Daily Blog #136: Review of “I’m Lavender” hydrating sheet mask from TonyMoly

The mask!

Greetings and Salutations, dearest blog readers!

Today I am reviewing another mask from TonyMoly, from the “It’s…” Line. I have tried a few of this line of masks, and have even included the review on the blog for a few of them including the “I’m Green Tea layering mask”.

This mask caught my eye because I love lavender, all the masks from this brand have been really nice, and sheet masks allow me to wear my glasses and keep working on stuff, like the blog or my writing, while working on my skin care routine and self care.

Considering what wins these all are, when I went to Ulta on Christmas Eve to restock on some essentials and grab a few things to treat myself, I grabbed two of these masks to try, in addition to some other awesome stuff I plan on also reviewing for you all, and my usual classics, like my eyeliner.

Of course, when I say “fits well” I don’t mean perfect – you know how sheet masks are

So, I grabbed up these masks, and was super pumped to try it!

I grabbed two, because as usual, when I am going to review something I prefer to have two, to really properly try a mask and really properly review it, and I was mostly glad I got two because these were a lovely mask that smelled of lavender.

When I opened the packet, I half hoped for something cute, considering how adorable the green tea layering mask is, but sadly, it was just a plain white mask…but fortunately the lavender scent hit my nose and I totally didn’t mind.

Once I unfolded the mask, I positioned it on my face, not finding too many troubles with the shape and cut, and left it on for well over twenty minutes, as I find with these moisturizing and relaxing sheet masks, you can leave them on for a long time.

I forgot to take a picture of my face after so here is a picture of me first thing in the morning from my Instagram stories the morning after using the mask.

When I remembered I had a mask on, I removed it, and rubbed what was left of the stuff into my skin, before spritzing some aloe chamomile and lavender facial mist on my face (yup, very dry skin life) and put on a deep moisturizer to help the mask along.

And boy howdy was it nice! My skin felt and looked more relaxed, and, I even had a few people on my Instagram stories comment that my skin looked more relaxed, so I guess it really does work well!

Later tonight I think I will do that mask, while I edit this very blog, and take pictures for this very blog, so, enjoy those pictures, and feel free to follow me on Instagram so you can see my #Skincareroutine posts as they happen real time.

This mask was was one of the higher costing ones from this line, at like $3.47 or something, but I did really enjoy it… I can’t say that I would use it every day or even every week, because that is really pricey, and I can find cheaper masks that do a bit more, but, this is a great mask when relaxing is your goal, and also when you want a sheet mask to allow you to relax and be productive, as was my case.

I hope you found this review helpful, and if you did, please check out any of my other ones, including some more affordable options, some other styles of masks, and other TonyMoly masks.

Thanks for reading!



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