Daily Blog #121: Blogmas Day Twenty-Six- I look like a potato, but I like potatoes.

Friday Morning

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers

Today is a chill Friday, we have a short work day, and I would like to get to the store today to pick up some produce and a few other things, for food for the weekend, mostly salad stuff, because I need to eat healthy for a few weeks and reset my body a bit.

I am feeling terribly sluggish all the time, and I am also heavier than I would like to be, but also, it isn’t so severe that I can’t still easily fix it, so I want to grab some yummy salad options and healthier snack options, and start eating those options when not eating all the delicious holiday type food.

I know I will be drinking a little, and probably eating a bunch of rich, fatty foods, but if I am making healthy choices surrounding the not healthy choices, I can help mitigate it, and if I keep eating that way for a few weeks, as well as working out some more, I can get back to my goal of lazy but semi healthy.

I think much of my problem is trying to work out every day, but I feel like doing mild cardio every day is super healthy, so I am trying to take an honest and hard look at when I will actually work out, and how to make me ACTUALLY change my ways and work out consistently, making a change to my life that yields long term sustainable lifestyles.

And as you all know, I have been trying to find ways to make dinner faster and easier, as well as healthier and cheaper, when it’s an option, so, prepping salad is pretty easy.

My thinking is I can chop things like onion ahead of time and store in a small container, and prewash my spinach and lettuce, as well as all the fruits and veggies. Soaking, cooking, and storing bean type proteins like my chick peas, ahead of time will also keep costs down, and make good use of prep. Hard boiling eggs will also add some protein to the salad, so all I will have to do is peel the egg, chop, and add to a salad.

So, I can do parts of the salad prep ahead of time, and maybe even make a pasta salad for a hearty side dish for lunches (where I need more food, middle of the day to give me the energy in the evening), and pack salads and snacks for lunch, have salad parts prepped for dinners, and then all I have to worry about is breakfast, which is normally some sort of bread or bagel with cream cheese and egg. I have been considering ways to healthy this up, but I don’t know if i will change much more than using a whole grain wheat bread.

All of this will probably lead to a recipe blog or two, as well as some blogs about being healthy and trying to change my lifestyle…

Y’all, my natural inclinations are to be lazy, and if you have been with this blog from the beginning, or even go back to the first one…I am always trying to fight being a lazy piece of shit.

I don’t want to put anyone in my family on blast, because I feel like in the past few years several of us have been trying to undo our lazier instincts, but like…We all kind of like to not have to do things.

My mom has been busting ass her whole life, so of course she likes to chill in her down time, but now she has a million projects she is always working on so rarely is she EVER being lazy, same as me, even when I am being lazy, I am probably knitting on something, or blogging, or brainstorming something, at the VERY least.

For me, it means basically never stopping. I need to come home from work, work out, do dinner, clean up from dinner, blog my ass off, write my ass off, squeeze in some of the “business” that goes into writing and blogging, and then, with any time left over, squeeze a skin care routine, quality time with my partner, and chill time for myself, into the mix.

I fail often in the attempts to succeed in this, and I am actively working on hacking my day to have more time in the day.

Anyways, enough about healthy eating…Let’s talk about healthy mindset, because earlier I said something that made me happy with how far I have come with loving myself.

“I look like a potato, but I love potatoes so I love myself.”

I don’t love how I look today. I have dehydrated, I am puffy, I weigh more than I like…things don’t fit right anymore…

But I also know that I will take care of the puffiness by doing a lemon water cleanse tomorrow, and I will probably shed the weight to have things fit better, within a week, and will drop more, in the weeks to come, because thankfully I never had kids and my metabolism hasn’t had the same slow down that women who have had kids deal with.

I don’t know if it is science, but I will say while things slow down at thirty, my things haven’t been as rough, and I put that on my awesome choice to not have children.

But I do look like a potato right now.

But potatoes are delicious. I know why I look like this and i know I will look better soon, and I will still love potatoes, and, I will still love myself.

It has been a long, hard road, but I can finally say with confidence that I really do actually love myself and maybe, just maybe, I actually like myself too.

I like who I am becoming, I like that I keep working to be a better person and push myself into uncomfortable things to grow as a person, and I am glad I have taken the time to do better, and be a better person.

The effort has been working out, I think, because I have been spending better time with quality people, and enjoying more of my own life.

My life is far from perfect, but I am slowly getting it to there. I do wish more of my friends weren’t only online, like Sam, in Canada, or Alex, in Colorado, but I am hoping to combine that with our desire to travel more, and go see some of our friends around the country and world.

Alex may also ( I hope) come to town when her boyfriend does. Bret and I will likely be seeing her boyfriend, because Teddy will be tattooing Bret, as one of his “presents not really” from me.

For people who didn’t celebrate the holidays, Bret really did make out well. I got him a keyboard and some control board thingie for his music software, I am paying for what will likely be a very expensive tattoo, some candy, some clothes, and goodness knows what else we ordered him.

I got some comfy pants from Target, as well as some socks, underwear, and a jogging bra I will be returning. Also the french press I bought myself that I am in love with, and some supplies at Ulta I have needed, like more eyeliner, some more lavender face spray, and I grabbed a sleeping mask and a headband, as an extra gift to myself.

I will also be upgrading my blog again, and possibly buying a few things for the new year, like some microphones or (as we all know I want a better camera) maybe some things to help my camera phone work better, so I can better film things for my friends like Sam who need acting reels, but also for myself with the publishing and releases I want to do this year.

But, brief tangent aside, I really hope Alex comes with Teddy. I would love for Alex and I to get to chill for a while, and Teddy and Bret can tattoo it the fuck up. Artists doing the art stuffs.

Because really, I want to focus on the good things, the art type things. Like the potato thing, I look like a potato, but I like potatoes. Focusing on the good stuff. Also making the potato better.

So, at the moment I am at work, and I have a giant stack of writing I need to get into, and much of my weekend will probably be spend in a fog of writing and working on stuff.

Full steam ahead to 2020, and the next awesome year in the life of trying to make your life even more awesome.

I am pretty pumped for it, because I know I have been taking aggressive strides in making my situation better, and before long I will see the pay off of all the hard work, and I am okay with doing the hard work needed to get there.

All potatoes are great…sometimes you just need to bake them a while. Or something equally motivating.

Happy “Blogmas is over when I say it’s over”

Thanks for reading!



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