Daily Blog #130: Even a Monday with the best of efforts can go sideways quickly.

Monday Afternoon

What a wild Monday it has been already! I have a couple of blog ideas and things to write, but very little time to do them, but I wanted to come and at least start this blog file, so later when this crazy day is over, I can start on this that much faster.

I got to work early today, to avoid being blindsided by the first Monday of the year, but we have two people out of work today, plus an ongoing move with the costume shop joining our store, so we are very busy and it is very hectic, so having two people missing makes everything trickier, including phones and customers.

I will say, before I close this window and return to my work, that I am very glad I got up early, and was able to get some decent sleep last night, because today really came at us quickly.


This evening, I have several plans, and I will be the first to admit that I do not have time for any of it.

I want to do a how to cut your hair using the unicorn pony tail method, which means I will need to not only cut my hair, but photograph that process. Additionally, I need to wash my hair, and that shower needs to come after a work out.

Also some basic tidying of the apartment, like the litter box, dishes, and taking the trash out, plus making some dinner, eating said dinner, and taking care of those dishes.

For dinner I think I wanna make some ramen noodles with broccoli and cabbage, the work out will likely be some light stretching and 10 (quick as possible) miles on the stationary bike. Then I can smoke, shower, and eat. If I cut my hair before the work out, I can edit the photos and work on that blog while I work out, which I think will make the most use of my evening because I really want to play some video games tonight and I already have such a large load on my plate, and, if work keeps up, I will likely be here until well past six this evening.

Last night, I went to bed around midnight, and I got up at 6:30, so with tossing, turning, and bathroom breaks (not to mention texting Lenyn from 4:00 AM as he chronicled getting to the airport for his flight to NYC), I got around 6 hours of sleep, although probably a bit less, but I felt great and didn’t have many troubles getting up this morning, nor did I have any problems actually getting ready for work, so I am hoping to repeat this tonight…I don’t need to tell you that I am already largely behind to accomplish everything this evening.

But I am still going to try my ass off.

The List/Plan

Hair while photographing process
Dishes round one to keep the sink from piling up
work out while working on blog entry
shower while listening to Unsolicited Advice podcast
Brush and let hair air dry (which should be much faster as it will be much shorter)
Make dinner
Eat dinner while finalizing blog
Do dishes
Play video games

Bed by midnight

If I leave by six, I will have six hours to do all of this in, and while it will be tight, it may be doable, and I would really be jazzed by making it happen.

So, I have two hours to finish up at work, then six hours to tackle my large list of crap. Whew, Monday, you are not playing today.

Laughable amounts of time later

So, I am now home, and honestly, I don’t know if those well laid plans are going to happen at all, in any order. Bret has offered to use the Sonic gift card we are lucky enough to have money on, to go grab dinner, (and grab me a can of tomato soup from the gas station so I can have grilled cheese from sonic and some tomato soup for a comfort meal without meat), which is all incredibly kind of him, and I am very thankful, because damn, I am fucking tired. The day was long and tricky, and full of tedium, and on top of all of that, some people felt the need to use me as a ranting board, which of course left me feeling very drained. Five to ten minutes is one thing, but when someone vents negative, frankly toxic, attitudes, more so about people you care about, you get very exhausted and tired.

Which makes me very grateful that Bret has offered to go to Sonic to grab some food, which also doesn’t violate the rule of not eating out, because it’s a gift card. That, frankly, feels wonderful.

Anyways, Bret hasn’t left yet, but when he gets back I’ll grab the soup and make that up and we can have dinner. After that, I honestly don’t know if I will do much. I will commit to stretching and such, but that’s it. I need to do more, I get that. And I will. But not today.

I have made sure to at least stay fairly well hydrated, however, so that is a small victory. I think I may just write, tonight, instead of trying to be productive. Take a quick shower after dinner, wash the day off, and let my hair air dry. I haven’t cut it yet, but frankly, I would rather wash it before taking pictures of it anyways, and it is shorter than it was and that should help it dry quite faster anyways, so to hell if it isn’t as fast as the schedule I had set for myself earlier. I can at least get some writing done, which I love and enjoy, and get some mental good done for me.

Plus, writing is good for the years plans, so, fuck it if I miss a work out, I’ll stretch, before bed, after a nice shower and writing session, after eating a deliciously simple and comforting meal, and get a damn nice nights sleep.

So, while Bret goes and does that, I am going to look over some writing and maybe do a little of the writing in Flake City.

Till later!


I ate, sadly the gas station didn’t have tomato soup, washed my hair, and got some writing done, and even played some video games. It is now nearly eleven, and I am pretty exhausted, so I know I need to wrap this up, as I still need to format, edit, make the cover art, get the bed out, do the night time routine, including the stretching I promised myself.

But I did get some writing done, and I am at a place in that part of Flake City where I am writing major things that are tricky to write and therefore take more energy, so I am pleased with any amount of writing at all.

Anyways, it is late, and I don’t want to be tired tomorrow. My goal is to wake up as early and as well as I did today, but without all the crazy Monday drama.

Hopefully tomorrow is less insane, and I can compare the two days and discuss it, in a light hearted, happy way.

Because I really hate being negative, and I am actively trying to avoid it. It is hard, because sometimes when you are around negative influences you may get negative yourself but I am trying to recommit to my cheerfulness, and my choice to put positive stuff out into the world.

So, with that, I am off to bed. This blog will go up tomorrow morning, so I am wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday.

Thanks for reading!




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