Daily Blog #137: multi day blog, hair cut and a work out…all true.

Tuesday Afternoon

Greetings and Salutations, Blog Readers!

Today has been a fairly busy little day, and I may not have time to blog much today, but thanks to my efforts yesterday, I have several blogs I can post to stay on top of posting when life and creative writing gets in the way, as it likely will today.

We had a company wide meeting today, that took up time, but ended with a catered lunch, so that was pretty cool. I am currently enjoying some tabbouleh and brown rice with cheese. They had plenty of other options, but this is what I enjoyed the most, and that is why I am eating it. The food was actually catered from one of my favorite restaurants here in the city, The Hobbit Cafe.

Bret and I had our first date there, so many years ago.🙂


So I am currently munching on my lunch and trying to stay on top of work while I also try to update the blog too.

Tonight I need to do a ton of writing and editing for Flake City and I also want to work on some sketches, so I have a large amount to get done this evening.

Also on my list…Trying to find my precious and highly needed bullet journal. I had it last night, and I was sure I had brought it home from Kroger last night, but I am struggling to find it anywhere in the apartment or in the company van we took to Kroger, so I am concerned I may have lost it, which would be pretty bad, as it was full of notes and shit I needed for this year.

So here’s hoping I just couldn’t find it this morning at the apartment.

Other than tons of writing and searching for my journal, I have some sketching I want to work on, which I mentioned, and I should probably try and get a work out done too. I doubt I will get to that, but it’s not to dream. I have heard that thinking about working out gives you some health advantages so I maybe me thinking about how much I need to work out, all the damn time, has some secret payout.

Anyways, so I have a bunch to do, but I have also done a bunch so…I am going to try and finish this day off and get the fuck home because I also need to do all the laundry I have been putting off. Bret goes out of town tomorrow, and he needs clean stuff to pack.

So, I am going to wrap this up here, go work on some other stuff. This will likely be a multi-day blog because I already have the blog I want to post tomorrow written, and tonight I will illustrate, edit, format and schedule. So, until later!

Wednesday Evening

Hello! Guess what I just did?

If you guessed my workout, holy crap, how did you know?

So our internet is out, and I’ve been writing on Flake City in my writing app and haven’t updated my usb file…so I can’t write because the website on my computer to access it obviously needs the internet.

The workout was hella therapeutic for me actually because I wasn’t worried about embarrassing myself in front of Bret.

One, I don’t like working out in front of anyone, even someone I love.

Two, I like to sing, dance, clap, and snap along- I do a full on concert meets soul cycle type thing- work some stretching and working out before and after the cardio, and jamming music, thinking and processing story while singing along to songs has always been helpful, and many people will tout the benefits to working out on the brain so I’m sure that contributes to it too.

Either way I had a great time and actually have quite a bit of creative inspiration to work on.

If only I could work on Flake City. Still, I have illustrations I want to sketch out, some ideas I wanted to sketch so- maybe this is a good time for that.

Plus, that’s a chill thing to do whilst eating ramen, just like writing is.

And both help my future so, even better.

Anyways, I need to make said ramen because it’s nearly nine, I skipped lunch, and after that work out? I’m STARVING.

So, I’m gonna go make some ramen- lots of broccoli and maybe some spinach.

Thursday Morning

I like it. Looking forward to playing with it now.

Well, crap. I meant to update last night and I didn’t. Internet is still down, so I didn’t schedule the blog, and now I am at work, up to my ears in work.

So, I need to wrap this up and post it quickly, and this is a brief recap.

I cut my hair- before the workout but I forgot to mention to the Blog. I like it! I may still need to clean up the layers but I am a big fan and it’s already easier to deal with my hair. Hello getting some time back!

I had some awesome ramen, loaded it down with tons of veggies. Drank more water, did dishes, cleaned up and got ready for bed. Talked to Bret for a smidgen over an hour and fell asleep. Got a pretty good nights rest, and was able to get to work a bit early too.

All around good stuff, work is bugging me though, but it’s nice for work to be the annoying thing in my life and not some other part of my life.

I am hungry and need to eat breakfast, and as I mentioned, I have a ton to do and I don’t want Thursday to get away from me, as I would like to be able to take tomorrow off.

So, I am going to dive into work and try to get some things done. I may go ahead and schedule a blog for tomorrow morning, just in case the internet is still out for maintenance when I get home. It is truly annoying for our internet to keep going out like this, but, whatever, first world problems, am I right? At least I worked out last night.

Anyways, I am going to get to work, because I want to have a great Thursday, and I hope you have a wonderful one too.

Thanks for reading




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