Daily Blog #124: Blogmas Day Thirty-The last Monday in the year!

Monday Evening

Greetings and Salutations, dear blog readers!

I am getting ready to leave the office but I wanted to at least start this blog, because it is always easier to keep working on a blog, if you have already started the file.

Anyways, it is after five and I already have a bit of a nasty headache forming, so I want to pack up my stuff, go home, and smoke some awesome weed, to get rid of this headache.

Then, a simple process of cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry that didn’t get done yesterday, working out, making dinner, cleaning up after dinner, work on the blog, and write on Flake City.


Sigh. But, as you will recall from the blog I posted earlier, I have plans, goals I am aiming for, things I am shooting for with my efforts, and yes, long evenings doing crap is part of it. Should my partner help? Yeah. Will he? Probably not. Does that stop me?

No. Because like I said, I am leaving frustrating things in 2019, and taking care of business.

So, with that, I am going to go grab Bret, who has been waiting on me, and we will walk home to begin that part of the day!

And later when I need to update the blog, I will already have this file started.

Victory all around.

Until later-


Well, it’s nearly 9:00, and I haven’t had dinner. I did dishes, because I like to have the dishes clean before I haul out my cardio bike- because who wants to work out three feet from dirty dishes. Bret made a salad, so I still ended up working out with dirty dishes next to me, but at least I worked out for the better part of an hour, keeping my heart rate up pretty high for half of it.

I still need to make myself some food, and I need to clean those dishes as well as Bret’s, and then I need to sweep up and of course, get this blog up, so I can catch up tomorrow. I think I will probably blog every day until at least the first, but, for Blogmas I am trying to make sure I have at least one Blogmas post per day for the month of December. This is Blogmas number 30, which I want to post tonight, and I would like to get the 31st up tomorrow, ahead of the first, but I also don’t know if we will have some plans crop up or something, leading to more to blog about.

I never go out for New Years Eve, but I do like to stay home and drink champagne, eat some tasty food, and watch the ball drop, and who knows if people will drop by for that.

But, I wanted to get this blog up and posted for today so tomorrow, regardless of whatever plans crop up, I can post the 31st Blogmas post on the 31st, and make the blog about whatever happens after I post, my first blog post of the new year.

Later still

Okay now I have eaten, plucked my eyebrows, and have a deep cleaning charcoal mud mask on my face deep cleaning my pores.

Today was a weird Monday where everything was okay until I left the office, which has me feeling sideways, so I am going to probably try and salvage a nice evening by making some lavender tea and going to bed. It’s a long way until the weekend, even with the day off in the middle, and the holidays being over isn’t something I had planned on, or something, because work is going to be killer.

With all of this, I think I really need some time to recharge my batteries a little bit, which includes calling this blog good, here. It’s been a long Monday, and that’s pretty relatable I think.

Anyways- it was the last Monday of the year and while I wish with all my heart today hadn’t gone sideways in the evening, at least the day is nearly done. Tomorrow, I try again at having a good day, but in the end, we put the year to rest tomorrow.

So even though today went sideways, enough to warrant this noticeably less good additional blog, it’s all good, because I get to go to sleep and wake up and try it all again tomorrow, and on top of that – tomorrow we put all the bad days of 2019 to rest. And good riddance.

See you tomorrow!

Thanks for reading.



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