Daily Blog #128: Preparing for the future while applying lessons from the past.

Friday evening

Well, I spent much of the spare writing time today working on a more article type blog entry as opposed to my daily blog format, and I realized I wanted to tidy it up a bit more and sleep on some of it, before I posted.

So I opted to start a daily blog entry for tomorrow’s posting. I may not post it until tomorrow, I may not even finish writing it until tomorrow, but who knows. I would like to post it or something tomorrow because I don’t like not posting, even on the weekends. I didn’t post New Year’s Day and that was more than enough for me. I do have two blogs prewritten that I could publish tomorrow but I was thinking it would be nice to post in real time tomorrow, finishing the blog and posting it in a short time after.

But now it’s late and Bret feels like crap so I’m going to get ready for bed and get him tucked in. Till later

Saturday Afternoon

Greetings and salutations, blog readers, today is Saturday and I am at work trying to accomplish some tasks before Monday hits and my whole world is messed up.

This weekend looks to be a very busy weekend where I won’t be resting much, so I am trying to make that time work for me in the most productive way possible.

I have so much writing I need to get done, but I also need to get a bunch of laundry done, on top of some food prep, and content creation for the blog.

So, my plan is to get home, clean for company, outline my recipes for the food prep. I need to go to the store for some cat food, so I may get bag of tortilla flour to make tortillas and keep the cost down. I am soaking some pinto beans for refried beans for some burritos, and I would rather spend any extra money on cheese or eggs instead of premade tortillas.

Once the beans are soaked, I’ll cook those up with some onion and garlic I have, and that should cook up into a really tasty batch of beans, overnight in the crock-pot. I need to sort out some dinner for the two of us, but I have a couple of ideas for that.

Damon texted me today, this morning, and asked if we wanted to chill later today, and Lenyn is trying to say goodbye to everyone today, so I will likely see my friends today, and also be sad because Lenyn is leaving.

So, I will need to make good use of my time before company arrives to make sure my place is tidy, and also make sure I use every spare moment tomorrow to cook tortillas, mash and fry beans. I also need to do laundry, do whatever dishes we have, give chance a bath, work out, and take my own shower to wash my hair.

It looks to be a stressful weekend that will lead into a pretty busy week but that is what it is.

Anyways, I don’t want to talk endlessly about all that I have to do, and I do want to make good use of my time, so i am going to edit this blog, make up a cover photo, and post this blog, applying one of my Blogmas lessons- they don’t always have to be crazy long.

Thanks for reading!



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