Blogmas Day Twenty-Seven: TonyMoly Daily Aloe sheet face mask

It has been a pretty chill weekend thus far, on Saturday evening. I think I will be diving into some Flake City writing, but first I thought I would put another review up! So…Next up!

Reviewing a mask that has CRAZY bang for its buck! Also, NOT SPONSORED, as you will read, bought it myself and no one asked me to say anything nice.

And I was able to buy it because it is affordable. Ten masks a pouch!

Ten masks in one packet makes daily masking attainable – and this is a great mask for dry skin people who love daily masking like myself!

So a while back there was a TonyMoly bundle on Ipsy, and it was loaded with hydrating face masks and also including a lotion, for a super affordable price that made the masks less than a dollar per mask, so I bought it. Also, the price on their site is similar, so, affordable as hell!

These masks came in a super cute packet and offers TEN masks, meant for daily use, so I have been trying them out.

These masks use aloe as their main “boosting” factor for hydration, and if I were someone who ever allowed their bare skin to be exposed to the sun, this mask would feel great on burnt skin.

As for me, I use them in the evening when I can see my skin really wants and needs some moisture.

I keep a lot of cleaning, deep cleaning, and sometimes very drying, masks and I like to mask every day, and those two ideas tend to lead to my already dry skin having major issues, and wrinkles are my biggest enemy so my dry skin makes that worse.

Thus, despite my preference for “paint on” masks over sheet masks, I was happy to get more hydrating sheet masks into my routine. I do suspect these masks are more “budget” style, and the shape of the mask is insane, not even consistently the same kind of weirdly mishappen, each mask has its own unique “doesn’t fit any human face” problem.

But despite the weird cuts making it impossible to get the masks go on cute and smooth like proper beauty bloggers like, at least the hydration gets delivered to the skin.

The other main reason I like sheet masks is I can put my glasses on over the mask, and be able to walk around and do stuff, or, as it more likely works out, I can work on either my creative or blog writing. Once I position the weirdly shaped masks, I use my glasses to hold it on, and my glasses don’t wipe off any mixture, thanks to it being a sheet mask.

Anyways, these masks seem to be a budget friendly option for daily masking, and they are a very decent quality, delivering lovely hydration to the skin.

The convenience of the masks coming ten to a pack and not being too expensive, and also delivering the hydration I need in a daily way, gives this mask a highly coveted usefulness, which is always something I consider when reviewing a mask. This mask, overall, earns a very solid nine out of ten, four out of five stars, when you consider the price, convince, and quality, of this mask.

Overall, with the price for the pack being under ten bucks from the company themselves, I would highly suggest everyone try them out. These are affordable, and, to make things better, they have great quality and give you great hydration for skin that is dry and needs help…but is also light enough for oily skin, and helpful for sensitive skin people. Added bonus, it has healing aloe in it, so your skin can recover from any environmental damage you may be experiencing.

Remember, our day to day lives can really beat the crap out of our skin, and our faces don’t get protection like the rest of our bodies…Love your skin, and show it some love by replenishing the things it needs…like the moisture barrier.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, and I hope you get a chance to try this mask out.

Thanks for reading!




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