Daily Blog #139: Thoughts on Poshmark- moving forward.

Greetings and Salutations, my dearest blog readers!

Recently we were given the great honor and opportunity to co-host a Poshmark Party and I LOVED it.

(For those who don’t know, Poshmark is an online clothing and household goods reselling app, where users can buy things for discounted rates, and also make some extra money selling their extra clothing. Some people have even turned reselling into a full time business, while others use it as supplemental income. This is our closet, feel free to check out Poshmark. I get nothing for saying this and as always this is NOT sponsored. I have two other posts about Poshmark, one as a seller, and one as a buyer.)

The opportunity to co-host a party couldn’t have come at a sooner time, too, considering how close to walking away from Poshmark, and possibly reselling, altogether.

So, despite the fact that we have been drifting away from Poshmark for months, I opted to put both feet forward and work hard to be the very best Poshmark Party co-host possible.

First, let’s talk (very briefly) about why Bret and I have been drifting away from Poshmark, and in smaller part, resell.

Neither of us have any illusions towards working full time as a re-seller, but we would like the money to help supplement our lives and our art. Sadly, the market is saturated. I am okay with all the sellers, because hey, if you do your game well, you can make the sale, and I am not one of these people who blames their slow sales on too many sellers.

No, I blame it on buyers wanting something for a thrift store price, complaining every step of the way. I am tired of the “always be hustling” mentality that goes with reselling. It isn’t my style, my style is more “always be writing”, so I know that has driven me from Poshmark.

The spam, which in part goes along with the hustling mentality, drives me nuts. I will have women harass me with comments if I happen to dare “like” an item. Normally, if you like an item, that’s the end of it, unless you want to buy or they want to make an offer. Others will spam you in their comment section….or worse yet, go to YOUR page and spam your listing comments about their item you made the foolish mistake of clicking the heart button on.

I had one woman share it to a bundle, and comment that she had lots of items available for sale, to bundle.

So, I’m like, alright, sure, a bit spammy and annoying but I don’t know her life, and maybe she is trying to make bills, so I head to her closet.

First, I see a ton of crap. A bunch of Walmart brand stuff, all of which she is charging damn near full price for (And there is no way in hell I will pay 20 bucks for a used shirt from Walmart) and the few things I see that I may be into, aren’t my size.

I politely let her know, “Thanks! Great closet! Sadly I don’t see anything else that really speaks to me, or that would fit! Thanks Again!”

“Well, I have a large closet with lots of items, and several are in the size of the item you looked at.”

So, I ignore it, because that frankly felt a little over the line.

She then proceeds to share random items to the bundle.

Then makes offers.

I remove items.

She puts them back in.

I remove all items, go to her page, unlike the original item.

She shares all items back, makes another offer.

I then blocked her, because are you kidding me?

I had one woman buy a dress, very obviously WEAR the dress, claim it smelled like smoke and that I had advertised the wrong size, insisting I labeled a youth size as a large, and she couldn’t even fit it.

I get the dress back, and I can’t smell smoke. Just the smell of a woman who obviously got dressed up in this awesome dress, wore it for a night out, then claimed it wasn’t right. (Perfume, deodorant, sweat, bit of makeup)

Plus, the millions of dumb comments.


“Still for sale?”

“Email me here for private sale” ( Very against the rules)

“What are the exact measurements?” (When they are already posted)

“What are the exact measurements when you _ ___or ” (These get RANDOM as hell.)

“How tall are you, how much do you weigh, what sizes do you usually wear in these four brands….and how does this garment fit you” which just feels rude as fuck to do, more so when flat lay measurements have been provided.

“Oh I have an item just like this in my closet! For less!” (spam, against the rules)

“Great closet Sweetie/Chickie/Lady/Pretty I would LOVE if you would check out MY CLOSET and SHOP SHOP SHOP!” (annoying spam message they leave on everyone’s closet because they didn’t actually look anything at on yours.)

These are all based on real comments, and re-sellers of any app probably recognize a few.

This, on top of the constant spam from re-sellers wanting me to go watch yet another YouTube video on “How I package my Poshmark Sales” and I want to puke.

So, all of this, plus TERRIBLE customer service that tends to happen when I do shop Poshmark has me not liking it as a seller or a buyer.

As a buyer, every time I find something I want, it ends up being stubbornly high priced, with the seller refusing to follow Poshmark’s usual pricing guide, wanting nearly full price. They claim the item is “New without tags” which means they bought it from a thrift store and are claiming it as new to them. The things I have purchased in “new without tags” condition had made me sad. Items that should have been donated, or sold for straight up used, not “practically new”.

Yet the same sellers trying to charge me 40 dollars for used tights, want to pay 10 dollars for a new with tags dress from Zara. New. WITH tags.

Poshmark doesn’t want to encourage shoppers, either, which makes more problems. I love to shop, and reselling isn’t as high on my goal list as shopping for deals…and yet there is no ambassador program or incentive for the very people that make the app stay open, and keep all these people in business…the shopper.

This last one is the biggest reason, because honestly, I have sent many emails and it is my biggest request, some sort of program for shoppers to have so they can feel a part of the Poshmark community too.

But, Poshmark hasn’t changed. But they did let us be party co-hosts, and that did remind me of some things i do like, which informed this blog, moving forward.

As you may know, depending on how closely you follow the blog, this year is a major year for Bret and myself with lots of publishing and releases coming out, artwork being made, brands being built, all that crap.

I don’t have time to source new items for the Poshmark store and I don’t have the energy to learn the hot new brands and keep some highly curated closet full of a nice mix of “bread and butter” sellers and elite name brands.

I don’t have time or knowledge for luxury items, or really for high fashion.

I do know my clothing, I know my styles, and Bret knows his, and his shoes.

So, moving forward with Poshmark we have decided to remove everything that isn’t our own, or, that doesn’t “spark joy” to resell.

If I can’t enjoy photographing it and listing it, why bother? There are people out there who could use the clothing, so we are donating an off loading all our inventory, included the donated death pile, and from here on out, are only posting items from our own personal closets, or things we purchased for ourselves that didn’t quite fit, etc.

We are also applying to host every single Poshmark party out there, because that was tons of fun, and finally there was a party where more than just the usual crowd got Host picks. Lately, the same fairly in active sellers. the namely white, privileged, conventionally pretty Instagram type re-sellers, are the hosts, and they pick only their friends or subscribers for host picks.

When I hosted, I had ten picks for my PFF’s, and the rest were for regular everyday resellers, and I received many DM’s and comments about how fair and nice it was to have someone like me host.

So moving forward we are revamping what we sell, but also, how we store it. As you may recall from past blogs, I am redoing the bedroom, so the entire bedroom will no longer be for reselling and clothing storage, no, it will now be a bedroom, with a small corner photo studio for some clothing, head-shots, and other artistic pictures our artist friends may need, or that we need for our releases this year.

Poshmark has not been something of joy lately and I hope that moving forward, only selling things we have worn and enjoy, things we know, as well as hosting more parties, will make me fall back in love with Poshmark.

Or maybe Poshmark will FINALLY open up a buyers ambassador program and shoppers can feel validated and like they are a part of the Poshmark Family too.

Surely Poshmark doesn’t want to be seen as the reselling app for mean girl type re-sellers only, right?

Here’s hoping. If not, there are other apps that have expressed an interest in not only having us resell, but having us as a brand affiliate, and while I am not interested in that right now, it is good to know that some apps are concerned with how to make buyers feel welcome, and it helps me feel hopeful for the future of all the reselling apps and sites.

I hope you have found this blog update about Poshmark, and how we will be looking at and handling Poshmark moving forward fun and informative.

Thanks for reading!




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