Daily Blog #120: Blogmas Day Twenty-Eight- Sunday glow up

Sunday Afternoon

Today is Sunday and I just looked in the mirror and realized I needed to get ready for the week to come with a classic Sunday glow up- and then I realized I could blog about my Sunday process as another one of my Sunday prep type blogs, but also with some personal and self care thrown in for good measure.

So, on a Sunday, I like to get ready for the work week to come and for anything else coming before the following Sunday. This week that includes New Year’s Eve, a day off of work for New Year’s Day, and probably friends stopping by for one or both of these reasons.

It is also a work week, at least four full days of work plus our usual writing. We will need our space reasonably clean and I would like to be ready for the week with anything I will need for the week.

My goals are to clean up the bathroom, and touch up the kitchen- as I cleaned it yesterday. I’ve cleaned the living room recently as well so I will only need to touch it up a bit. My desk needs more attention than anything else in the living room.

We also have a ton of stuff to take to donation, which will clear out more space in the bedroom. If you recall, my goal is to get that room turned into a bedroom again.

Back to tasks for today. I wanted to take this stuff to donation and go to Kroger for grocery shopping- something I wanted to do yesterday.

But I don’t think it will happen today either so I’ll try and to this Sunday glow up!

In addition to the bathroom cleaning and touching up the living room and kitchen, I need to do my hair- straighten it, so it’s easier to style in the morning. I also need to do a face mask or two, and pluck my eyebrows.

I also should make dinner with what we have left in the kitchen, and figure out what we can have in the coming days.

I’ll be asking someone at work if they can take me to Kroger, I think, maybe someone can. I need to grab a few things for salad, juice, toilet paper, and some more coffee and creamer for the office.

A small list I can fill quickly, if I can get there but it’s a bit too far to walk.

Anyways- back to the glow up. Interspersed with the cleaning and masking and hair, I need to do a lemon water cleanse and rehydrate my body because I’m all puffy from eating like shit and not drinking enough water so today I’m trying to fix it and this week I’ll work hard at staying properly hydrated. It’s all about doing a nice reset and the lemon water cleanse will work well for flushing out some of the crap and also resetting myself for proper hydration.

So, to tackle this list I am going to go toss on some comfy but productive clothing like my joggers and a shirt and change out of my robe and pjs. I’ll update the blog with any fun add ons I make for this Sunday glow up and hopefully it inspires you to take some time for yourself today to really be ready for the week to come.


Well, I got derailed a bit in my Sunday Prep Glow Up- but that is part of life, and I am here to tell you all about it while I get back on track.

So, I went to start with the bathroom, the deep clean it needs including the litter box, when Bret decided he wanted a shower, so while he did that, I decided I could do the light cleaning in the living room and kitchen.

Then, while cleaning, I was refilling the essential oil diffuser and I realized I had toner and an essential oil roller ball that I use for a daily aroma therapy perfume type thing. I went to the mailbox only to find the lock had been fully removed from our box, and our mail box was wide open, with any mail we may have had, including my hemp cell toner and lavender essential oil roller, were gone.

A major bummer, but I consoled myself with the knowledge that we have a lot of elderly people in this apartment complex, and many have their medicines sent to them in the mail, so at least whoever jimmied open our stuff and stolen my toner and perfume, only took those items, and not someones life saving medicines.

But, I have been out of the oil for a long while, and I am rapidly running out of toner, having searched for a while to find this one that I loved, and I really can’t afford to replace these items right now…so I made myself some more coffee, after I tidied up the living room and straightening my hair.

Now I am going to take a dab, finish my coffee, and get to work on the rest of my list.

Later again

Well I have much more of my list done and Bret is actually feeling like going to the store so I got dressed and he’s gone to grab the van and make a quick stop at the gas station. I’m working on cleaning in the bedroom- attacking my closet so I can toss or donate anything we don’t need and use that space for storing other things we do want to keep but don’t need on hand all the time. My closet became a dumping ground for stuff when we moved and I’m going to clean it out and repurpose it’s storage to better serve our needs.

Later again again

Alright I’m back from the grocery shopping, and I was able to fill the list for under the budget, and quickly, so I’m back home, where I can work on the closet project some more, to get closer to done before I wrap it up and go to bed. I need to post this blog, and then probably work on the next one, but I also want to actually finish this blog, which means finishing the glow up. I think I may quickly finish that stuff up, and then get into the closet project, after posting this blog, and then I can start the next blog, for tomorrow, after. Mind you, it’s after 7:00 at night and that’s a lot to get done.

So, the goal is to do a face mask and eyebrows, and then post this blog. Then I need to work on the closet- and I don’t like the idea of getting all clean and taking care of my skin just to get it covered in dust or whatever.

So I think instead I’ll wrap up this blog with to-do steps for finishing a Sunday glow up, and then finish my Sunday evening, blogging while I do it, and schedule that blog about what I do, while I mask later on, after doing some more cleaning on the bedroom.

With all that being said, my next steps for the glow up are to exfoliate, continue drinking water, do my eyebrows, do a face mask, pack some snacks for tomorrow, including salad for tomorrow.

That last part is more about the long term week prep, and less about the glow up for today. It’s also about setting myself up for success for the first half of the week. Thankfully this week we have a day off in the middle, where I can fully prep some more food for the rest of the week and the weekend, and then start the whole thing over next week, in the first week of our new year.

Things will be tight with that paycheck, but I am hoping careful budgeting and grocery shopping will keep us afloat.

It’s all about stacking coins in 2020.

But that’s what I plan on discussing in a blog later this week, in the coming day’s before the new year.

And that concludes this little glow up for Sunday, I need to post this and get started on the next to not be too behind for the week, so I am going to post this, finish my to do list, work on the next blog, and hit the hay.

Happy Blogmas!

Thanks for reading!


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