Daily Blog #126: NYE recap, chill day, and meditation contemplation.

Wednesday Evening

Greetings and salutations, my dearest blog readers, and a very happy new year to you all!

Today has been pretty chill, I…

Just lost everything I typed due to a computer error.

Okay. Take two.

So today has been pretty chill, and now I getting some time to blog. This morning, I was fairly productive despite sleeping in, I did my hair, makeup, and even got dressed, made us a super awesome breakfast, and did the dishes from it. The apartment is still fairly clean from the quick cleaning I did last night before company arrived, and after the dishes and tidying up I did, I only have about ten minutes of stuff to do, to be satisfied with the way the apartment looks going into the back half of the week.

I do want to ride the bike, but I need to get a pillow for it because the seat hurts my butt. I thought about buying one of those cushioned seats, the ones proper bike riders use, maybe the pads that slip over or something, but I am also trying to be better about my spending, and to be a bit more minimalistic with my purchases. I have several large investments and expenditures this year, plus a desire to travel, so I need to make sure I am careful and not spending money where I don’t need it.

An old pillow may not be very vogue, but it gives the old pillow that isn’t being used a purpose, and avoids spending money.

2020 is all about smart choices and smart living, fiscally, artistically, mentally, physically…so I think toughing it out with a pillow or two is wise, so I can save up for things that will help the aches and pains in a bigger way, like the bed we are trying to buy soon.

Anyways, lets update you guys about New Years Eve.

So, Bret got asked to be on The Black Tuesday Podcast with Biggs and Obee and while he was doing that, around ten or so, Sam and Lenyn came over, and we all hung out, had champagne, and once Bret could join us, we had some snacks and champagne toasts.

I gave Lenyn and Sam glitter tattoos and we all talked about Lenyn leaving for NYC in less than a week which frankly has me very bummed, because he’s one of my best friends, but also excited for him to finally do the thing he has been wanting to do. Then we had a little photo shoot to get photos for when he does leave, and ya know, to “do it for the gram”.

I queued up the NYE countdown from London and synced it up for our own, and we had a lovely “Happy New Year”. After some chit chatting and what not, Sam and Lenyn left and Bret and I smoked a bit and went to bed because, well, it was late and we were both tired.

Then we had this mornings chill awesomeness and here we are, evening time working on the blog.

So, I should work out, but the bike hurts my ass, so I need to grab a pillow and haul the bike out, just pound out some miles really quick, and then I can say I made my health a priority today and stuck to my goals.

Later, Post Work-Out

Well, I got some miles in, smidge over 12, did some light stretching, and launched into blogging, after grabbing some water. Bret is playing Left 4 Dead 2, and I am blogging while I cool off from the work out. I know I will need to push myself more, fitness wise, this year, because I am aging, and I want to stay healthy, but, I also know if I push myself too hard I will take a break that lasts for weeks versus the sustainable change of working out a little bit, every day.

Doing extra to like impress myself isn’t sustainable, but building a habit, not to mention a stamina, is more helpful in the pursuit of changing my lifestyle to include some sort of healthy active activity every day, not just my usual walking to and from work. I know I will need to add more intense stuff, more of the high intensity stuff, more yoga, goodness knows I need to stretch more, but as I have mentioned in previous blogs, once we have the bedroom sorted the way I am hoping to, I will have room to work out without being on top of Bret while he works or games or whatever.

I don’t like working out around people and while I can work out around Bret, if I need to, it is hard to pull out the bike, put it away, pull out a yoga mat, etc etc, versus just maybe unfolding the bike, riding my miles, folding the bike up, doing the yoga, or the weight resistance stuff… its just easier to do, for me, when you have the space to do it alone.

Not to mention that I tend to sing along to music when I work out and as tolerant as Bret tries to be of the music I like…largely he doesn’t like it and I feel bad forcing him to listen to it, more so with me singing it, with headphones in.

So, that is on the list of things that I will be improving in the next few months, and in the mean time, I will do the little bit I can force myself to do, while forcing myself to do cardio for at least 30 minutes a day.

Will I miss days?

Yeah, probably, but like I mentioned, I need to get better at saying “My health is a priority” and making myself do something healthy for thirty minutes. I have decided if I am not feeling it, that should be a day where I pull out the yoga mat instead, and even if I just do light stretching for thirty minutes, I need to make myself have the habit of doing something healthy and active for my body for thirty minutes a day.

I have been considering adding other healthy good habits to my routine, other than the eating at home more that I’ve mentioned, like meditating, or journaling, but I haven’t decided when or if I will.

Meditation seems cool, and like it is probably good for you, and I do take small minutes, thirty seconds to a minute to center myself and meditate for a moment, periodically throughout the day, but I never sit and actually meditate for more than a minute, and I know that doing so can have a lot of healthy benefits mentally, and a healthy brain tends to lead a healthy body.

As for journalling, I don’t know if I want to journal on top of the daily blogging I do. I know I don’t say everything I am going through on this blog but I am pretty transparent, and I leave enough for me to know what I am talking about, and I do also put the more intimate stuff in my bullet journal, but it isn’t a consistent thing, it’s on an as needed basis, when something needs to be written down but isn’t right for the daily blog.

I think meditation is much more likely than the journaling.

Anyways, I made Bret and I a light dinner, we just ate it, and I need to do some light dishes, but nothing too major. It is almost midnight, however, so I do need to get to it, ASAP, if I am going to get this blog scheduled, edited, and illustrated.

So, I think I better wrap this up pretty quickly.

Well, I guess all that is left is to discuss what I learned from Blogmas, but it is late, and I don’t want to do the whole thing a disservice, so I am going to end this here with the promise to discuss my post-Blogmas thoughts first thing in tomorrow’s blog.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and have started the year off in a way that makes you happy.

Thanks for reading!



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