know that these holidays are simply the sum of whatever we make them. We don’t need to worry about buying enough presents for everyone, or a fancy enough roast for the meal…We need to make sure we are happy and healthy in the New Year. Buy some useful stuff if you want presents, but don’t feel some stupid obligation to have a giant tree decked out with presents. Anyone you may worry about buying a present for needs so much other than the present you are killing yourself with guilt over, namely, they have you in their life. You are enough, and only you control your winter holiday, because it is only the sum of what you make it. Make it awesome…on your terms.

Happy Blogmas Day 23!

Thanks for reading!

I love you all.




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