Daily Blog #133: Waking up early to fight and also write about the zombies.

Thursday Morning

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers.

One day we will find a fun family/community type name for you all, but until then, hello, my dearest blog readers.

This morning I once again was able to get up by 6:30 AM, and by 7:00 AM, I was even reasonably enough awake.

Mind you, nothing stellar, my eyes were still half open, but my mind was more awake. I think getting myself to wake up earlier every day is my path to success for adding a light yoga routine to my morning schedule, namely because I have a job to get to, which always adds something to the balance.

Today I got up, made my coffee, did a very basic stretch- nothing substantial, and was able to be ready to go, breakfast packed and all, by 8:30 AM, and I was able to get to work by 8:45 AM , which was when Bret started to get moving, so he was able to get ready without me in his way, too, which I assume is what he is doing now.

I got to work early, got some stuff done, put out fires no one saw were burning, and now I am updating the blog, really starting this blog, so I can be better prepared later, if anything in the day goes sideways…it is Thursday, after all.

Today, I posted a blog i had done most of the writing on during Blogmas, and i merely finished it and edited it, adding some pictures, etc, which means i had my blog scheduled and ready to go quickly, giving me a rare gift…time.

And how did my obsessive about productivity ass use that time?

Writing. I wrote my ass off in Flake City and left myself exhausted, wanting to go to bed by ten.

I went to bed closer to eleven, which is still quite early, but mind you, i killed a character, wrote a bunch of action, including some major plot developments and major advancements of story line, setting up the next phase of the story in that part of Flake City so….

Yeah, I was exhausted.

I had made some dope ramen, the kind I make full of veggies and added some eggs on top, which was yummy and help fuel my writing, but even with that delicious fuel, I found myself exhausted. But, several thousand words of crazy action will do that, right?

Anyways, I have some more things I want to tend to, and if I am going to blow off work for writing, it should be for what is happening in Flake City, because there is a ton more writing to do there.

Until later.


Well, it is nearly ten on Thursday night, I don’t have work tomorrow, so my plan is to try and get up close to my usual hour and get some cleaning done. I would like to do some laundry, or at least least get some dusting and general cleaning up done…But also, I am in the middle of a bunch of crap in Flake City, and as I barrel towards the point of no return regarding how to release the content that is Flake City, I find myself writing more and more, and having to really work out and finish parts of this part of Flake City.

So there is a very good chance that once I get up and do some cleaning and such, that I will sit my happy ass right here and write. I need to blog, of course, but I will likely work on Flake City some more, as I have a short story of another character, and the two main stories I have going on, which may end up in one file, but for right now are two separate word files, in the same world, with some cross over.

Will I edit these two into one?

I don’t know, but if I did, that would be a pretty massive book, as both files together are well over 200,000 words at this point.

So, anyway, all this to say I have been writing a bunch in Flake City, all in preparation for the publishing this year and next.

But now it is 10:00 and I need to do some dishes, and who knows what else from there, so it is time to apply a valuable Blogmas lesson.

Not every blog has to be a long one.

Thanks for Reading!




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