Daily Blog #119: Blogmas Day Twenty-Four- Shopping, ideal holiday plans we are living, and sustainable changes that are life goals.

Tuesday Late Morning

Greetings and Salutations my wonderful blog readers

Today is the day before Christmas, it is Christmas eve, Hanukkah day two (But tonight is night three, you know?) I think thats right.

I am not raised Jewish, so I don’t know the nuances as well as those raised around it. The Jewish religion was simply the one that made the absolute most sense, to me, and also had bits that matched up with my more “Pagan/Witchy” ways as well.

Plus they believe in Lilith, which is important to me.

Anyways, It is a lovely day, slightly chilled but crazy strong on the sun which sucks ass. I am waiting around for the people I work with to show up and get their paychecks, then I will head home.

Bret is at the outlet malls, and I plan on going home and cleaning our dab rig, so we can dab some awesome crumble concentrate later.

Also on the agenda is Bret going to Guitar Center to see if they have a floor model keyboard we can afford for him, as frequent blog readers will know, I want to buy Bret a new keyboard for the holidays etc. I will be hitting up Target, possibly with Lenyn, to grab some comfy cozy things like maybe a new rob or PJs, and maybe some skin products or something.

I also need to go to Kroger and get the produce I didn’t get yesterday. We want to have snack trays and maybe a nice steak, potatoes, asparagus kind of meal.

We ALSO want to hit up Half Price Books and grab some books so…We may or may not get everything done today, but we also aren’t forcing ourselves to have any unreal expectations. We are buying things we both want and could use, and if we don’t make it to Half Price today, we will Thursday or whatever. We are off on the day after Christmas, or Boxing Day, which is awesome because Boxing Day is such a great, chill vibe.

We are back to work on Friday, short half day that I may stay for a bit longer for, and then we get an awesome weekend!

I have been reading everyone’s Blogmas Day 24 posts, and I want to post this one this evening when everyone is getting comfy, so I am trying to edit as I write so I can just hit submit when I am done…So apologies if I have more typos and under cased I’s than usual.

It is nearly noon, which is when our gates are going to close, so I am going to go downstairs and make sure everyone got their checks, and then probably head home to make some ramen for lunch before diving back into our plans for the day, because I am freaking STARVING.

So, until later!


It’s later!

I shopped my ass off. Nothing extravagant, just some things I could really use, in line with what we told ourselves we would do for the holiday season. I got some new sleep pants that are softer and lighter, as well as some underwear and socks, and a jogging bra. Thankfully, I didn’t take too long at Target, and got to Ulta, because 30 minutes into my Ulta trip, Ulta closed three hours earlier than advertised on the internet.

Thankfully, I had already grabbed the things on my list I wanted plus a thing I found and wanted, so I jetted out of there, but I felt terribly bad…but it was all in all a good thing because I would have spent more money, and as it was I sent forty under what was budgeted.

Bret ended up finding a better keyboard and other music making production piece he needed, for the price point we wanted, and ordered it, so he was saved a trip to guitar center, and his trip to the outlet mall led to online shopping in the Adidas app.

After the Ulta excitement of them closing early, and Bret spending some time lounging with his new found not having to shop in person enjoyment, we went to Kroger and got stuff for our dinner tomorrow, for just the two of us, which will be steak, garlic and herb roasted potatoes and some asparagus.

We will be having company in the afternoon, I believe Amber and Damon, with Lenyn and Sam likely to also show up, plus whoever else, and I do worry that people will overstay their welcome and we won’t get to eat dinner until later, if not the next day, but most people work the next day and we don’t, so I am staying positive.

Besides, we love these people, and spending time with them is wonderful. I have invited some other people but I don’t know if they will come or not, and it seems unlikely.

For our guests, we will be serving snacks and appetizers, chips and dip, veggie tray with grapes and berries, and a nice summer sausage and cheese tray with crackers and a cheeseball or two that I will whip up tomorrow morning while I clean the apartment for company. I will also be blogging a “how to get your place ready for company in X amount of time” blog as well, for the holiday season, because our holiday plans are probably great for anyone celebrating New Years, and that content should prove to be valuable for you all.

But, as for right now, it is late in the evening, and I want to spend some time writing and relaxing, but first, I wanted to finish this blog.

I am looking forward to having company tomorrow, and am excited to munch on food all day and get some writing done in between hanging out with friends.

The day after, we will likely spend writing and eating leftovers, and the day after that is a half day at work, so we will spend some time writing then as well. Our friends Tina and Kaynell are probably going to come over on Friday, so we will be hosting them, probably with some sort of tasty food and enjoyable smoke.

Thats all either of us really ever want with our time off. Time to write, eat good food, smoke, and maybe enjoy time with people we love.

Bret and I want to get married in the Christmas season next year, but as the wedding plans evolve, they get simpler, but all either of us want is an enjoyable happy meal with friends, in a weed legal place, having a really good time. That’s all either of us ever want, weed, food, good people, good times, and of course, time to write.

So that is how we are spending our time off. I am also making it my goal to get back into the swing of my working out, my cardio has fallen to the way side, and I need to get back at it again.

I also need to eat healthier, but its the holidays and it’s hard enough as is, but, I have been working on healthier recipes for Bret and I, like the spaghetti squash cheesy broccoli I made for us, and in the new year, I am resting more recipes that are quick, easy, and healthy.

We won’t need many, and the faster we can get into a rotation the faster we can speed up the eating process for us, and also keep the cost down.

We are both going to be needing extra money for publishing and producing costs, so every penny I can save with things like us actually eating at home, is helpful, more so with us wanting to travel more next year and both still having full time jobs that pay our full time bills.

I feel like while I have always been against eating the same thing every night, in 2020, I will be going minimal in some ways.

But also, I will still have several recipes so I can rotate the rotation, and not drive myself too crazy.

But basic things we both really like, with seasonings or dressings that we both like. For example, broccoli, carrots, peppers, maybe even some green beans, with a teriyaki sesame dressing, baked, for easy clean up.

Also more fruits for snacks and more salads for dinner and lunch when not eating leftovers, which shouldn’t be too hard, as I get better at knowing what kind of salads I will always eat, I can stock those foods, pack em in a large bowl with the dressing in a smaller container, and then toss it on and enjoy when lunch comes.

All this to help save money and also eat healthier, and I have to work my cardio in, and do my high intensity work out in the morning, the small (and awful) little 5 minute one I’ve been doing would be fine.

I am 32, and I understand that comes with the obligation to actually treat my body well. No, I am not some influencer or celebrity who works out every day or five time a week with a trainer, and even if I were, I doubt I would do that.

It just isn’t my style.

But living a long time is, and there is overwhelming evidence that supports that working out lengthens your life.

So, not in a resolution way, but in a, “get back to this” way, I am committing to working out more often, in the morning the high intensity, in the evening, the cardio, and also eating at home more, and eating healthier.

I say all of this while munching on (too many) honey bbq chips.

‘Tis the season, and these fuckers are delicious.

I will absolutely be eating like trash, probably intermixed with eating healthy, to try and find balance, for example, I bought cabbage, so I can add more vegges and make ramen I like more often, and of course add a cheap food into my rotation, so, while I am chowing down on a bag of chips right now…I also have some slightly healthier options for some meals.

And plans for improving my diet long term, too.

So, there is some healthiness updates, for anyone wondering where I was, personally, as we stare ahead to next week and the looming “resolutions” hell that is New Years Eve.

Please remember, you don’t have to drive yourself crazy, killing yourself with some crazy new routine. You can make small healthy changes that add up, like last year I started smoking less and less at the start of the new year, and while I do occasionally smoke, I do not consider myself a smoker, and the smokes I have are me indulging, not needing.

And it will last longer, because I worked myself through it. Some people need to do things all at once, but not everyone does, in fact, many don’t. Be kind to yourself, and make small healthy changes you can sustain for the long haul, and then keep making them, to have a better life in the long term.

With that, I think I will bid you all a good night, and get this scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Good morning. Happy Blogmas day 24! Let’s go enjoy Blogmas day 25!

Thanks for reading


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