Daily Blog #120: Blogmas Day Twenty-Five- “…Wait is Blogmas REALLY over?”, trying to not talk about things I plan on blogging about later, a heart full of friend love, and plans for the rest of the decade.

Thursday Evening

Well, it is the “final” day of Blogmas/Vlogmas, apparently, which is crazy to me, because like…I honestly thought more people would do it until the 31st. I myself hadn’t decided if I would do every day until the 31st or not, but it seemed like we should all at least try to make it the full month, I mean…you made it this far?

But then again it is nearly seven when I am STARTING todays blog, and, I’m not gonna lie, it has been hard as hell to make sure I have at least one post a day. I do have a review or two of some skin masks to post, one of which is already written, so I can, in theory, keep going…and I kind of want to, for the sake of completeness. I guess we will all see how long I go. I definitely consider how far I have made it to be a major victory. I am sure I can dig deep and find the extra energy to keep going every day, I like the idea of blogging nearly every day anyways, so, this is just training for that.

Besides, I am coasting on a recent victory. I recently hit 100 followers on WordPress for the blog. This means people who have a WordPress account, who follow me, and does not count the people who just type in the url abbigrasso.com or use the links in any of my bio’s on social media, or subscribe to my blog via email. I have over 100 followers inside the app proper.

My goal was to hit 100 by the end of the year, and I have succeeded in this goal sooner than I thought I would, and I am very happy. I would like to be well over 200 by this time next year, actually, I would like to be in the 500-1,000 range, but that feels greedy.

I do have some plans for the blog in the new year, however, including playing with my writing style for some of the Daily Blogs. Sometimes, my documentarian style of writing, which is very pointed in writing like Flake City, doesn’t translate on the blog, and I should (maybe) be more brief with some of the things I say on the blog.

This is one of the key things I was noticing with Blogmas is it seemed no one was holding themselves responsible for at least 500-1,000 words, if not more.

And sometimes, people kept it short and still conveyed all the information of a longer blog, and sometimes, with blogs and our face paced competitive content world, it is helpful to make good use of my readers time and keep it short, so they have time to read not only other blogs, but other styles of writing.

Anyways…I don’t want to do a big “things I learned from Blogmas” post just yet, because I am not sure if I will be doing it for 31 days or somewhere between 26-31 days, and it will be a post I do closer to the end.

But, the fact that I don’t have to always write long blog posts, was helpful.

I also learned that I do not like Daily Blog Posts that only really focus on one thing, because I like it to feel like a few things happened each day, not just the image of it, but for the sake of reading, it is much more interesting to read about several things, even if two of them are ideas or thoughts and one is something about what is actually happening that day.

Style, has been really been looked at, during this Blogmas, and it has me super fucking pumped for the New Year on the blog.

Not that I believe in some “resolution” or anything like that. I will be probably discussing this is another blog, closer to New Years Eve, but I really prefer to just look at my past year, consider the good and bad, and then apply the lessons moving forward, to meet the goals I have for myself in the future.

New Year is merely that, a new year.

Which also means it is just another year. But I also know I have been working on making each year better than the last, for a long time, and that has been helpful, and 2020 is no exception, so as the final week in this decade winds down, I will be really thinking about the lessons I have gleaned from the past year, and be considering how I want to move forward for an even better year than I had this past year.

As you may recall from my birthday, I have high hopes for 2020, this new year, my 32nd year on this planet, and I I think it truly may be the best year yet.

Because I have been working my ass off at it for a while, and have been putting things into motion every day.

It isn’t easy being a writer, but I am doing the goddamn thing.

Behind the scenes stuff like (but not limited to) taking pictures, but also considering what will make for a good cover photo, editing it with the title, for things like Blogmas, etc.

I am also learning more about the ins and outs about making a life as a writer, and all the boring behind the scenes stuff that goes into it, not just the boring universe building stuff that feels like running a marathon while being attacked by evil writing demons but looks like me crying in front of a computer while flinching from invisible attacks from evil writing demons.

No, I am learning about ordering endless samples to make sure the merchandise that will ultimately represent you, is the quality you want.

I am learning that quality matters, even if it costs more.

I am learning that investing in yourself is the best damn investment, big or small. Thankfully, with investing in yourself, even small investments have a big pay out.

I haven’t done the next upgrade on the blog, but I have purchased two levels on it, unlocking more and more features, and each of them have been great and highly helpful.

I am about to also pay for some logo generation or paid apps that allow me to do it myself, as well as some more merchandise samples, after I modify the collection based on my lessons from my last investment, a batch of my merchandise.

Because quality matters.

I have other investing in myself purchases I plan to make, but that is planned for another blog as well, because, as you can tell, I have a lot to blog about, but, I want to also talk about what I am thinking right now.

My heart is full. This has been a hard Christmas, the first one without both of my grandparents. My mom found it hard to, the first one without either of her parents, but we got through it. She had my sister, dad, and her friends, to help her, and I had my mom, via phone, Bret, Amber, Damon, and of course, Lenyn, and Sam.

Samantha, Lenyn, and myself. Sam and I are containing our impending sadness.

Lenyn is leaving soon, of course, which is devastating. Honestly that is bumming me out so much, but I am also happy he is getting to go chase his dreams…I just wish he weren’t leaving so soon.

Lenyn will be off in NYC soon, and I know Sam and myself are both very sad about it, and I think we will end up throwing a small going away party for him, in which I will blog about it and how sad I am that he has left.

But, for the holidays, I had Lenyn, Sam, Amber, Damon, and Bret, all of which made the day special, and have made my past year wonderfully beautiful. I want all of them to be involved in the year that is coming, and even though Lenyn will be in NYC, I am hoping that maybe he will be brought back for a job, or something, or we find a way to work together digitally, because we have so much happening in the coming year, and I have always imagined Lenyn being there for it.

But it was a lovely holiday, we all smoked and ate, and, as predicted, the friends did stay later than intended, they also came later than planned, which led to Bret and I having our special dinner around midnight, but that didn’t stop it from being delicious.

We had a wonderful meal, and enjoyed some quality time together, and today we slept in, munched on leftovers, and did our own thing. Tomorrow we have to go back to work, but it’s a half day that starts at ten, and the day ends at two. I may stay later, but either way, it looks to be chill.

Then we have two days off for the weekend, then we have Monday and Tuesday, for work, full days, then, off on Wednesday, New Years Day…which frankly has always made more sense to me…why had the eve off, when you need the day after off to recover from staying up late, and likely drinking.

Bret and I aren’t huge drinkers but we love champagne and will probably share a bottle or two and smoke, maybe hang out with friends if anyone comes over, but mostly enjoy a quiet evening in, maybe watch the ball drop and fireworks around the world on the TV, but, all in all, I don’t see either of us deciding we want to get all active and out there on New Years Eve…Everyone is always stupid on NYE, and I am not interested in dealing with people acting stupid.

Sometimes not letting the zombies get you down means getting supplies, barricading the safe room, and avoiding contact with the zombies.

So, the plans will likely involve some tasty food and some champagne, I will finalize plans after a trip or two to Kroger.

It’s all about eating in and not ordering take out, moving forward, as I have mentioned, so I want to really end the year cooking to set the tone for the new year, so, our New Years Eve plans will involve smoking, eating, and drinking a little champagne, while maybe getting more pictures with my friends, because it is also my goal to get more active in taking pictures all the time, with or without a nice camera.

With that, I think I will wrap the blog up here. I need to do some dishes, take a shower, and do some laundry still, and I also am feeling very lazy so…all of that will take coaxing on my part, not to mention editing and formatting this blog, and posting it, with pictures.

So, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and I hope you are all enjoying an even better Boxing Day. Tomorrow, some of us go back to work, me, for a few hours. Some of us never stopped working. Either way, tomorrow we are ever closer to ending the decade, so lets all really think about how we have been doing in the past year, and yes, decade, and consider how we want to move forward in the new year. Once we know what we are doing, we will know how to best guarantee getting it in the future.

Until then, Happy Blogmas, and Thanks for reading!



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