Daily Blog #135: and thus begins week two of waking up at a decent hour.

Monday Morning

Me, awake at 6:30AM

Well, today marks week two of getting up at a decent hour! On work days last week, I woke up by 6:30 AM, and on the weekends I didn’t sleep past 9:00 AM, and it has been giving me pretty great mornings, an ability to attack the day, to fight back against the crazy that has been going on at work, and, to make things better, it has been giving me a little more time with which I can use to write, a very helpful thing considering I spent all weekend writing and editing.

I have a decent pile of crap to worry about today, at work, and I also need to write a ton of blogs, and work on the Flake City edits I am working on, in addition to the Flake City writing I am doing.

I am armed with coffee and I am so prepared for the day that I not only had breakfast already packed and ready to go when I woke up this morning, but some food for lunch as well.

I have a list of some blogs I need to get written today, and I would also like to finish my first read through edit of Flake City today. Additionally, I have long to do work list, which will only get longer, this daily blog to work on, and of course, some more writing.

And, if you have read any of my usual blogs, you likely know that I also have some light cleaning to do, and a work out I will likely blow off but that I do want to do.

Dinner has been mostly solved by just making ramen every night, omitting the seasoning packed or only using half to keep that extra sodium out of my diet. Ramen keeps the dishes to a minimum and I can do them quickly, even with my most elaborate ramen with sauteed veggies and fried eggs, although I have simple one pan ones that work with my pre hard boiled eggs as well.

I will need to do a small grocery store trip today, to get a few small basics like hand soap, and frozen veggies for my future ramen. I have that list already written out, although I may rewrite it to make sure it is organized, efficient, and is as cheap as possible, because money is kind of tight, and also we are trying to save money, not spend it all.

So, with me having no small amount of things to do, in addition to a ton of blogs I want to prewrite, I am going to pause this here, until later when I have gotten more of that list done.

Until later!


Later it is, and later is now, and HOLY FUCK have I had a productive day.

I made a list of seven blogs I wanted to write this week and I just finished writing…the seventh damn blog! All the posts I wanted to prewrite to have ready for posting as I dive into Flake City some more…DONE.

I will still need to edit and format them, as well as add pictures, but I have pictures for most of the blogs I wrote today.

Great stuff, more so if you are like me and know you have so much writing to do, and so little time to do it all in.

So, for tonight, I need to do a trip to the grocery store, a work out, a ton of writing/editing, dinner, all that usual crap.

All of that is trickier, as you know, when a grocery trip is at play. I don’t know what the final plan is going to look like, but I am very glad I managed to finish all seven blogs.

But right now I can’t wait to leave, go do a few dabs, maybe also smoke a blunt, do whatever productive crap I will be doing, and then get to watching Zomboat while I work on Flake City. Zomboat’s total running time is under three hours, but the sound of it helps me get the most writing and editing done, other than listening to Khomchik do play throughs for Left 4 Dead 1 & 2.

So, it is nearly five, and I will likely jet as soon as it’s time, to get started on my evening, unless Bret is busy at work, in which case i will open up the word document and get to work on that, instead.

But for now, I am going to finish up here at the office and then get home, so I have time to update and finish this blog later.

Later still

Now it’s later and I am finishing of a face mask that I am reviewing for one of the blogs I wrote earlier, and Bret is getting ready to play a video game. This sheet mask fits a bit oddly so it is driving me crazy, and the cut on my finger makes typing pretty hard. Also both wrists hurt and I keep getting an annoying pop up when I try to blog, so…

Needless to say I am having to fight the odds here.

So, since I have written a fair amount today, lets recap on the evening and wrap up. Once we got home, we chatted and dicked around with various crap and played with the animals. We had dinner, and then we needed to go to the grocery store, so off we went to tackle that small list. Once we finished that, back home for some vlog watching, blogging, and writing.

Now I need to wrap this up and I have several things to attend to, including my face mask and the dishes, plus getting to bed at a decent time when it is already nearly ten so…I will end this here so I can kick tomorrow in the ass.

Because I am loving this whole getting up early and attacking the day before it attacks me thing, and it’s nice to get back to that, even though I hate mornings with a passion.

Thanks, French Press. (Check out my daily coffee posts if you are into that sort of thing over on my Instagram page- @abbigrasso)

And thank YOU dear blog reader, for reading.



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