Daily Blog #129- Productive Sunday prep day, cutting my own hair experiment, and looking forward to a busy week.

Sunday Evening

Greetings and salutations, blog readers!

I am going to do a small blog right now, because I have had quite the busy day this Sunday and I do not want to derail myself for tomorrow by getting distracted and not finishing things this evening in a timely fashion.

So, a brief rundown of the day shall we?

Bret has still felt like crap, and has been acting accordingly, but I was able to make some refried beans with cheese and some seasoned breakfast potatoes for some breakfast burrito/tacos this week, and I meant to make pasta salad but I didn’t quite get to it. I may do it right now while Bret showers, but I do have the option of left over pizza for lunch tomorrow, because Bret got a visa gift card for his birthday that he opted to use for pizza today.

Of course, some pasta salad would be delightful on the side of that so maybe I should go make some.

Anyways, I also did some laundry, and got Bret to put away some of his clothing to get the bedroom closer to in order, and also to provide us with clothing this week. I did a massive load, and I am going to do another one tomorrow or the day after and keep that up so I can get that room clean and organized, with the clothing either donated, put away, or stored for selling on Poshmark.

I also did some research for cutting my hair myself and then did a nice big chop, cutting off a good chunk of hair. I may cut more tomorrow, but I want to wear this length and decide from there.

I used the “unicorn ponytail” method, where you brush your hair into a high pony at the very top front of your head, like where a unicorn horn would be, and then a second ponytail further down where you would like to cut. Doing this method is supposed to allow for you to cut long, natural layers, that look nicely done, but also, notably, quickly and easily without much knowledge.

I have a lot of knowledge in cutting my own hair, having not had a salon cut in about a decade or so, and always paying vigilant attention when I was going to salons, but, I will say, I was intrigued by the pony tail method.

And also impressed. One easy chop, where I even messed up on the cutting, and yet was able to easily recover the mistake and have a cute hairstyle.

Mind you, despite chopping a giant chunk of hair off, you can’t even tell I chopped any off. I would show you how much, with a picture, but I was not thinking and tossed the pile in the trash, and now my hair is under a ton of snotty crap from having a sick Bret and no thank you to that.

But, I will say I am very pleased with how my hair looks. I did very little tidying up of the cut, knowing that I may cut more, but I am still pleasantly surprised by how this looks…like seriously where the FUCK was this method when I was in high school and would want to do my own hair to have a sense of control or whatever it is that makes us want to cut our own hair.

I didn’t but bangs, thank goodness, because nothing good ever comes from that, but I did get some killer, natural, long layers, with very little effort. If you are ever needing a fast cut, this is the one to use.

Tomorrow, I will rock my hair, and then decide if I need to cut more, and once I know one way or another, I will tidy up some if the layers and the cuts, and then wash, air dry, style, and let you guys see the end result of my hair cut.

Who knows, maybe after my hair grows I will do a How-do blog on it, unless I cut a bunch of hair tomorrow, in which case I will try to be vigilant in photographing it so you guys can see.

Anyways, I cut my hair today, and also meal prepped a little bit and cleaned. I have a small amount of dishes to do but like, honestly will probably only be ten minutes of my time, and then I will maybe sweep, and then the kitchen will be ready for tomorrow.

I have not made my health a priority this weekend, having only done light stretching and today not even that, I have instead put Bret, and my weekly prep, ahead of that, which I am chalking up to me opting to put my mental health first. At least I am putting some of my efforts towards me, eh?

So, here I am, listening to Bret’s shower water splash, and blogging my day. Tomorrow is Monday, which is swell. The first Monday of the new year, and I am pumped for it. My goal is to be there early, if not early, I have to be there no later than nine, because it’s a payroll Monday, and those come with early morning deadlines.

I should probably wrap this blog up, I just wanted to update it and talk about my super productive Sunday but I don’t want to let blogging about Sunday distract me from the coming and ever looming Monday. I am really hoping to log some major hours this week, but I also have lots of out of work stuff to tackle with us doing more eating in, but I am hoping with an update attitude and careful use of my time, I can master it. The planning, to best use said precious time, will be key, but thankfully, I have been slowly getting faster with stuff, so…I guess tune in to see how it goes.

I hope you all have a wonderful and awesome Monday!

Thanks for reading.




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